Karla Corday

Profile type: Independent
Age: 20
Skin Color: White
Bust size: B
Ass size: Big
Contexture: Normal
Height: 168 cm
Location: Medellin
Eyes color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Languages: Spanish
Interests: traveling and tourism
Food: Antiquia Typical
Drinks: beer
Dress style: informal


If you are looking for a unique experience, look no further. you found the right escort in Medellín

I am a beautiful blonde, I have piercing blue eyes and a harmonious body that will fascinate you from the first moment

I love what I do and you can be sure that I will do everything possible to offer you an exceptional experience.

It will be a great pleasure to help you vitalize all your senses, make you feel relaxed and renewed

Karla Corday age 20 sex Hetero height 168 Medellin eye color hair color Rubio figure Blanca But Size Normal

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