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La Celestina is the largest escort agency in Colombia, we have more than 80 ladies escorts very rigorously selected to offer you the best variety of experiences, the most beautiful and exclusive in Bogota and Medellin Our escorts are very elegant and discreet, mostly well-educated college girls. We offer you logistical support that guarantees a high standard of quality in the service supported by our call center We wait for you, call us at the phone numbers:

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is it bad to be an escort?

Why do some think that prostitution is bad? It is a debate from time immemorial about prostitution, the fact of wanting to pigeonhole into good or bad. From our perspective as the best escort agency in Colombia, we will try to present our perspective taking into account our daily work as well as our own investigations carried out throughout the period of our activity. It is understandable that there are people who think of prostitution as something bad, since they relate it to sexual slavery; Of course we should make it very clear that prostitution is not the same as sexual slavery. Of course sexual slavery is something horrible, it is a crime where women are forced to prostitute themselves and it is here where the difference lies, to practice prostitution as a free alternative of work without coercion of any kind, it does not have to be stigmatized. Now comes the argument that says prostitutes had to be prostitutes because there was no one to give them better opportunities, then they were condemned to that activity because they did not know anything better or they were born under a corrupt government that did not generate guarantees of a better life. This last argument is partly right, if not because some prostitutes decided to choose to be escorts. Some will say it is the same, but no. The escorts have studies, they did have opportunities, but they decided that they would not make a living for 2 minimum wages, they want more, much more and they know that being beautiful and good in bed, this is their opportunity. And of course, it goes without saying that nobody forced them Unlike whores, escorts do not have bosses. In our agency (the best escort agency in Colombia) the escorts are our clients, we provide a service for them, they are not my employees much less, on the contrary, we work for them

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why do the escorts and call girls look for agencies?

WHY ARE UNIVERSITY ESCORTS MODELS HIRING AGENCIES? OR SAID OTHERWISE WHY ESCORT DOES NOT WORK ALL AS INDEPENDENT ESCORT? This is a question that many customers ask themselves, and they are absolutely right. Why would the young lady want to share the money obtained, fruit of her body, with someone else? The answer to this question: Benefits and profile. First you must identify a real vip escort agency, or high level escorts; as a serious company that provides a service to the ladies. The service to assure the escorts that they can exercise their activity in an anonymous, lucrative and above all safe way. When a ESCORT decides to work independently, it is assuming all the risk of contacting people who do not always intend to take a service in a fair and transparent manner. An independent escort or ESCORT is subject to taking false dates, dating abusers, wasting time with people who only want to see photos and listen but not hire their services, or run the risk of finding people who do not pay or do not comply with the agreed service . Likewise, the profile should be taken into account, an independent escort or independent preparer spends all her time and effort to get clients and serve them, that means that she answers her cell phone, manages her advertising, negotiates her meetings, does everything herself, this she wants to say that she does not study or work in anything else, she is only dedicated to prostituting herself instead a true VIP, she still lives with her parents, or family, she studies or works and she does this occasionally, she dresses very well, she has a good education and you want to keep your privacy above all else because you often have a boyfriend In conclusion if you are a gentleman who likes VIPs, you are demanding and you want the best that money can pay, the only option are vip escort agencies, or escort agencies luxury or high level

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independent escorts or agency? who is better?

Independent escort or Escort Agencies This is a debate that takes place in all parts of the world, really what is better? There are many factors to evaluate, it would be wrong for someone to give a short or dry answer to support or distort any of the 2 options, if it is better to hire an independent prepayment (escort) or an agency (escort agencies). To be able to give an answer, we must first understand how they operate one or the other part. Who are the independent escorts? They are mostly young ladies who devote full time to work as sex workers, in that order of ideas do not study and do not work in a secular job, they simply spend all their time to publish and wait for clients , trying to generate the greatest possible demand, contrary to this situation the girls affiliated to a escort agency, study or work, for which it is not possible to take time to attend chats, calls and take risks regarding the public management of their image. In this part we could say that the agencies have a point in favor, because they definitely have models or girls much more exclusive than an independent escort. If you are a demanding gentleman of good tastes, you must bear in mind that a lady of good education and beauty as a model will not go out to publish for 150 thousand pesos in a page of public access and much less will be all day attending chats and calls , she leads a double life, she has a boyfriend, she lives with her parents, she is terrified that someone could find out that she is escort

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where can i find the best escorts or call girls?

