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The best escorts in Bogota and Medellín

La Celestina is the largest escort agency in Colombia, we have more than 80 ladies escorts very rigorously selected to offer you the best variety of experiences, the most beautiful and exclusive in Bogota and Medellin Our escorts are very elegant and discreet, mostly well-educated college girls. We offer you logistical support that guarantees a high standard of quality in the service supported by our call center We wait for you, call us at the phone numbers:

(+57) 305-333-9945 / 305-333-9946

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employment for companions and escorts in Cartagena


Cartagena is one of the main tourist destinations in Colombia, both nationally and internationally. People who live in the country go here, people from other countries come to these beautiful beaches, do you know what is best? That you can take advantage of this and have a companion and escort Cartagena job and be very successful, find out here!

companion and escort employment Cartagena
The escorts and companion of Cartagena are probably the richest in all of Colombia, this beautiful tourist center as is the city of Cartagena, makes the escorts and companion have a lot of money for many reasons: people from abroad arrive in your life They have seen beauty like Colombia and they arrive with a lot of money to spend, do you want more reasons? companion and escort employment Cartagena is one of the most moving in this city and you can enjoy our sponsorship today.

Every day thousands of tourists arrive and residents of other cities that have not seen the sea and the beauty of women in Cartagena, there are even men who before stepping on Cartagena already contacted us to be companion at a specific time and place, that is, before you arrive, you already have a job! That's why companion and escort employment Cartagena is one of the best, you have a lot of work guaranteed and the only thing we look for in our future escorts and prepayments are the ambitions of achieving many things and becoming very successful, even reaching a point of charging by your presence, not by sex.

"What do I have to do to get the job?"
The companion and escort employment Cartagena is very important, it is a quality service, at the height of an incredible organization and that it is easy to recommend you to other people. Always remember that the attitude, the quality of service and the desire that you put to this companion and escort job Cartagena is what will help you to achieve much success, what do you need for the job? Very much looking forward to everything, let's see.

To have this companion and escort job, Cartagena, you basically need to start, to be your own boss, to achieve success with good pay and high availability. We have escorts and companion that even already have a house, car and travel the world with all the expenses paid and still, generating more money, do you want to be next in the companion and escort Cartagena job? You just have to contact us and we will do our best to communicate and to work!

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Escorts Suba

Suba is a town that has very beautiful women, which is quite large and people usually come here for cultural attractions and women, are you going soon and want an  escort in Suba? We have it for you! As you want, where you want it and absolutely at the time you want it.

Escorts Suba
Suba escorts are a specialty of the department of Bogotá, here you will find an incredible amount of companions and escorts that are very special. All are very beautiful, all available at the time you like and always as you look for it. In these 100 km2 we will find many women who are truly beautiful and capable of doing many things that you can not imagine, many of these are our escorts and we can have it for you with a single call in any location or corner of Suba, so you are Escorts are so special.

Suba has many hotels, resorts and a culture that attracts many national and international tourists. In addition to this, it is very close to Bogotá, that is, if you are in Bogotá and do not like the escorts you have seen, you can always ask us about the Suba escorts and how to have one. It's very easy, the escorts in Suba are very versatile and are capable of doing almost anything for you. In addition, Suba has a couple of rivers where even our escorts can fulfill your sexual fantasy, which for many, is having sex in a river.

What can I expect from an escort in Suba?
All our Suba escorts are incredibly versatile to all your tastes. You just need to tell us what you want and our escorts will fulfill absolutely everything, including trio fantasies with two Suba companions, which is quite pleasant. Let's see a little more:

Where you want !: On the river, in a hotel and even at home after your wife has gone to work, wherever you want we have a prepaid Upload for you! You just need to tell us where.

Complete your fantasies: From threesomes, orgies, anal penetration, sadomasochism, whatever you want! Your fantasies are going to be fulfilled in a very pleasant way by our prepayments.

Only for events: If you want you can have one of the most elegant and beautiful Suba prepayments for your events, so that it is the envy of all the women present.

Can I really have all this? Our Suba escorts and companions are professional, like to please and are 100% perfect for the job. No need to look any further, we really have everything you need.

How can I have one?
For your sexual holidays, romantic or erotic, for a night of pleasure and unbridled sex, for your meetings and important events, for the occasion you need it, we have it for you. You just need to contact us, no matter if you want a prepaid Suba or an escort before you get to Suba, as you want it and for whatever you want it, we have it for you. Tell us your fantasies, talk about what you want, choose from the available Suba prepayments and enjoy your dream night.
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Escorts Modelia

A neighborhood of stratum 4 looks like people with a lot of money, but also with many sexual fantasies, did you know that in Modelia we have the most elegant escorts in Bogotá? Believe it or not, Modelia is one of our favorite places, because our Modelia companions are professionals in this field, even for a very important dinner, they can be for you.

Modelia escorts
Who would say that in a neighborhood of stratum 4, prepayments are sought? It seems strange, but if you are in Modelia and you want a companion that exceeds your expectations, you will love this information. The Modelia escorts have an incredible quality, they can be very unknown or they can be one of the most beautiful women we have in our company. You can request a companion in Modelia in the most anonymous way to fulfill what you want; fantasies, party accompaniments, threesomes, orgies, costumes, fetishes and much more. You just need to get in touch with us.

Although Modelia is a high stratum neighborhood, it does not mean they have no needs. Our Modelia escorts are capable of much and surely if you arrived here it was by recommendation or curiosity. Because Modelia is really a neighborhood where you can't see escorts, escorts or women who provide these services. But the most interesting thing is that we have an incredible list of escorts and companions residents in Modelia, which can be in your home, hotel or event an hour before you request it. Do not miss yours, these escorts are the most exquisite.

What are Modelia escorts capable of?
Then you ask yourself, what are these escorts capable of? Are they good enough for a neighborhood of stratum 4? We have the best answer. They are capable of everything! These Modelia compaions are not afraid of fulfilling your dirtiest fantasies in bed or on the floor, perhaps.

 Companion: Do you want to wear an elegant woman, beautiful and desired by all? We have it for you, our escorts can accompany you to events, meetings, weddings and much more.

 Sexual fantasies: From sadomasochism to threesomes, no matter what your dirtiest fetish is, our Modelia escorts arrive at your home prepared for any desired experience.

 Erotic Costumes: We have an incredible amount of sexy costumes, outfits and characters that our escorts can present to you. Just tell us your favorite garment or lingerie.

 Relaxing massages: A massage before the big night is always valid and the escort you want will have enough experience to fill you with massages before a night of pleasure.

The toys you want !: Modelia escorts are not afraid of toys They love them! Tell us what you want to use and the escort will go with all the toys you want.

