Angie Velasco

Profile type: Independent
Age: 19
Skin Color: White
Bust size: C
Ass size: Normal
Contexture: Normal
Height: 171 cm
Location: Bogota
Eyes color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Languages: Spanish
Interests: business and news
Food: Bogota Typical
Drinks: beer and sweet cocktails
Dress style: casual


Angie Velasco is an extremely beautiful escort who loves to meet new people. She is very seductive and friendly and will make sure you feel comfortable within seconds of meeting her. She is soft white skin and firm tail is medium size but at the same time very firm has charming brown eyes, normal texture, brown hair color, ccaracteristicas that sums to her personality as a good girl but in privacy is a fierce one, you can schedule it so that you feel an unforgettable experience with this escort in Bogota !!!!

Call me or write me at +573053339946

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