The issue of paying for sex today is very common regardless of the taboo that still exists in between. Wanting to escape the stress of work, the monotony of routine and other things, are two of the many reasons that make this issue today so much in demand. But the real problem lies in the places that are used to reach these meetings. It is known that brothels are frequented by all kinds of people, there is not a select clientele or that is characterized by something, so it can be said that the workers of these places do not even have a small filter for customers who wish to access them. On the contrary, the clientele that goes to the escort agencies, is selected. The fact that you want some discretion, more beauty, style and class, make the type of person who frequents this service is different from the one that goes to the other option. The offer in a brothel is cheaper, you can be talking about $ 30,000 cop and up, but it must be recognized that these places have a low probability of being frequented by gentlemen with a high socio-cultural and economic level. An escort is not only a girl who is clear that her job is to understand the client and allow him to feel satisfied with his service, and if that is what he wants to receive in exchange for money, it is fair that he gets it under conditions favorable and safe, without worrying about possible contagion, theft, eagerness on the part of the escort and others. In 2012, 436 sex workers who work in establishments and streets in the city were tested during May and June; 66 of these responded that they did not use a condom during the last month, without mentioning that if they are young they can have up to 16 daily services, and if they are older they have an average of 5.5 contacts every 24 hours. An escort is characterized not only by her good physical appearance and her class, but also by her excellent education and behavior, this allows her to accompany a client to any type of event. An escort sells much more than sex. The best escort agency you can find in the market is La Celestina, you just have to see that it is the only one with more than 80 published models or 100% real photos, of young ladies who are occasional escorts, young university students who do it to pay his studies, whims and / or needs Street prostitution is always within reach but there are great differences compared to the service of a lady of company. Although the price is a factor of weight when it comes to choosing, after having finished any customer can realize that it is not as expensive as it seems. If you are reading this post, you probably want to try and this is the time to do it. You already tell us your experience!

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why do the escorts hide their faces

Why are the faces of the escort models hidden? The escort conceals her face because they lead a double life, an identity that must remain hidden for her and her relatives peace. For anyone is a social and moral stigma that involves exercising the activity of a companion-there is an infinity of synonyms accompanying, prepaid, whore, prostitute- Many of our escorts have boyfriends, commitments to their homes that make it even more difficult for them to exercise this activity, they must do so in a stealthy way, since in their normal life, they are daughters, sisters, girlfriends of someone, not to mention that they also study in a university or work in an office, therefore it is impossible to reveal his face. When an escort decides to show her face in online publications she has already decided not to lead a double life, now she leads a single life as a full-time professional whore, she is no longer interested in thinking about her, since she is not in a university or office where they judge her and point her out as a prostitute Here the difference between the profiles must be clearly identified. On the one hand the university or clerk who must hide his identity because he has a normal life and the full-time professional whore. You as a client must choose what suits you best, almost always everyone chooses the 1st profile for beauty, for education and of course hygiene, the risk of sharing bacteria and infections is not the same when a woman has 2 appointments a week that when she has 2 appointments a day, as is the case with the professional whore.

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why the escort agencies services is better than independents?