Are you in Modelia and want an escort or a companion? It's easy, you don't need much money and not much worry. Once you contact us you will have a companion in any corner of Modelia, with the tastes that you want, ready for your sexual fantasies or ready to accompany you to a party As you want it! Just contact us and we will take you a Modelia prepaid as you like, wherever you want and in the place you want.

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Escorts Engativa

Are you in Engativá and want a night of pleasure? Do not hesitate, contact us, we have the best escorts and companions in Engativá. It doesn't matter if you just want to spend a night of pleasure, a sexual adventure, fulfill a fantasy or be your company lady for an event, we have the perfect thing for you.

Engativá escorts 
Engativá is one of the municipalities of Bogotá that has many companions and escorts as you wish; married, single, for threesomes, for sexual fantasies, elegant, as you like. Engativá is really a very privileged municipality for having our support and our escorts. It really is a city that has beautiful women but with a very special touch, the Engativá prepaid. The most pleasant thing about the city is that you don't have to go through every corner to look for a prepaid, it is actually very easy to be with an elegant, very beautiful escort and with the proportions you want.

Although there are many places and places where you can get escorts in Engativá, the important thing is that you can have the best by contacting us. From residents of the same city to escorts around it, the important thing is that you are with the Engativá escorts you like, how far can they go? As far as you want, our escorts are elegant, beautiful, with very good attributes and they don't care where they have to go. We take care of getting it to every corner of Engativá, no matter what your home, hotel or event, it will be for you.

How to be an escort in Engativá?
You are probably a companion, escort or lady who wants to expand her horizons, her ways of income, her quality of service and even expand her list of clients. You can also work with us in a very easy, simple and fast way, what do you need?

 Good presence: We value elegance, provocative and perverse as you may be. But always maintaining a beauty that will leave your client's friends that you can be with them without looking like a prepayment.

Wins to work: Do not mind anything, just work in one of the agencies of the best escorts in Colombia. Basically you want to work with great desire.

Many organization: You always have to stay organized, neat, with good organization and I assure you that it is not one, but thousands of customers that we will have for you.

You want to know more? We have rabbits to be a wealthy prepaid that can help you a lot. Actually these tips are the best, the same ones that have used incredible escorts that today are the most famous in the industry and charge millions for a single night.

I'm in Engativá. I want a prepayment!
Engativá prepayments are one of the best we have in all of Colombia and you can have it as you want, wherever you want and at the time you want. The prepaid in Engativá will be available in hotels, events, houses or farms, no matter the location, no matter if you want married escorts or just a prepaat Engativá, your tastes are orders for us. You just have to contact us and you will have a complete catalog of our Engativá escorts and prepaid so you can choose how you want it and everything they will do in one, two and more nights of pure pleasure.

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Escorts Envigado

Envigado is one of the most important cities in all of Antioquia, whether by positive or negative history, who does not know Envigado? Very few people really, because even abroad, Envigado is a city with beautiful women and an incredible number of escorts. If you want to know Envigado escorts, near you or in any neighborhood you find, we have the solution.


Escorts in Envigado

This city has a number of beautiful, beautiful and very elegant women, it really is not any city for the Aburrá Valley. It's amazing how many beautiful women we can find in Envigado, did you know that there are much more beautiful women who are escorts? Believe it or not, this is totally true. Especially in Envigado, there are a number of very elegant, very special and really beautiful escorts. Not only for a night of pleasure, but also to be your escort and accompany you to events, why not?


The number of escorts that exist in Envigado is very large, we can really find the tastes we want; big tits, busty, brunette, white, blonde, with tattoos, without tattoos, other nationalities and much more. It really makes these women drive us crazy, even many of these escorts today are among the most recognized and important in the industry. The most important thing is that Envigado escorts can reach any corner of the 78.78 km2 of Envigado territory, no matter where you are, we have an Envigado escort for you.


How to be with escorts in Envigado?

It's very easy to have escorts in Envigado wherever you are, you really just have to contact us and decide how you want your escort, where you want to take her and even what sexual fantasy you want her to fulfill. There are people who even only prefer the company, without sex, it is also valid, we have escorts in Envigado that are really beautiful, elegant and perfect for a special occasion, we have special Envigado prepaid for this job and other occasions.





Escorts in Envigado is one of the best options in Antioquia. This city has the best prepayments in the entire Aburrá Valley, you can have it in your bed as you want, even willing to make threesomes or orgies, do you want one? It's easy, contact us, tell us your tastes and we will have a special Envigado prepaid for you, how you want it, whenever you want and where you want it.

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How to contact married escort

Married women have some adrenaline that makes an escort something very special and spicy. The reality is that even if you don't believe it, some married women have this very interesting double identity. Do you want to be with a married escort ? We are going to show you how it would be and how you can contact them.


Married escort

escorts can also be married escorts, how is that possible? Yes, being married does not mean they are very holy. So this generates a lot of morbidity, having the woman who is already someone's without this person knowing it is really like a porn movie, you could only imagine it. But what we are going to teach you today is how you can live an experience that you could only imagine, a married prepaid. Even many young men love married escorts, also known in the pornographic world as "Milfs." This is surely already interest you much more.


Now, what is it like to be with a Milf, married escorts or married prepaid? Whatever you want to call it, these women really are a fantasy that we all would like to fulfill, why? They have the experience as you can not imagine, they know how to do things without anyone knowing and there is an adrenaline of having sex with married women that makes the pleasure of an occasion greater. Not to mention that they go straight to the point, they don't care about romanticism, they already live it, they just want to do your job; A night full of sex, fulfill your fantasies and fill you with pleasure.


How to contact married escorts?

Married escorts are a delight, best of all, there is as you want them. Even many of them can fulfill fantasies like; threesomes, costumes, fetishes, sadomasochism and much more. Do you know why they are so willing to do this? Because they are already married for the same thing, so a little different action is their specialty. Which is also a very important point for almost any prepaid married.




The location you like: Both where you want the occasion to be and how you want your fantasy to be. Our married escorts have no problem in fulfilling fantasies of threesomes, orgies, double penetration and much more.


Without a doubt, married escorts are the best option for our fantasies. It's simple, you just have to contact us, tell us how you want these prepaid married and also if you want 2 or 3, no matter how you want, we will have the married escorts for you. We personally have married escorts to suck your fingers and enjoy them.

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How to be a wealthy escort and not die trying

Being an escort really is not just to accompany, have sex and return the next day. There are many rules, tips, advice and good information on how to be a professional escort and not die trying, do you want to learn to be a wealthy escort and not die trying? Here we are going to teach you what is necessary.

How to be a wealthy escort 
Being a wealthy escort not only has a good presence, because sometimes they do not want only sex, but a good company. It's not about someone who shines a lot, but someone with whom to have a good time, do you know how to achieve it? Today we are going to show you.

