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Are all escorts the same? Part I

When we read this question, we can immediately say no. The obvious is obvious, we will say that there are all physicists and ages, blonde escorts, brunettes escorts, tall escorts and so on a long list of other characteristics; But beyond the physical we must learn to differentiate the psychological and behavioral profiles of the escorts and also differentiate between the different words that refer to the beautiful and valuable women who exercise this activity of sex work.

Technically speaking this is the only compound word that brings together all hurting the least amount of susceptibilities: Sex work

Because we could call female sex work a huge pyramid where in the highest part are the escorts, within the escorts some subdivisions such as:

Luxury escorts, where are recognized models and actresses, because we have to admit, they also give it for money, within this group of escorts then follow the companions, this refers to the ladies usually educated in a university with a very attractive appearance, so much so that no one would say that they do sex work. After the escorts come the common hookers, this division is composed by the young ladies without much education, young age who exercise sex work without much dissimulation but with some discretion, it is easy to find them in popular neighborhoods or in popular pages, then, at same level of hookers masseurs are reserved, are young ladies who have an excellent ability to caress the body and relieve stress. They are beautiful as escorts, maybe as much as some escorts, but they must work with rules and rules that in their massage room must meet. And finally we have the whores, whores from the brothels, those dens where it is really depressing and denigrating for many women to work, they must deal with drunks, expose themselves in the most grotesque and open way, in some establishments the models must necessarily do a round around the client so that he chooses some, is like exerting a psychological pressure that really makes the moment uncomfortable

Now we have an idea with more clarity of the different levels of sex workers that exist, not only in our country but throughout the world

In Colombia, cities also have their specialties. Bogota is definitely the right place to find all kinds of escorts, hookers and whores

In the rest of the country with the exception of Medellin and Cartagena it will be a little harder to find real luxury escorts. Basically this is due to the average purchasing power of each region

In our second part of the article we will see the differences between the different profiles of escorts.

To be continue…

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