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The best escorts in Bogota and Medellín

La Celestina is the largest escort agency in Colombia, we have more than 80 ladies escorts very rigorously selected to offer you the best variety of experiences, the most beautiful and exclusive in Bogota and Medellin Our escorts are very elegant and discreet, mostly well-educated college girls. We offer you logistical support that guarantees a high standard of quality in the service supported by our call center We wait for you, call us at the phone numbers:

(+57) 305-333-9945 / 305-333-9946

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Find a great Job as Escort in Bogotá

Finding a job in these times can be complicated, but having an escort job can help you solve everything you need, as it can give you stability and solvency so you can solve all your problems quickly and easily.

But before thinking about having an escort Job in Bogotá, you should inform yourself in a very careful way and of course take the proper precautions. Of course you cannot be willing to EVERYTHING with ALL, finding a way to exercise as escort takes time, you must Be cautious in every way and know that along the way you can find many dangers and abusive people, so we recommend that you read very well about the reputation of the places where you will appear to look for that vacancy.

If it is the first time you exercise as an escort, dont even think about doing it as an independent, since the risk of abuse is huge, you will be at the mercy of the wishes of your potential clients who in most cases, want anything but help you.

That is why it is better that you start in an establishment, be it a bar, an exclusive brothel or better, an agency; The latter is definitely the best option, since it is the only one that offers you independence and reserve. In La Celestina we can affirm without fear of being wrong, with the permission of our competitors, that we are the best Escorts agency in Colombia and surely one of the best in Latin America.

Bogotá is a gigantic city, which is why it is necessary to move intelligently in it, you do not cross from Bosa to Suba in tricycle when there is transmilenio, the same happens if you want to be Escort in Bogotá. Do not take the tortuous or risky way, when there are real serious companies like the agency La Celestina. The entry process is very simple but at the same time competed. In this space we want to detail it as well as possible

l The first thing you should do is get in touch with the agency through the different contact alternatives offered by the agency, e-mail, whats app, telegram or cell phone call

With this article we hope to have cleared all the doubts you may have to become a solvent, safe and happy prepaid of your activity

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