Dress elegant, not with little clothes
If men only wanted to see a provocative woman they can go somewhere else, even to a disco, why not? A wealthy escort invests in her clothes intelligently, how? It does not necessarily have to be bare clothes, but very elegant clothes. Clothing is very important because a wealthy escot person will not go anywhere, but where the clothes speak for themselves. Wherever you go you have to be elegant, no transparent clothing, but a combination between elegance and provocation, but without showing much, just enough.

Improve your way of speaking
Wealthy escort or escorts are not just going to please a man in an hour or two, but goes much further. An educated person, who knows how to speak and blows away the guests or friends of the man, will make one think; It is not just a escort , it is an incredible woman. And my dear companion, this will provide you with clients, I assure you that more than one will take your number away from the man with whom you are. That is why it is very important, a wealthy escort is a woman with enough presence when speaking.

You always have to be organized
As for hygiene, clothing, your way of speaking and in almost everything you should have a lot of order, why? Because a man who hires an escort forgets many things. For this reason you should have on hand some things like; condoms, wet towels, lubricant, massage oil and much more. Nor do you require a gigantic bag, actually with a small and elegant one, is enough. This is what a man looks for in escorts, who are very organized, clean and have everything at hand.

You will not die trying!
These tips are basic and essential, but there are many tips so you don't die trying. But basically this is what you should keep in mind to be a wealthy escort; have an elegant and provocative image, be an educated person and have to talk and finally be very neat and organized. This, along with other tips, will guarantee you to be one of the best wealthy escorts. If you have any doubts, you can contact us and have a better image of what a wealthy escort is, we will really make you grow.

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Escorts in Sabaneta

If you want to have the best contact where you can look for the best Escorts in sabaneta, you have arrived at the right place since we have everything you need so that you can have the best services that will allow you to enjoy and satisfy yourself with the best models we have at our disposal for you.

Sabaneta may seem a bit far from the urban center of Medellin, certainly not so far away, but some models consider it that way, which means that many Escorts people do not travel to this boring valley municipality. If you are in sabaneta and want to enjoy the most beautiful Escorts from the comfort of your home, do not hesitate to call us. We are definitely the best Escorts option in Sabaneta, we have at your disposal a catalog with more than 50 models 24 hours a day, ready to arrive at your home in Sabaneta.

Everything you need to know about sabaneta Escorts..

If you have ever wanted to spend a day in which you can have something totally different, do not hesitate to seek the services of the celestine with its prepayments in sabaneta, since we have for you, the best disposition you can find in protocol girls and Company ladies, where you can count on a wide variety of girls that will make you completely satisfied and fascinated through their services they will do for you.

For this you will not need to have so much money and not have much time, since you have our very complete service, in which you just have to ask and wait quietly at your home, we take care of everything, guaranteeing punctuality and pleasure always. Visit our escorts page where you can request our services through telephony, mobile, chat, whats app, twitter and telegram

Privacy and security policies

As far as privacy and security policies are concerned, the best is always established so that you can feel safe with the services that our companion ladies in sabaneta provide. The models of La Celestina are young ladies, educated, reliable, without any disciplinary background, that is, they are people who can invite you to your home with full confidence that you and your whole environment will be safe, if you want to enjoy the best service Escorts in Sabaneta, do not hesitate to contact us

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Find a great Job as Escort in Bogotá

Finding a job in these times can be complicated, but having an escort job can help you solve everything you need, as it can give you stability and solvency so you can solve all your problems quickly and easily.

But before thinking about having an escort Job in Bogotá, you should inform yourself in a very careful way and of course take the proper precautions. Of course you cannot be willing to EVERYTHING with ALL, finding a way to exercise as escort takes time, you must Be cautious in every way and know that along the way you can find many dangers and abusive people, so we recommend that you read very well about the reputation of the places where you will appear to look for that vacancy.

If it is the first time you exercise as an escort, dont even think about doing it as an independent, since the risk of abuse is huge, you will be at the mercy of the wishes of your potential clients who in most cases, want anything but help you.

That is why it is better that you start in an establishment, be it a bar, an exclusive brothel or better, an agency; The latter is definitely the best option, since it is the only one that offers you independence and reserve. In La Celestina we can affirm without fear of being wrong, with the permission of our competitors, that we are the best Escorts agency in Colombia and surely one of the best in Latin America.

Bogotá is a gigantic city, which is why it is necessary to move intelligently in it, you do not cross from Bosa to Suba in tricycle when there is transmilenio, the same happens if you want to be Escort in Bogotá. Do not take the tortuous or risky way, when there are real serious companies like the agency La Celestina. The entry process is very simple but at the same time competed. In this space we want to detail it as well as possible

l The first thing you should do is get in touch with the agency through the different contact alternatives offered by the agency, e-mail, whats app, telegram or cell phone call

With this article we hope to have cleared all the doubts you may have to become a solvent, safe and happy prepaid of your activity

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Chapinero Escorts

If you want to look for the best escorts in chapinero here you have what you need, since we will give you the best recommendations you can have and also, so you must pay attention, when you need this service, it is very important for you to be fully pleased by all the services that escorts chapinero can offer you. from La Celestina

You should take into account some tips that will help you to have the best escorts in chapinero that you want to request when looking for a escorts chapinero service, because it is a very small town, but you must keep in mind that there are several things to consider before hiring their services.

-Be solvent

-Be serious with the service.

-Remember that the payment is per hour

-Don't play with the word

-Remember the terms of discretion and silence

-Respect escorts

These are some of the things you should always keep in mind when hiring escorts chapinero, because in many occasions it can be confused for something else, so the service is always canceled for a specific action, in which You must be fully aware when you have the services of a escorts chapinero.


Everything a chapinero escorts can offer you

The escorts chapinero, can offer you everything you need so that you can enjoy a day to the fullest, with the best pleasure and satisfaction that the models can give you, since they have a variety of women, which will make you can spend a such a good day, that you will not regret their services. They also have prices that for their hiring are not high so that their hourly payment is accessible to your pocket, so you can leave healthy, happy and also with everything you need so you can spend some time that I can give you all the pleasure at the time you need.

Why count on your escorts chapinero services?

It is very simple, because with the services of the escorts chapinero, you will not regret having chosen everything that can give the best models that will be available 24/7 for you, where they will answer everything you need and can also give you the best pleasure that You can live in this town. Besides that they will please all the fantasies and fetishes that you want to perform, since they are willing to give you everything you need.

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24 hours Escorts

Sometimes it can be a bit complicated to find a useful site about 24-hour escorts , but here we will give you everything you need to know so you can find and feel totally satisfied, just one click away, with the ease that you can do Any action quickly and easily.

