Diana Carolina

Profile type: Independent
Age: 20
Skin Color: White
Bust size: A
Ass size: Big
Contexture: Slim
Height: 166 cm
Location: Medellin
Eyes color: Honey
Hair color: Brown
Languages: Spanish
Interests: traveling and tourism
Food: Antiquia Typical
Drinks: beer and sweet cocktails
Dress style: casual informal


Hello dear, I am Diana, beautiful companion hooker in medellin with a beautiful body and a very soft skin. I can offer you an exquisite bridal experience due to my pleasant and friendly nature. I really join the male company and I will do my best so that we both have a great time together.

I am a bright and lively girl who is well educated and is very nice to be with her. I have a natural charm and an elegant form combined with a genuine longing for passion and new adventures, a perfect and desirable sexual companion. I am available to visit you in your place, please call in advance for an appointment. Looking forward to meeting you soon

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