Nicole Zarate

Profile type: Independent
Age: 24
Skin Color: White
Bust size: C
Ass size: Big
Contexture: Athletic
Height: 172 cm
Location: Bogota
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Languages: Spanish
Interests: reading and art
Food: Italian
Drinks: champagne
Dress style: casual
Cosmetic surgeries: Breasts, Tail, Abdomen, Nose
Additional services: Threesomes, Couples


I'm Nicole, a companion in Bogota, with an amazing and sexy body just for you, baby ... I'm someone that once you know you'll never forget it. I am a great companion for you, with my beautiful and flexible body with nice buttocks, a firm and soft smile that you will love in many ways. You will never regret having decided to let yourself be carried once in my arms. I hope to realize all your dreams.

Call, text or application whats +573053339946

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