Since in our official site, we have everything you need, support so you can have an optimal 24-hour escorts service so that you can leave completely satisfied and happy for all the services we offer, since for us it is a pleasure to be able to do May your satisfaction come true.

And it is for this reason that we will talk a little about our 24-hour escorts service so that you never go to bed again for not finding good sex at 3 in the morning. It is very ugly that you go to party, do notget laid anything, so thinking about you, we work with our escorts 24 hours

Our services

We offer the best 24-hour escorts service that you can find on the web, where you can efficiently and quickly respond to all your queries and also to all the services we have available to you, where you can have 24-hour escorts available day without any problem through our page and also by telephone, where you will quickly and simply have the service we offer.

We also have the best models, shipping and everything you need so you can enjoy the best fantasies and also the best pleasure you can get with us, since it is important that you can achieve maximum satisfaction through us.

Our work

In our work we are totally serious and professional, so we will be totally discreet to everything you need within our services, so we will guarantee a vote of silence from us so that you can feel safe and also pleased through our services. , since it is necessary to maintain the margin with each client.

Contact us

You can visit our website lacelestina.co, all our services available, 24 hours escorts, where we have for you, everything you need so you can have the best service we have for you, just one click away. In addition to that we have all the support and what you need by phone too, so you can have all the information at your fingertips about our services.

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What is the Girlfriend experience? And what kind of escorts does offer it?

Surely you have already heard about the term “Girlfriend Experience”, as the name implies, in this type of service the escort or companion model gives you the opportunity to treat you like your boyfriend, being more exact, she will be willing to kiss you , caresses as if in fact they had a relationship beyond client-prostitute

The GFE is not as easy to find as it is offered in the different ads that you find on the web; let's just put ourselves in the escort girl's shoes, imagine having to give kisses and caresses to someone you just met and it is more to someone who is paying you for having sex with him. What if I don't like it? What if it smells ugly? How about it is very ugly? These are the questions and concerns that an escort young lady must answer before engaging in this activity and much more before to hurry to offer the “Girlfriend Experience”. When you find a service with GFE, you can consider yourself truly fortunate, since there are few escort models that offer it without this implying that there is attraction or chemistry with the client. It is very easy to provide this service when the customer is a foreign galan who looks like Brad Pitt, measures 2 meters, smells good and treats you better, surely this knight is passing through the country and I have no choice but to ask for a service escort so as not to risk going to sleep with the fever that could have caught him off guard; But the vast majority of the users of the escort services are realistic, they are not the Galan that you are going to take with the same taste that you would take Brad Pitt, this is where all the professionalism of an escort afloat must come out and provide I promised it even if you don't like it, in other words, make guts heart. So be very careful when you see the announcement of “GFE” since it is an excellent hook, but very few escorts will really give it to you if you do not find that chemistry with them. Some do, but when they have you in the room and with your tool at full speed, they charge you a, not very economical extra, for giving you kisses, caresses and the relationships you reach.

The Girlfriend Experience is the best service that an escort can provide, since it will literally make you forget that you are paying for sex and any dollar will be little for such a climax of pleasure. In La Celestina all our models provide this GFE regardless of your physical attractiveness, the only thing they all require to be able to provide it fully, is the toilet, your mouth and your body must have a pleasant smell so that they can really surrender as your girlfriend more in love in that service that includes Girlfriend Experience, do not expect to find in a brothel, in a reserved or massage room this type of services, since the scare there are literally accustomed to behave like holes that a priori they require you to get excited with their presence alone, which is not the service that will make you leave grateful and delighted as a client, to be able to enjoy a true service with a Girlfriend Experience it is important that you take the time and the environment that this requires, starting for the place, you will not take your girlfriend to make love to a brothel or yes ?, correct. You would take her to a hotel room, motel, your house or hers, a place that is comfortable for both of you, not the place of work of that fool who tries to act as a bride.

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Why are the profiles of escorts in Colombia different? PART II

Already in our previous article we saw the differences that exist between the different types of sex workers, we reviewed from the escorts, going through the hookers and finally the whores, now we are going to focus in this part the escorts: Our specialty

Escorts are the most exclusive within sexual services, are the most beautiful and educated women who are in this trade, so much so that there are even famous that have exercised or exercised. Now let's think, all the escorts agencies always offer the same profiles, really all the agencies have super attractive young ladies, university escorts in good manners, educate and very beautiful? The answer is no

As mentioned in our previous article, an escort is very beautiful, but a whore can also be and to realize that your level of education or class, you must know, chat with them and so you can make sure.

In many places prostitutes are promoted as escorts and it is very easy for clients to fall into deception easily, they charge exaggerated rates for women who do not have a profile of escorts. As users of escort services we must understand that a woman with nose and sinus surgery and speaking with a Paisa accent is not necessarily an escort, this woman is usually not a bachelor and sooner or later will make it clear that you are hiring a whore, neither the fees nor the aesthetic operations mark the profile of a true escort

If you want to enjoy the best sexual escort service offered by the best escorts agency in Colombia, take the time to ask for the profile, very few agencies have real escorts, in La Celestina, we have educated rolas, elegant well-spoken paisas and beautiful, professional Santanderean women who break a plate, high class Caleñas and the best that has arrived in Colombia from Venezuela

This factor is very important to mention, many places have taken advantage of the situation of Venezuelans, making them prostitute for pure and physical poverty. In the best escorts agency in Colombia, we have Venezuelans with a high level of education who work sex work as escorts for pleasure and to maintain high levels of quality of life, not necessarily

The poverty  turns an escort into a whore. An escort does not practice out of poverty ever, she already has a good level of quality of life, she only wants to achieve more and better goals in her life, unlike a whore is not a slave to a condition

2019-07-09 10:50:33

Are all escorts the same? Part I

When we read this question, we can immediately say no. The obvious is obvious, we will say that there are all physicists and ages, blonde escorts, brunettes escorts, tall escorts and so on a long list of other characteristics; But beyond the physical we must learn to differentiate the psychological and behavioral profiles of the escorts and also differentiate between the different words that refer to the beautiful and valuable women who exercise this activity of sex work.

