Profile type: Independent
Age: 23
Skin Color: Brunette
Bust size: A
Ass size: Brazilian
Contexture: Athletic
Height: 173 cm
Location: Bogota
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Languages: Spanish and basic english
Interests: current issues and news
Food: Italian, all kind of pasta
Drinks: baileys and sweet cocktails
Dress style: Casual formal


There is nothing on earth like a beautiful prepaid in Bogota, a NATURAL Latina like me, Penelope. black eyes Brazilian tail From the nipples in my chest to the curve in my hip, what you see is 100% of me. I have all the curves that make a woman a woman, naturally. Of course, this is not easy, so, until I meet you, it is very likely that you will find me in the gym making sure that my butt is round and firm and that my abdomen is perfectly flat.

call me or text me whats app +573053339946

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