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November 29, 2022

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Today I want to tell you two experiences about what life is like for a prostitute in a nightclub in Bucaramanga in front of an erotic massage girl, let's go first with the girl from the club. I'm going to a whoremonger one night and he interviewed me with one of the girls who I find very attractive, the way I like them, long legs, blonde hair, although dyed and a pretty face, I ask for half a brandy and between jokes and chats I get little things out of her and this is his story. She is Verónica, and I ask her how she feels in this place, she tells me that the place has four floors. The first is a place where the disco works. On the second floor there are some suites where we serve our clients, and on the remaining floors there are 17 rooms where almost 60 girls who work here live. Each room can accommodate up to five women. The three girls I share my room with also share a bathroom. While you might think that a four-woman bathroom would be the perfect place for us to grab onto wicks, I have to say that we've never had a problem with that. The bathroom is full of hanging cosmetics and panties washed after a shower. There is also a hairdresser in the building that is not free but not very expensive and a laundry that costs 2,000 pesos per item (although it also depends on the type of item). For lunch we go to a place in front and they give us a coupon for a lunch, the food is good (always home-made, chicken or meat, potatoes and salad) for only 10,000 pesos. The entire establishment is guarded at all times by 12 security guards who rotate daily. The way of life here is very similar to the rest of the world, which changes only with the seasons. I get up around eleven in the morning, take a shower, brush my teeth and get dressed. Around three in the afternoon we are going to have lunch. Customers arrive after five, so we have time to chat, gossip, and hang around. We have TVs in all rooms so we watch a lot of soap operas. Around four o'clock the story of preparing for the day's work begins, the idea is to put on some good heels and make-up. We help each other so we all look sexy. Around five o'clock the clients begin to arrive and the work begins. When I'm doing well, I see five men... but sometimes I only see two. We worked more or less until two or three in the morning, and if we had money in our pockets and desire in our bodies, we went to a place owned by the same owner next to the place, called the doll's house. We can also look for more clients there, and if it looks good, we can even have a good dance. Around three or four in the morning, the one who isn't drunk is very tired and off to sleep. Life here is pretty good. The three girls I live with are also paisas and they arrived almost at the same time as me and we became good friends. The atmosphere is always great and we laugh all day. In addition, those responsible for our security are invaluable to us. I want to work here while I can make some trips to my family in Medellin, Medellin is the only place I want to live. Although he affirms that the work allowed him to be financially independent and afford certain luxuries, "besides that, there are times when some clients behave divinely and I enjoy it sexually." After meeting with Verónica at the best nightclub in Bucaramanga, I look for a good massage parlor. There I meet Mafe, a tall brunette with Indian features, a sexy and exotic Pocahontas, arguing with Don Pedro on behalf of another employee who wore tall black boots and a white coat and under it a small tight suit. Don Pedro looked more like a bank employee than the owner of a massage parlor. He was of medium height, slim, with expressive blue eyes, and the girls treated him warmly. Before Abejitas (this is the name of the massage parlor), I worked in a financial account company. I arrive at the massage parlor because his brother received the site as part of the payment for the business. His sister offered him to manage it: a massage service and he accepted. “In newspaper ads you should be in the first position, and they did it in alphabetical order, I wanted to be number one, so I came up with a name that started with AB and I came up with Little Bees and it worked very well ”, He said clearly that now everything is with Google so what is sought is to be first but for that you need a good SEO, these are other times.. When she realizes that the girls offer more than just massages, she becomes morally ambivalent and tries to cut out the pornographic part of the issue, the solution, she says, is to present the employees with a good deal. For each massage valued at 100,000 pesos, he receives 40,000, they receive 60,000. Each employee has a quota of at least 35 massages a month, which they say is easy to comply with, with two or three a day. What the girls do after each massage is their problem and the money is theirs. So this is the fair deal, they make good money, and we all have peace of mind. Inside were other women who were about to start their work. When I see them, most of them are wearing shorter skirts that leave their buttocks exposed and their breasts, almost all manipulated and maximized, barely covered by some brightly