Technically speaking this is the only compound word that brings together all hurting the least amount of susceptibilities: Sex work

Because we could call female sex work a huge pyramid where in the highest part are the escorts, within the escorts some subdivisions such as:

Luxury escorts, where are recognized models and actresses, because we have to admit, they also give it for money, within this group of escorts then follow the companions, this refers to the ladies usually educated in a university with a very attractive appearance, so much so that no one would say that they do sex work. After the escorts come the common hookers, this division is composed by the young ladies without much education, young age who exercise sex work without much dissimulation but with some discretion, it is easy to find them in popular neighborhoods or in popular pages, then, at same level of hookers masseurs are reserved, are young ladies who have an excellent ability to caress the body and relieve stress. They are beautiful as escorts, maybe as much as some escorts, but they must work with rules and rules that in their massage room must meet. And finally we have the whores, whores from the brothels, those dens where it is really depressing and denigrating for many women to work, they must deal with drunks, expose themselves in the most grotesque and open way, in some establishments the models must necessarily do a round around the client so that he chooses some, is like exerting a psychological pressure that really makes the moment uncomfortable

Now we have an idea with more clarity of the different levels of sex workers that exist, not only in our country but throughout the world

In Colombia, cities also have their specialties. Bogota is definitely the right place to find all kinds of escorts, hookers and whores

In the rest of the country with the exception of Medellin and Cartagena it will be a little harder to find real luxury escorts. Basically this is due to the average purchasing power of each region

In our second part of the article we will see the differences between the different profiles of escorts.

To be continue…

2019-07-09 10:49:58

Escorts outcall ? Yes, just like asking for a hamburguer, you can also ask for pleasure without leaving home

When you find yourself alone at home on a Sunday, there is no one to bring you breakfast to bed, there is no one to feed you, you solve the problem quickly. You take your phone and open an app and request an address. That's how easy you satisfy this need.

Well, what happens when you're home alone on a Friday or a Thursday evening, you're not single with whom to fuck, what are you doing, a blowjob? You call your friends and ask them to go to the whores? If your answer is yes ... we must say that you are a practical man, but what happens if none of your trusted friends has the time or money to go fucking with you? Do not tell me you hold on to your desire or do you go for a straw?

Well, now you have the simple option of taking your phone and doing the same thing you do when you're hungry. You can ask for a beautiful escort at home, certanly you may have heard of this type of services before, maybe you feel distrust of taking a complete stranger to your home and more if she is an escort. Let us tell you that you have every reason to distrust, ask for a escort outcall service in Bogota or request a call girl in Medellin or a companion in Cartagena, requires precautions because if you fall into the wrong hands can end up living a real nightmare.

Fortunately, you have the best escorts agency in Colombia, La Celestina. With us you can ask for your pleasure and satisfaction at home, you can ask for a call girl at home with all confidence. We have a escorts catalog of more than 100 real escort models. Our more than 100 call girls models that provide your services at home go through a demanding process of selection and monitoring to be able to link to our vip escort agency. For this reason you can ask us for totally trusting services, our escorts models at home are real, since we ourselves make the photographs without retouching and very real. We select only escorts college models educated, good manners and behavior, nothing that can ruin your reputation in the neighborhood. When you request a call girl at home with La Celestina, you know that you have guarantee and support, you know that nothing will be lost in your home, you know that at the end of the service you will be more than satisfied. As the most reputable escort agency in Colombia, we know that we have the responsibility to ensure the integrity of our customers, so we constantly evaluate the behavior and service of each one of our more than 100 real escorts models. When you watch the news you will find that many bands use beautiful call girls as a decoy and make their own. In La Celestina, the best escort agency in Colombia, we have forged an unblemished reputation for providing safe, guaranteed services and with the highest standards, education, good treatment and willingness are our standards, so you can put all your trust in our services.

We know that there are more escort agencies that offer home escort services, but we are also sure that we are at a level that is much higher in quality for several aspects.

If you are not yet our client, we invite you to join us and enjoy the services of one of the best escort agencies in the world, LA CELESTINA

2019-07-04 16:08:06

What is a university escort and why has the term become so fashionable?

More and more people have heard of college escorts, it is very common and common that both on the street, the news and various digital media mention the term of university escort, it can be understood what it is, according to the obvious is an escort who studies at a university, no ?. Right, we will all say, but why do so many advertisements use it on the internet, we can enter several prepaid advertising sites and we will see how many escorts advertisements are "university escorts", hence a doubt arises, we will have so many university escorts and these Are they advertised as so easily on such popular pages?

The answer is No. A true college escort handles a watertight discretion and 99% of the time you will look for an agency or presenter to get your customers as an escort. Now, because all clients like college escorts; the logic is simple, we all had in the university that fantasy of fucking with the most beautiful of all our classmates, we all know that the universities are true gold mines of Colombian beauty and already many gentlemen who go into years, know that only through of services like that of our agency can easily access that elixir of youth and pleasure that are college escort. University escorts are young enough to claim that they are in the fullness of their beauty and expert enough to know better lovers than an 18-year-old lolita, which is why they are so sought after, liked and appreciated as sex-servants.

At La Celestina, the best escorts agency in Colombia, we know that these are the crown jewels in this industry, which is why we have specialized in attracting and taking care of university escorts as our most precious clients. We have from escorts medical graduates, passing by engineers, lawyers and teachers, well you should not only appreciate the physical beauty, but also the intellectual. An university escort is a guarantee of a good chat at least, of course discretion, for their dress and ways of behaving in the luxurious hotels that our clientele frequents.

 You must know how to differentiate from a real university escort  to a school plastic and advanced in years. Both are beautiful but we know that the university escort  makes a huge difference for the quality of your company

2019-07-02 18:29:51

Sugar Baby & Sugar Daddy in Bogotá

Sugar Baby & Sugar Daddy in Bogotá

Nowadays, sugar baby / sugar daddy relationships have received a lot of interest. Now let's ask ourselves what does this consist of? A relationship of this kind includes 2 people who get a benefit from the other, on the one hand we have the sugar baby who needs to be pampered and pay their obligations and needs the sugar daddy to help her, the sugar daddy in return gets affection, love, a love relationship where also gets pleasure, good sex, rejuvenating sex for this sugar daddy

To be a sugar daddy you do not have to be a wealthy old man, no sir. You can be a great sugar daddy young, just have economic ways to help your sugar baby. In Bogota, our agency has decided to offer sugar baby services for anyone who are interested, of course we have a group of more than 100 beautiful ladies, who are not usual escorts in Bogota, beautiful ladies who are not common whores , no sir. They are simply young women with an open and liberated mentality, who require financial support and are willing to provide a lot of love and pleasure in exchange for small sums that help them sustain their studies, whims and needs.

How can you hire our sugar babies in Bogotá? Well, easy, first visit the catalog by clicking here. Then you can contact us through any of our lines of attention, either by whats app

Or by telegram in:

through these channels we can send you photos of the sugar babies in Bogota so that you can choose the one you like most and adapt to your requirements

Once you choose your baby sugar in Bogota we will arrange the first date, in this first date you will have in addition to your intimate encounter with the model, your personal contact number, so that you can develop your relationship at ease

This service is unique in the city, since there is no agency that has the capacity to give you a sugar baby immediately as we can do in La Celestina (the best escort agency)

You will not have to spend hours trying to conquer someone or begging for your cell phone number, you will not have to deal with feelings of guilt or frustration, normal, when looking for a sugar baby relationship, here simply choose, pay and enjoy . It's no more

2019-05-07 16:29:25

What is a luxury escort or companion vip?

