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December 16, 2022

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Most people in Aguachica know where the brothels are, not to mention the fact that this small town and any place with prostitution competes on price and there is commercial jealousy everywhere. Every day they know how to improve the offer. In the brothels of Aguachica, they pay a commission to taxi drivers who bring good clients, especially those who are visiting the city for the first time and want to have a good time; the commission is between 10,000 and 15,000. It varies between businesses. The sex trade in Aguachica has grown so fast that its central location attracts those who want to have fun with women, drugs and alcohol; For many, these three ingredients are youth magnets. In Aguachica, where sex is sold more on the streets than in brothels, young women offer themselves to tourists and travelers who spend the night in the town. There are more than 30 motorcycle taxi drivers in Aguachica who carry catalogs with photos of women between the ages of 14 and 22, some of whom are students in formal institutions; The girls have cell phones and every time the motorcycle taxi driver calls, they all pay him 10,000 pesos, including travel expenses to the place where the client invited them. In its investigation, the mayor's office warned that the Cerro de los Chivos de Aguachica is the one with the most residences, more than what is registered in the city, and on holidays there are two motels full of couples. They can be accessed without any restrictions. Some of the sex workers are minors and receive between 20,000 and 25,000 pesos for a truck driver or tourist, while those who offered it are earning double, the pimp, about 50,000 pesos each. The presence of the well-known prepaid in Aguachica is in great number, without any type of restriction on the part of the authorities, creates the control of the health department to prevent the spread of HIV AIDS, which has increased alarmingly in the last two years. Institutions such as the Police for Children and Adolescents and Protection of the Family undertake an enormous task to prevent girls from continuing with prostitution, but despite all these measures in their favor, there is no reaction from society. In prostitution, women do not fulfill their wishes, nor do they expect any pleasure. Let's not kid ourselves, this is not sexual freedom. The whores who buy their services have sexual freedom, not the women who are prostitutes. We clearly see that it is gender violence when there is forced prostitution, intimidation, coercion or use of a third party for prostitution, especially when we talk about trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation (let's not forget that 90% of the victims are women and girls ), but the debate focuses mainly on what happens to the part of the population that claims to engage in prostitution "voluntarily and freely". This is the axis of the most complex legal and social debate, since as in all other debates there is a consensus on the need to combat any form of sexual exploitation of third parties as an expression of gender violence. Furthermore, we must emphasize that prostitution is a gender phenomenon with global consequences, affecting approximately 40-42 million people worldwide, the majority of whom are women and girls involved in prostitution, and almost all users they are men. These statements are contained in the European Parliament resolution of February 26, 2014 on sexual exploitation and prostitution and its impact on gender equality. It identifies these phenomena as violence against women and violations of human dignity and equality fueled by this inequality between men and women, used to imprison women and girls and exploit the feminization of poverty. Through a gender lens, we can analyze how social phenomena (such as sexual exploitation) affect women and men differently, delving into power relations and resulting inequalities, and placing women on one (acceptable) side. and to the men of another (must). In addition, a gender approach allows us to ask ourselves more deeply if the payments that men pay to access women's bodies block the path towards an egalitarian society free of violence and make it difficult to combat trafficking in women. Sexually abused women. This phenomenon exists because there is a prostitution market created to satisfy the needs of the majority of men. Thus, prostitution is a social institution that attends to the needs of men. Patriarchal structures interact with other power structures to make women, especially lower class and immigrant women, more vulnerable than men. Women who are in danger and need full consent. The current situation can be summarized in the recognition of the profile of sex traffickers (individual or collective) and the proliferation of uncontrolled female sex trafficking institutions or other places to establish themselves - taking into account the crime of mechanical trafficking of clients and its characteristics criminological- Several cases of forced prostitution of women have been hidden for a long time. So as far as I know, prostitution continues to be a driving factor in human trafficking for sexual use and exploitation. The reason for sexual exploitation is the demand for a commodity - women that human traffickers want to satisfy: traffickers and prostitutes, that is the reason for this terrible act. Once again, I don't believe in consensual prostitution. Because their