Profile type: Independent
Age: 21
Skin Color: White
Bust size: A
Ass size: Slim
Contexture: Slim
Height: 166 cm
Location: Bogota
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Blonde
Languages: Spanish and basic english
Interests: dancing, Cinema, sports
Food: Antioquia Typical
Drinks: beer
Dress style: Casual, sport, Formal


I am Bisexual, I love connecting with people. As a lover I am entirely uninhibited, passionate and slightly…well…wicked. For those looking for a sensuous and erotic lover, have faith that I am 100% pure sex from top to toe. I truly enjoy the intimate connection, the thrill of seduction and providing an experience that you will never, ever forget. There is a unique kind of passionate energy that oozes from me.

Martina age 21 sex Hetero height 166 Bogota eye color hair color Rubio figure Blanca But Size Delgada

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