What is a luxury escort or companion vip?

Nowadays it is very common to see that all escorts are advertised as escort  vip, vip companion or luxury companion. This generates some confusion given that regardless of rate or physical appearance all want to be seen as exclusive or luxury, but nothing is further from reality, since we can find advertisements that say luxury escort and has a rate of 30 thousand pesos, something As well as 10 USD, can an escort in Bogotá really call herself a escort  vip if she has a rate of 10 USD? What do you think?

Now not only the rate influences, but also, and much more important, beauty and education. A companion in Bogota with stretch marks, wrinkles or cellulite can be called vip or luxury? Of course not. We understand that the concept VIP or Luxury, is interpreted as an exclusive service, as something that everyone does not have access to, only a few lucky ones. That's what our agency is about, a completely unique service, which of course is not cheap, like everything luxury, will never be cheap. The most important thing is to preserve that quality that makes it exclusive.

Our escorts agency, yes it is a luxury escort or vip companion agency. Since here you will never find those rates of 10 USD, not even for a little kiss. And not only that, all our models are college escorts  that do this occasionally. A vip escort leads a reserved life, is not published on ad pages like a whore in Bogotá.

Now if you are of demanding tastes and you want to be with a vip escort or luxury companion you follow these tips so that you do not fall into traps:

  1. Observe the rate: a vip escorts can not lower 250 thousand pesos or rather 90 USD for 1 hour of service
  2. A vip escort or luxury companion has an appearance that is above the rest of women that you will observe in the ads or on the internet. It has a toned curop, well-groomed hair and of course some well-made photos.
  3. The location in which the photos were taken. A VIP escort or luxury companion takes her image seriously, and of course her photos. If you look at a humble room, a plain underwear pulling ugly on the photos of the model, we are definitely not dealing with a VIP escort or luxury companion

Following this analysis you will definitely always be able to find an exclusive escort ladies service, with fair rates and unparalleled service, such as the one that you will find in the best escorts agency in Colombia, LA CELESTINA

2019-05-06 15:54:32

How to have the best escorts service in Cartagena?

How to have the best escorts service in Cartagena?

Continuing with our previous article, we will continue taking the steps to have the best escort  Cartagena service that can be received. We had already said that the first thing is to find a place that gives us a wide catalog that is composed of beautiful and educated escorts; this indispensable details if you really want to have the best companion service Bogota possible. The second step is to choose a model that physically meets your needs and expectations, up to this point we have completed 20% of the goal to achieve an escort Medellin perfect service . Once you have obtained the supplier and you have chosen the model, now the appointment comes. For the appointment as early as possible, although it is very exciting to have escort services for rush sex and de-stressing sex, it is not ideal when you are looking for a memorable experience that guarantees you to be fully satisfied, this is why time plays a role very important; Ask about the agenda of the model that you are going to schedule, try to schedule it before she enters to her job or university and not when she already had a day of study or office or even worse when shen had several services on her  back. In this step the service provider plays a very important role, since it must be an honest provider that recommends a service with a model thinking of your satisfaction and not in his pocket -The best hooker agency in Bogotá, which is La Celestina , you can always guarantee fresh models and excellent attitude at any time of day, since it is the only one that has a catalog with more than 100 escorts and non-usual companions. Now let's move on to the action. In the Appointment it is important that you spend the first 15 minutes to break the ice, to generate empathy with the escort you have scheduled, ask her what she likes, tell her what you like, tell her something flattering so that you can make her feel comfortable and she likewise unwrap and make you feel comfortable too, do it as if you were talking to your girlfriend, try to conquer her to see more than a whore in Bogotá, look at the woman as a person with whom you will generate a pleasant connection and not as an object with which you will shake your penis until you cum. Once you have broken the ice and both agree that they like it, start the action, a few pleasant soft kisses are key, caresses words to the flattering ear will make the escort fully surrender to you, when you see her moan with pleasure and hold you Strong, believe me you will not hold more than 5 minutes without coming and so we are sure you will have the perfect service.

2018-12-27 15:54:04

How to get the best escort service in Medellin?

How to get the best escort service in Medellin?

Examining in the forums that talk about escorts services we will find descriptions of very good experiences, that is, completely satisfactory where the client receives the service that he agreed to and even a lot more, likewise we find disappointing experiences where the user literally feels cheated. Then the question arises: how to do to get  the perfect service of an escort in Medellin? (in the service of an escort in Cartagena, or the service of an escort in Bogota)

Well, the first thing we must do is find a trusted site, that is, a site that offers the best possible profiles. Everyone has different preferences, it is true, however the standard of beauty that we have in Colombia, we can consider it as high, since we have very beautiful women, among which, many are escorts. A good profile is that of a beautiful and educated woman; then gentleman make sure that your trusted site has a large number of beautiful and educated escorts to offer, which are not limited to being vulgar and common brothel whores. A beautiful and educated escort  worries about satisfying the expectations of her client, a brothel whore wants you to deliver the money and come as quickly as possible. Once you have filled the first requirement and you have identified your trusted escort service provider, now choose the model that best meets your expectations from the esthetic physical point of view, once this is done, you must take into account other tips that will be object of description in the second part of this article, about: how to have the best escort service in Medellin?

2018-12-27 12:14:29

Most common sexual fantasies with call girls in Medellín (Escorts Medellín)

Most common sexual fantasies with call girls in Medellín (Escorts Medellín)

Today we talk about sexual fantasies that prefer the users of call girls services in Medellín (escorts in Medellín). First define what is a fantasy, is it perhaps the same as a fetish ?, the answer is NO. They are very similar, but we can not say they are the same, since a fantasy is what you have wished to do in your imagination, but you rarely achieve it and a fetish we could define it as that sexual practice centered on an object or part of the body in particular or fixation out of the ordinary that can excite you at a certain moment of the sexual act. Now let's think which are the most common, the most common practice oral sex without condom, is a practice that almost all users of call girls services in Medellín (escorts in Medellín) wish to have, since it is the only practice that you can have without condom with a low real risk of contracting an STD, allowing you to enjoy maximum sensitive pleasure. Many people think that oral sex is just sticking the stick in your mouth and licking it, but NO; Go much further in our agency you can find true experts in helping you reach the climax in just a few seconds of oral sex. Another very requested sexual practice to our call girls in Medellin (Escorts in Medellín) is the anal sex, here are few who we can say that they are experts, since it is very painful at the beginning. Finally we can not omit the trios, it has become common in couples and / or marriages, request call girls services in Medellin (escorts in Medellín); They look for it as a new way to fire their relationship. When an escort has never paid attention to couples, our recommendation is simple: "have the best attitude complacent" let yourself go, it is not complicated as long as you have the best attitude. In this way every day we have the pleasure of leaving happy many couples who are encouraged to arrange this practice that has already broken many taboos in several couples. Whether it is the man or woman who requests it, we must affirm with complete certainty that the experience is almost always satisfactory in more than 90% of cases.

