Tatiana Rodriguez

Profile type: Independent
Age: 25
Skin Color: White
Bust size: D+
Ass size: Brazilian
Contexture: Athletic
Height: 160 cm
Location: Bogota
Eyes color: Honey
Hair color: Blonde
Languages: Spanish
Interests: Dance and work
Food: colombian typical
Drinks: champagne
Dress style: casual


Allow me to introduce myself, I am the perfect escort in Bogota to satisfy your basest instincts. I would love to have the pleasure of a love affair with a generous and educated gentleman. Whether it's a brief exquisite encounter or a long and passionate relationship where we both indulge in our deepest desires. If you long for the company of a seductive, sensual, attractive young woman with looks that could kill, a body that was created to be adorned with the best black lingerie. Be happy that your search has finally ended. I want to stir your sensual emotions. Our passionate kiss is the beginning of our devastating date
text me or call +57 311 550 4849

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