Ana Beatriz Barros

Profile type: Independent
Age: 21
Skin Color: White
Bust size: C
Ass size: Big
Contexture: Athletic
Height: 165 cm
Location: Bogota
Eyes color: Honey
Hair color: Brown
Languages: Spanish and basic english
Interests: social media and business
Food: Mediterranean
Drinks: whiskey
Dress style: casual


Thanks for taking the time to go through my profile. I'm Fer, I'm a university escort  in Bogota, I'm overflowing with energy to spend in serving you, or you and your female partner, that's even more exciting for me! I am an escort in Bogota with curves in all the right places, ready to devour your whim. Take a look at my attractive photos and see the delight you will enjoy.

We will take advantage of all the time in the world while I offer you a service without hurry, let's have a drink and spend quality time together to discover what really makes your boat float.

I offer everything you need to stay more than satisfied, all the services you can imagine

I hope to see you very son

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