Roxana Muñoz

Profile type: Independent
Age: 22
Skin Color: White
Bust size: C
Ass size: Normal
Contexture: Slim
Height: 170 cm
Location: Medellin
Eyes color: Green
Hair color: Black
Dress style:


Roxana's personality is as sensual as her appearance. An Unique escort in Medellin, is a total nymphomaniac. Very open minded and a sex demon who will do everything you want whenever you ask him kindly. If you are ready for a truly unique and sexually stimulating experience, it is a pre-paid balca skin, thin build, deep green eyes, gnomes breasts and very hard and big tail that will leave you insane. Call today to make sure this girl should not be taken lightly . Expect a wild ride from start to finish.

Call me or write me at +573115504849

Roxana Muñoz age 22 sex Hetero height 170 Medellin eye color hair color Negro figure Blanca But Size Delgada

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