2018-12-20 13:35:20

Why are the faces of the escort models hidden?

Why are the faces of the escort models hidden? The escort conceals her face because they lead a double life, an identity that must remain hidden for her and her relatives peace. For anyone is a social and moral stigma that involves exercising the activity of a companion-there is an infinity of synonyms accompanying, prepaid, whore, prostitute- Many of our escorts have boyfriends, commitments to their homes that make it even more difficult for them to exercise this activity, they must do so in a stealthy way, since in their normal life, they are daughters, sisters, girlfriends of someone, not to mention that they also study in a university or work in an office, therefore it is impossible to reveal his face. When an escort decides to show her face in online publications she has already decided not to lead a double life, now she leads a single life as a full-time professional whore, she is no longer interested in thinking about her, since she is not in a university or office where they judge her and point her out as a prostitute Here the difference between the profiles must be clearly identified. On the one hand the university or clerk who must hide his identity because he has a normal life and the full-time professional whore. You as a client must choose what suits you best, almost always everyone chooses the 1st profile for beauty, for education and of course hygiene, the risk of sharing bacteria and infections is not the same when a woman has 2 appointments a week that when she has 2 appointments a day, as is the case with the professional whore.



2018-12-18 20:19:38

You are an escort lover, but you are Married

You are an escort lover, but you are Married

In the best escort agency in Colombia, we will talk about one of the best types of clients that you can have, we would say that they will always be the best clients. These are married men, the monotony of marriage folds like a shadow over marriages, causing the interest and sexual desire in many men to diminish, which induces them to seek new experiences at the whim of their lusts; thus finding nothing more satisfactory than a catalog with escorts. That site that allows them to choose the model with a menu in a restaurant, that is, they can choose escorts blondes, brunette escorts, ebony escorts, luxury whores and much more enrapturing them with as many options as they have ever seen in any other place

We have been able to observe that in married men the desire for new sexual experiences becomes a vice from which they can never escape, as an agency the only thing we can recommend is that they protect themselves very well always. Married men, no one can judge them for succumbing to the desire of a beautiful woman like those seen in the best escort agency in Bogota, but it is very reprehensible when as a married man you wallow with any brothel whore, if you are a man married you must take into account that you will take home, invisible marks on your body, perhaps fluxes, bacteria and microorganisms that no matter how much you bathe will be present, since good sex involves fluid exchange. Therefore keep in mind always hire unusual models, those that minimize the risk of ending the health of your home, your marriage; a married man who goes where a brothel whore puts his marriage at serious risk. At La Celestina, we are the best escort  agency in Bogota, guaranteeing that you will always be with non-habitual models, models that do not involve any risk, the only risk will be falling in love

2018-12-10 19:06:04


WHY ARE UNIVERSITY ESCORTS MODELS HIRING AGENCIES? OR SAID OTHERWISE WHY ESCORT DOES NOT WORK ALL AS INDEPENDENT ESCORT? This is a question that many customers ask themselves, and they are absolutely right. Why would the young lady want to share the money obtained, fruit of her body, with someone else? The answer to this question: Benefits and profile. First you must identify a real vip escort agency, or high level escorts; as a serious company that provides a service to the ladies. The service to assure the escorts that they can exercise their activity in an anonymous, lucrative and above all safe way. When a ESCORT decides to work independently, it is assuming all the risk of contacting people who do not always intend to take a service in a fair and transparent manner. An independent escort or ESCORT is subject to taking false dates, dating abusers, wasting time with people who only want to see photos and listen but not hire their services, or run the risk of finding people who do not pay or do not comply with the agreed service . Likewise, the profile should be taken into account, an independent escort or independent preparer spends all her time and effort to get clients and serve them, that means that she answers her cell phone, manages her advertising, negotiates her meetings, does everything herself, this she wants to say that she does not study or work in anything else, she is only dedicated to prostituting herself instead a true VIP, she still lives with her parents, or family, she studies or works and she does this occasionally, she dresses very well, she has a good education and you want to keep your privacy above all else because you often have a boyfriend In conclusion if you are a gentleman who likes VIPs, you are demanding and you want the best that money can pay, the only option are vip escort agencies, or escort agencies luxury or high level

2018-12-07 18:49:22

Independent escort or Escort Agencies ?

Independent escort or Escort Agencies This is a debate that takes place in all parts of the world, really what is better? There are many factors to evaluate, it would be wrong for someone to give a short or dry answer to support or distort any of the 2 options, if it is better to hire an independent hooker (escort) or an agency (escort agencies). To be able to give an answer, we must first understand how they operate one or the other part. Who are the independent escorts? They are mostly young ladies who devote full time to work as sex workers, in that order of ideas do not study and do not work in a secular job, they simply spend all their time to publish and wait for clients , trying to generate the greatest possible demand, contrary to this situation the girls affiliated to a escort agency, study or work, for which it is not possible to take time to attend chats, calls and take risks regarding the public management of their image. In this part we could say that the agencies have a point in favor, because they definitely have models or girls much more exclusive than an independent escort. If you are a demanding gentleman of good tastes, you must bear in mind that a lady of good education and beauty as a model will not go out to publish for 150 thousand pesos in a page of public access and much less will be all day attending chats and calls , she leads a double life, she has a boyfriend, she lives with her parents, she is terrified that someone could find out that she is escort