choice is not to be a manager or a doctor, the choice of prostitutes is very different and because of their instability they have no choice. If not, then let's think about it. If the mother has no money and her condition is terrible, do we think she can sell her kidney with great consent? So why would you sell your libido? People are not merchandise, nor are they objects that can be used and thrown away. Prostitutes need space and voices to explain to us: firstly, they are different and in different places for many reasons; they are not identical. They occupy spaces as large as the street and the Internet, as small as apartments or clubs. They know the bureaucratic loopholes of the clubs and their owners and the bureaucracy itself. Like everyone else, their services are related to important things like health and recreation. For this (and other reasons) it is difficult to see prostitution as a trail that easily disappears. "Hey bitch. Do not worry because you are not alone: four out of ten men around us go to the brothel with you. And the other six do nothing. Thus began the announcement of a new campaign against prostitution, one of the most radical in recent years, which only aims to raise awareness about the scourge of the 21st century: many women suffer every day. , sexual slavery. In Spain, a video of about three and a half minutes, the journalist Teresa Lozano and the actress Zúa Méndez denounce how prostitution has become a regulated business that is not being fought against. They say things by name and directly attack the man who uses this type of service, considering that what he is doing is buying a woman. "You have not fucked them, you have raped them. Your money legitimizes what you do," the video says. "Asses and tits everywhere: on the streets, in industrial parks, on windshields...everything tells you to consume women. It's so simple and so cheap! Twenty euros for a complete, less than a T-shirt or a pizza ". A clear, direct and viral complaint to criticize prostitution, a taboo subject today. Women in a situation of prostitution suffer a great impact on their identity, at a cognitive, physical and emotional level, which translates into health problems, managing their emotions and affecting their way of relating to others. What the body suffers: sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer; back, head or stomach aches. Chronic fatigue, liver problems, unwanted pregnancies and precarious abortions, eating disorders, lack of concentration and memory, numbness in the hands and feet, visual and hearing problems, fractures and dislocations and losing what is most important to a person, life. What the mind suffers: low self-esteem due to exposure to constant devaluation and humiliation, psychological stress, creation of pathological links with control networks (Stockholm syndrome); social isolation, break with the closest environment. Loneliness. Hopelessness in the future: no search for alternatives. All these factors lead to the adoption of a trauma, which affects his beliefs, the vision of his world and the vision of others, causing irreparable damage to his personal identity. There is enough information to show that sexual activity that people engage in is not a simple, instinctive, and precise act that consists entirely of physical contact and the exchange of bodily fluids. In any shared sexual relationship, each person radiates the most positive or negative side of himself, depending on how he values and evaluates the other, seeing him as the subject or object of their relationship. In a sexual relationship, where one person treats the other as an object, she stores the most negative parts of herself: fear, inferiority complex, trauma and pain or violence, hatred and enmity that comes from the other. one feels physically and mentally degraded and poor, and it negatively affects their mental health. Some of the women in therapy explained this very eloquently, saying that they felt like "holes" when they had sex with their partners, adding that they felt dirty for days afterward. One even said that she felt like a "toilet" where her husband put all his feces and waste. The traumatic impact of inappropriate sexual behavior on any woman can be particularly severe and can be harmful to the mental health of prostitutes, including: Number of customers per person over a lifetime: Products that need to be sold several times very soon are likely to accumulate a lot of dirt and therefore have a harder time removing so much negativity. Hence the degree of choice in the types of sexual services provided. Those who can't agree on terms of service (such as using condoms or refusing rude, unwanted clients and violent, obnoxious solicitations) are more vulnerable. However, the legalization of prostitution in countries that have adopted the legalization of prostitution, the results are not as expected, on the contrary: The biggest beneficiaries of legalization are once again the powerful: businessmen, pimps and clients. Health control only goes in one direction, clients are inviolable and deserve the respect of everyone, many of whom are even considered higher powers and dignified positions in society. Illegal prostitution and trafficking in women and girls have increased in these countries, and the fight against the underworld has not only been successful, it has also benefited the underworld. Neither was the expected social security bonus or promised improvements in the "labor force."

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