colored lace bra. At nine in the morning it's time to introduce yourself, because the customers start to arrive. The girls at the front desk take turns answering the phone and guiding the client, so one of them will follow you into one of the massage rooms and give you a formal introduction, "Is this your first time?", and then will explain how it works. One hundred thousand pesos per massage and all the services since then negotiated and paid with the girl of your choice. The guide should end with "Do you want me to introduce you to the girls?" and she rings the bell, a small device placed on the table next to the receptionist. Without rushing, everyone enters the room and waits for her call. I sit down and they begin to parade in front of me one by one. Mafe while wearing a short dress, black fishnet stockings, a matching garter belt, and matching high heels; he wears very light makeup, but his youthful skin and green eyes, framed by thick lashes, need touching up. In their free time, the women sit on blue sofas, watch soap operas and do crazy makeup. They each have a very large makeup bag, and when the customers come in (about twenty on a calm day), they cleanse their faces, apply lipstick and eyeshadow over and over again. Mafe paints her eyelashes silver and her mouth red to look years older. I choose her, she asks me her name and I tell her Cesar, but in an industry where girls and clients use made up names, you never know who is telling the truth. I was wearing gray cloth pants and a blue and white striped shirt. While she was talking to me, I reached into my parts and touched myself hinting to her that I wanted sex. I started telling him that he was a doctor, and this was my first time in Little Bees. As we talked, Mafe began to tell me the rules of the business, no one does anything without getting paid first. Mafe quickly gave me a price. “One hundred thousand after closing. Fifty more if you want to get sucked off and 200,000 if it's sex. Mafe is specific. Everything is ready. I ask her why she's in this business to break the ice and she tells me the hackneyed phrase, “Out of necessity. My husband left me and I don't know what to do. Now I'm raising my six-year-old son, so a friend asked me to come here. " We start talking and I tell him that I would like to know what the business is like and he loosens the easy language, we forget about sex. And I tell him to show me the place. He agrees, but she says that she needs to talk to the manager. After a while she comes back and he says yes, but no photos or interviews, just loose questions and that's it. She tells me that they don't like depravities, but she accepts them. Many assure that the work here is done for their children, or to have money to study. Most are from the lower classes, not just from Bucaramanga but from other parts of the country, and while there are occasional patterns, such as marrying a foreigner who was her client or someone graduating from university, the stories are rare. But almost all of them are saving to buy a house and a car because they know that this business is temporary and they have to get out as soon as possible. Others, like Mafe, tried to leave, but the pay at other jobs dropped drastically, so they eventually returned, always promising to leave soon (Mafe will try for a third time in December). At the same time, their biggest fear is meeting people they know or being found out by their husbands and friends, because few know what their real job is. “I met the son of a friend of my mother's, but he never spoke,” said one of them, whose husband did not know that she worked for Abejita, although he had doubts about her. " Many of them come home exhausted and their partner wants sex, and since they don't know what they are doing, it is hard for them to say no. “I am very sexually active from Monday to Friday, even with my boyfriend, but on weekends I like sit at home and watch a movie and eat ice cream instead of having sex,” said a friend with knowledge of her career. The girls eat lunch in the makeup room and almost always ask for directions to places that sell executive lunches. I panicked when the policemen (wearing armbands to indicate that they were working as tourist police) came in, but immediately saw that the girls greeted them warmly and each went on their own. After a cup of coffee they went out. Others came later. “You have to make them happy. Give them coffee and massages from time to time so they don't mess with us," said one of them. The afternoon was so slow that we sat in the living room to read. Almost all of them have self-help books, and another girl dove into one a customer gave her. One of the girls who arrived had waist-length hair dyed a strange color between gold and silver. These are new extensions. "They cost me 2 million pesos," she said without pretensions. According to Don Pedro, almost all of them earn at least 4 million pesos a month, while a sensible and hard-working woman can earn 8 million pesos, of course, thanks to the fact that they can also do bachelor parties and escort services. "Why are there so few customers today?" I asked them. "Competition has increased and will continue to increase," a girl replied to me casually.

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