Catherine Tobon

Profile type: Independent
Age: 21
Skin Color: White
Bust size: B
Ass size: Big
Contexture: Normal
Height: 168 cm
Location: Bogota
Eyes color: Honey
Hair color: Red
Languages: Spanish and basic english
Interests: contact sports and reading
Food: Thai
Drinks: Beer and sweet cocktails
Dress style: Casual


i, I'm Catherine Tobon, an incredible luxury lover who is an expert in seduction and very good in bed. I like to have my body firm and toned so that you enjoy it and have wild sex. I am escort  in Bogotá, just come and see that I have an attack butt and also there you will see the result of all these years of hard work in the gym.

Call me or write me +57 305 333 9946

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