Why prefer Escorts Agency La Celestina before an independent? Many people see the agencies with a bad eye, since they have a reputation for being manipulative figures who take advantage of the young girls need. They are simple intermediaries who do not worry about the integrity of the escort, charge exorbitant fees and generally abuse her, with casting or tests as they call them. While it is true that this happens with many of the agencies in Colombia. La Celestina for 2 years makes a difference, starting with the commission that is almost half of what other agencies charge, in addition to this in La Celestina we offer the escort many benefits, such as free psychological care, housing, affiliation to social security, safe appointments in verified and insured conditions, respectful treatment, no casting or tests, total freedom accompanied by a respectful treatment Each person can compare with the other agencies: while La Celestina has actively published about 100 escorts, the other agencies are not even close to half. This is reliable evidence of the above; we are not mere intermediaries, we make a difference in favor of the young women who trust us. This of course benefits our customers, who will always be able to count on the best of the best Bogota and Medellin. Educated ladies who can invite your room or house safely at fair rates for both parties, both escort and client

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how can i have better service from a escort or call girl?

Why is the service good with some escorts and not with others? This is a question that many users ask themselves, especially those who are habitual users of our services in Bogotá and Medellín. While it is true that chemistry influences it is also true that there are more professional and complacent escorts than others. In La Celestina the first thing is the escort, but at the same time with the user of the service, both are our clients, to the escort we must guarantee satisfactory conditions of security, privacy and income; but the user must guarantee quality and satisfaction, we know that they expect a lot from our escort agency As a user you can complement the attitude and good service of your escort, fulfilling these brief tips 1. No Suction Sucking the lips: painful, sucking the tongue trying to get it out: painful, sucking the nipples with a view to tearing them out: painful. Believing yourself to be a vacuum gives very bad results. Gentle sucking yes excites the escort 2. Place the tongue in the opposite mouth until the tonsils. One thing is a French kiss and another is finding out who ate the other person, please keep your tongue a little ... do not take it out so much when kissing and a mint would not hurt many. Lick gently excites the escort 3. Having good breath is vital, if you want your escort to kiss you with passion

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where do can you have better time . who is better? agency? clubs? massage rooms?

Strip clubs, massage parlors, brothels or escort agencies Where can I have a better time All heterosexual gentlemen would love to have a good sex with a beautiful woman, which is a reality. Now the question arises where can I have a better time We will analyze the points in favor and the deficient of each place The STRIPTEASE CLUBS: are ideal to go for a drink and entertain while you watch some nice legs and breasts, they also work well when you are with your friends and you want to build the hair or just want to have a drink, if you want to have sex you have the advantage to choose the model of your taste live and direct. In a club do not expect much relaxation, escorts need to make up their night with who chose them faster. So if there are many customers on the site do not wait for the escort to sit down and talk with you while you decide to take her to the room, in the clubs the escorts are like tigers on the lookout to see who they hunt first, since usually most of them cannot get a client, that makes you as a customer feel pressure. Now, if you saw the escort of your dreams, a beautiful lady with a good body and face and you go up with her to the room, keep in mind that one hour will be maximum that, at 45 minutes someone will knock on your door, you will surely hear the music in the club and you will not have control of the situation. When you hire an escort in a club you cannot expect more than a shot without kisses or girlfriend treatment. She is just not obligated to do it, and believe me if you are not Brad Pitt, she will not give you a little kiss MASSAGE ROOMS: it is a relaxed atmosphere, you can also choose the model live and direct, you have to be prepared so that everything you like is paid as an additional, and you want girlfriend experience kisses It is additional, do you want more than one relationship It is additional and generally these sites have on average between 8 and 15 maximum escorts to present Finally let us review AGENCIES: An Agency like La Celestina guarantees that the model will offer you girlfriend experience and unlimited relationships in the time you hire, giving you control of the situation, since you are the one who chooses the site, hotel, motel, your home. You do not have to worry about someone knocking on your door or because there is always the intention of taking money forcibly, as happens in clubs and massage rooms, where you never have control In addition La Celestina gives you more options than any club or massage room, giving you more than 80 escort models to choose from, something that no club or massage room will ever be able to do But the most important thing is to be able to enjoy sex, without pressure, without buts, to have in your hands an escort who surrenders with all the desire to make you the happiest man in the world that is what the CELESTINA ESCORTS AGENCY does

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