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La Celestina is the largest escort agency in Colombia, we have more than 80 ladies escorts very rigorously selected to offer you the best variety of experiences, the most beautiful and exclusive in Bogota and Medellin Our escorts are very elegant and discreet, mostly well-educated college girls. We offer you logistical support that guarantees a high standard of quality in the service supported by our call center We wait for you, call us at the phone numbers:

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Casual stories about escorts and call girls in Bogotá

In the best escort agency in Colombia, we have stories every day full of curiosities and fascinations that we can tell. Some are very exciting, others are very sad, some cheerful and full of humor, but all very entertaining. We will start counting some of the intimate and / or personal life of some of the escorts in Bogotá. We'll start with the story of Sol, you can see it in the video.

Sol is a college student of imposing physique, brunette Bogotana, beautiful. We immediately knew that it was a good idea to have her in the catalog. As the days passed, we began to know a little more about her life, she told us that she got pregnant very young, she had very advanced prepaid studies, that is all normal, since our agency is especially characterized by unusual university call girls. What most struck Sol's attention was that she lived in a free union with her husband and her 5-year-old son. It really shocked us to see how a client could attend and come home at night to share with her husband. She told us that her husband was a very jealous man, very possessive and that at some time she had suffered a lot because of her infidelities, that for this reason she did not feel so much remorse, but if she was very thoughtful about what could happen if he found out about his activity as an escort or prepaid in Bogotá; He told us "It would be devastating ... it kills me" "it sure kills me"

 Within this story there is another curiosity: despite being beautiful, tall, with a pretty face and having one of the lowest rates in the agency, Sol almost did not date him, we put it on promotion, we made him strength time, because he was constantly pressuring us, but it was always very difficult. The only logical reason we found was her condition as a committed woman, since as Sol we had three other models living with her husband and it is difficult to schedule them all. For them always our advice to all escorts is: "Do not have anything serious with anyone, we understand that you can feel alone, looking for an open relationship in that case. A "fuckbuddy" and enjoy the most of your work, but do not make anyone suffer, you never know when someone could lose their head and hurt you "

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