Sandra Muñoz

Profile type: Independent
Age: 19
Skin Color: Brunette
Bust size: B
Ass size: Big
Contexture: Normal
Height: 163 cm
Location: Bogota
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Languages: Spanish
Interests: social media and news
Food: colombian typical
Drinks: beer and sweet cocktails
Dress style: casual


Imagine, whether you want to or not, to be greeted warmly with loving hands and a genuine smile.
Do you like to pamper the touch, a compassionate heart, an open mind, a passionate soul, a playful spirit?
Would you have fun being the center of consensual attention?

If so, I am the  companion in Bogota who wants to satisfy your pleasant curiosities with pure pleasure.

Do you feel motivated to explore your wildest dreams come true?
Perhaps you prefer soft and relaxing parenting experiences?

Whether in a private and discreet place, inside or outside, spend quality time with me fulfill your fantasies

flame or text 305 333 9945

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