Andrea Gomez

Profile type: Independent
Age: 22
Skin Color: White
Bust size: D+
Ass size: Brazilian
Contexture: Athletic
Height: 172 cm
Location: Medellin
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Languages: Spanish
Interests: dance and go to dinner
Food: Italian
Drinks: wine
Dress style: casual


I'm andrea . A beautiful young escort. I characterize myself for being a very sweet and passionate girl. I enjoy to the fullest an afternoon full of much eroticism and good sex! As you can see in my photos (100% real) I have a nice toned body, soft, brunette skin and a very sensual figure !!

I offer you my delicious home services to assist you as you deserve! With exquisite and delicious and bridal treatment, eat me everything you want

Dare to meet me and enjoy a difficult meeting to forget !!

You can contact me at 305 333 9946 calls and whatsapp


Andrea Gomez age 22 sex Hetero height 172 Medellin eye color hair color Negro figure Blanca But Size Atletica

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