2018-12-07 18:18:07

hire sex in the right place

The issue of paying for sex today is very common regardless of the taboo that still exists in between. Wanting to escape the stress of work, the monotony of routine and other things, are two of the many reasons that make this issue today so much in demand. But the real problem lies in the places that are used to reach these meetings. It is known that brothels are frequented by all kinds of people, there is not exclusive customers or that is characterized by something, so it can be said that the workers of these places do not even have a small filter for customers who wish to access them. On the contrary, the customers that goes to the escort agencies, is selected. The fact that you want some discretion, more beauty, style and class, make the type of person who frequents this service is different from the one that goes to the other option. The offer in a brothel is cheaper, you can be talking about $ 30,000 cop and up, but it must be recognized that these places have a low probability of being frequented by gentlemen with a high socio-cultural and economic level. An escort is not only a girl who is clear that her job is to understand the client and allow him to feel satisfied with his service, and if that is what he wants to receive in exchange for money, it is fair that he gets it under conditions favorable and safe, without worrying about possible contagion, theft, eagerness on the part of the escort and others. In 2012, 436 sex workers who work in establishments and streets in the city were tested during May and June; 66 of these responded that they did not use a condom during the last month, without mentioning that if they are young they can have up to 16 daily services, and if they are older they have an average of 5.5 contacts every 24 hours. An escort is characterized not only by her good physical appearance and her class, but also by her excellent education and behavior, this allows her to accompany a client to any type of event. An escort sells much more than sex. The best escort agency you can find in the market is La Celestina, you just have to see that it is the only one with more than 100 published models or 100% real photos, of young ladies who are occasional escorts, young university students who do it to pay his studies, whims and / or needs Street prostitution is always within reach but there are great differences compared to the service of companions. Although the price is a factor of weight when it comes to choosing, after having finished any customer can realize that it is not as expensive as it seems. If you are reading this post, you probably want to try and this is the time to do it. You already tell us your experience!

2018-12-07 17:01:23

Why are the faces of the escort models hidden?

The escort conceals her face because they lead a double life, an identity that must remain hidden for her and her relatives peace. For anyone is a social and moral stigma that involves exercising the activity of a companion-there is an infinity of synonyms companions, escort, whore, prostitute- Many of our escorts have boyfriends, commitments to their homes that make it even more difficult for them to exercise this activity, they must do so in a stealthy way, since in their normal life, they are daughters, sisters, girlfriends of someone, not to mention that they also study in a university or work in an office, therefore it is impossible to reveal his face. When an escort decides to show her face in online publications she has already decided not to lead a double life, now she leads a single life as a full-time professional whore, she is no longer interested in thinking about her, since she is not in a university or office where they judge her and point her out as a prostitute Here the difference between the profiles must be clearly identified. On the one hand the university or clerk who must hide his identity because he has a normal life and the full-time professional whore. You as a client must choose what suits you best, almost always everyone chooses the 1st profile for beauty, for education and of course hygiene, the risk of sharing bacteria and infections is not the same when a woman has 2 appointments a week that when she has 2 appointments a day, as is the case with the professional whore

2018-11-23 19:05:56

Why prefer Escorts Agency La Celestina before an independent?

Why prefer Escorts Agency La Celestina before an independent? Many people see the agencies with a bad eye, since they have a reputation for being manipulative figures who take advantage of the young girls need. They are simple intermediaries who do not worry about the integrity of the escort, charge exorbitant fees and generally abuse her, with casting or tests as they call them. While it is true that this happens with many of the agencies in Colombia. La Celestina for 3 years makes a difference, starting with the commission that is almost half of what other agencies charge, in addition to this in La Celestina we offer the escort many benefits, such as free psychological care, housing, affiliation to social security, safe appointments in verified and insured conditions, respectful treatment, no casting or tests, total freedom accompanied by a respectful treatment Each person can compare with the other agencies: while La Celestina has actively published about 100 escorts, the other agencies are not even close to half. This is reliable evidence of the above; we are not mere intermediaries, we make a difference in favor of the young women who trust us. This of course benefits our customers, who will always be able to count on the best of the best Bogota and Medellin. Educated ladies who can invite your room or house safely at fair rates for both parties, both escort and client

2018-11-23 18:47:59

Independent escort or Escort Agencies ?

This is a debate that takes place in all parts of the world, really what is better? There are many factors to evaluate, it would be wrong for someone to give a short or dry answer to support or distort any of the 2 options, if it is better to hire an independent escort or an agency (escort agencies). To be able to give an answer, we must first understand how they operate one or the other part. Who are the independent escorts? They are mostly young ladies who devote full time to work as sex workers, in that order of ideas do not study and do not work in a secular job, they simply spend all their time to publish and wait for clients , trying to generate the greatest possible demand, contrary to this situation the girls affiliated to a escort agency, study or work, for which it is not possible to take time to attend chats, calls and take risks regarding the public management of their image. In this part we could say that the agencies have a point in favor, because they definitely have models or girls much more exclusive than an independent escort. If you are a demanding gentleman of good tastes, you must bear in mind that a lady of good education and beauty as a model will not go out to publish for 150 thousand pesos in a page of public access and much less will be all day attending chats and calls , she leads a double life, she has a boyfriend, she lives with her parents, she is terrified that someone could find out that she is escort

2018-11-23 18:32:47

where do can you have better time . who is better? agency? clubs? massage rooms?

Strip clubs, massage parlors, brothels or escort agencies Where can I have a better time All heterosexual gentlemen would love to have a good sex with a beautiful woman, which is a reality. Now the question arises where can I have a better time We will analyze the points in favor and the deficient of each place The STRIPTEASE CLUBS: are ideal to go for a drink and entertain while you watch some nice legs and breasts, they also work well when you are with your friends and you want to build the hair or just want to have a drink, if you want to have sex you have the advantage to choose the model of your taste live and direct. In a club do not expect much relaxation, escorts need to make up their night with who chose them faster. So if there are many customers on the site do not wait for the escort to sit down and talk with you while you decide to take her to the room, in the clubs the escorts are like tigers on the lookout to see who they hunt first, since usually most of them cannot get a client, that makes you as a customer feel pressure. Now, if you saw the escort of your dreams, a beautiful lady with a good body and face and you go up with her to the room, keep in mind that one hour will be maximum that, at 45 minutes someone will knock on your door, you will surely hear the music in the club and you will not have control of the situation. When you hire an escort in a club you cannot expect more than a shot without kisses or girlfriend treatment. She is just not obligated to do it, and believe me if you are not Brad Pitt, she will not give you a little kiss MASSAGE ROOMS: it is a relaxed atmosphere, you can also choose the model live and direct, you have to be prepared so that everything you like is paid as an additional, and you want girlfriend experience kisses It is additional, do you want more than one relationship It is additional and generally these sites have on average between 8 and 15 maximum escorts to present Finally let us review AGENCIES: An Agency like La Celestina guarantees that the model will offer you girlfriend experience and unlimited relationships in the time you hire, giving you control of the situation, since you are the one who chooses the site, hotel, motel, your home. You do not have to worry about someone knocking on your door or because there is always the intention of taking money forcibly, as happens in clubs and massage rooms, where you never have control In addition La Celestina gives you more options than any club or massage room, giving you more than 100 escort models to choose from, something that no club or massage room will ever be able to do But the most important thing is to be able to enjoy sex, without pressure, without buts, to have in your hands an escort who surrenders with all the desire to make you the happiest man in the world that is what the CELESTINA ESCORTS AGENCY does

2018-11-23 18:26:09