Lucia Cristancho

Profile type: Independent
Age: 21
Skin Color: White
Bust size: B
Ass size: Brazilian
Contexture: Normal
Height: 160 cm
Location: Bogota
Eyes color: Honey
Hair color: Brown
Languages: Spanish
Interests: business and news
Food: sea food
Drinks: beer and sweet cocktails
Dress style: casual
Cosmetic surgeries: Breasts
Additional services: Natural oral


I am a escort in Bogota, beautiful  honey eyes, breasts medium size but firm with which you can delight, blonde hair, I have a slender figure of thin build but well toned I am a lady I dress discreetly, so you can invite me to social events business meetings and then to indulge in intimacy, I also have a lot of culture and I can follow any topic of converzacion I am available for hair of good taste, just schedule a minute with me so we can have a good time. 

Call me or write me at +573053339946

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