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La Celestina is the largest escort agency in Colombia, we have more than 80 ladies escorts very rigorously selected to offer you the best variety of experiences, the most beautiful and exclusive in Bogota and Medellin Our escorts are very elegant and discreet, mostly well-educated college girls. We offer you logistical support that guarantees a high standard of quality in the service supported by our call center We wait for you, call us at the phone numbers:

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You are an escort lover, but you are Married

You are an escort lover, but you are Married

In the best escort agency in Colombia, we will talk about one of the best types of clients that you can have, we would say that they will always be the best clients. These are married men, the monotony of marriage folds like a shadow over marriages, causing the interest and sexual desire in many men to diminish, which induces them to seek new experiences at the whim of their lusts; thus finding nothing more satisfactory than a catalog with escorts. That site that allows them to choose the model with a menu in a restaurant, that is, they can choose escorts blondes, brunette escorts, ebony escorts, luxury whores and much more enrapturing them with as many options as they have ever seen in any other place

We have been able to observe that in married men the desire for new sexual experiences becomes a vice from which they can never escape, as an agency the only thing we can recommend is that they protect themselves very well always. Married men, no one can judge them for succumbing to the desire of a beautiful woman like those seen in the best escort agency in Bogota, but it is very reprehensible when as a married man you wallow with any brothel whore, if you are a man married you must take into account that you will take home, invisible marks on your body, perhaps fluxes, bacteria and microorganisms that no matter how much you bathe will be present, since good sex involves fluid exchange. Therefore keep in mind always hire unusual models, those that minimize the risk of ending the health of your home, your marriage; a married man who goes where a brothel whore puts his marriage at serious risk. At La Celestina, we are the best escort  agency in Bogota, guaranteeing that you will always be with non-habitual models, models that do not involve any risk, the only risk will be falling in love

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