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March 09, 2023

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Arauca and the department of the same name have long been in a guerrilla war. In the shadow of massacres, land displacements, and tens of thousands of displaced people, urban peasants continue to wait for the return of their lands amid kidnappings, extortion, agrarian reforms, massive cattle ranching, palm plantations, political persecution, and other calamities. ... Finally, the city's drinking water service is so deficient that it is not drinkable, and political corruption in hospitals and school canteens is high. However, Arauca celebrates the Araucano de la Frontera Festival and the Joropo International Championship, the Coleo International Championship and the International Beauty Contest in which women from Colombia and Venezuela participate. The festival takes place from December 4 to 8 and has been celebrated since 1965; today, the five-day celebration has several stages. 2015 marked the day of the golden wedding anniversary when the celebrations began and visitors can enjoy folk music, authentic sports from the region such as coleo and gastronomy such as mamona or grilled meat, along with harps, cuatro and maracas. This celebration is one of the most authentic in the plains of Colombia and Venezuela. Before the Venezuelan crisis, it received artists of national and international stature and the influx of tourists exceeded any forecast. We got off near the market square, looking for a good and cheap hotel. We met a foreigner by chance and asked him where we could find cheap hotels. Halfway down the block he told us it was worth $50,000 a night. Actually a two level hotel with clean floors, nice bathroom, air conditioning and flat screen TV with cable. We cannot ask for more at this price. We eat, shower and turn on the TV to catch the latest blink of an eye. At 8:00 we woke up full of energy to continue. It was a sunny day, we went out to a small balcony of the hotel where we could see the blue sky above the trees and the brown roofs. Motivated, around noon we went out to explore the city. First we went to the market square to find a place where we could have breakfast and lunch at the same time. The smell of raw fish and leftover food permeated everything. We walked through a block lined with tin-roofed stalls with trees in between. We were looking for a place that looked good, was cheap, and served food. Hard to find, they all look horrible or only sell meat, stew, churrasco, roast beef or catfish. We continued walking through a narrow shopping street lined with clothing stores and shoe stores, further narrowed by street vendors selling avocados, drinks, fruits, vegetables, and anything else of commercial value. Finally, a few blocks from the main park, we found a small family restaurant under the trees out in the open, run by two nice ladies. Lunch for the caserito which was what we wanted, fried fish, a tasty soup, good salads, generous portions and grandmother's sauce. After a little nap at the hotel, we returned to the center, my partner and I dedicated ourselves to sightseeing and we took pictures Arauca, which is fashionable in all the main parks of the towns. We began to inquire around the sector near the hotel to the merchants and common people and they began to drop notes and pearls on what Arauca is experiencing at this moment. Prostitution in Arauca, the smuggling of meat and other perishable products from Venezuela to Arauca is a fact. The number of Venezuelan women working as sex workers is increasing daily without any immigration or health checks. Strategic areas of the city, such as the weekend ecotourism Malecón, the Monserrate corregimiento, one of the entrance routes, the canoes pass through the viewpoint and Simón Central Park, of course, are out of control by the authorities. the reopening of borders, the scourge of prostitution, hitherto hidden in the sale of goods such as meat and cheese, has become a widely known open secret. The reality is cruel. Recently, after complaints from all walks of life, we learned that the couple had a sexual relationship outdoors and everything was documented in a video sent by a resident of the area that shows a woman performing oral sex on a man sitting on A bank of the boardwalk, the area has become a focal point for hallucinogenic use, prostitution, and insecurity; despite efforts to restore the Malecón. For many years even the number of prostitutes was less than fifty. insufficient for the city, that was what was believed. The arrival of hundreds of women engaged in the sex trade from across the border expanded the market. The number of sex workers seeking to escape ordeal in brothels in Arauca, the capital of the department of the same name on the border with Venezuela, is unclear, although some say there are more than a thousand. La Pesquera is a true reflection of the prostitution boom in Arauca. It was a grocery store and they closed it and it was leased to turn it into a brothel, customers were telling us, "There are about 40 or more women in this place." "Before in Arauca there were no pretty prostitutes, they were all old and ugly, the Venezuelans are beautiful, cheap and work better." Michelle is one of them. She did the same in her native Falcón, a prosperous state, and she never imagined emigrating to Colombia. "She is a bit lazy right now because there is a lot of competition from Venezuelans from Barinas, San Fernando and Valencia. New people come every day." In our company there are ten people, all Venezuelans, and the Colombians love us more, ”she explains. She is a beautiful 30 year old woman with light blonde hair. “One she is in Colombia not because she wants to, but because she has to. I have a 15-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old daughter, and I send them money. When I go home, I take food with me. " When the weather is good, she attends to three or four clients, which are about 200,000 pesos, but sometimes no one shows up. "They said it was an invasion from Venecas," she added. Where she works, on the street next to the Arauca river, just across from Venezuela, there is a brothel next to a car wash. "Many brothels have been opened in this neighborhood. There used to be one and only 10 prostitutes to run the business. Now a town like Arauca (about 80,000 inhabitants) has about 1,000 venecas, young and pretty, a lot," Dolly tells us, She is an Araucanian who frequents these places."Now you can look for a wallow and with dawn for $50,000, before we charged $150,000 for a night like that." The influx of prostitutes, not only in Arauca, but in many Colombian cities, is one of the many signs of Venezuela's economic and social destruction. Permanent or temporary immigration is on the rise, as can be seen in the capital, Arauca, across the bridge from the small Venezuelan town of El Amparo. Given the low value of the bolivar currency, Chávez's hometown has dozens of citizens who offer lunch services or sell various products at ridiculous prices in Colombia. Janua, a young mother of two children, ages 7 and 4, traveled from Valencia, a 14-hour drive away, to sell homemade cookies and coffee on the street. “I come once every two weeks to help my husband, who is also in Arauca. Each one receives about two hundred thousand pesos a week, he stays and I return with the children. I brought a bag of flour, another bag of rice, pasta, and diapers for my nephews. Six other people and I had to extend it,” she explained. “I worked as a cashier in a restaurant and my husband drove a truck, his business was closed because the truck broke down and there were no spare parts to fix it and the restaurant was closed due to lack of food. " She crossed the border with a bag of oranges to help pay for the bus fare. She delivered it in Colombia for ten thousand pesos. “They sell it retail. Each bag contains approximately 300 oranges. " A compatriot of Janua confesses that she works more than 12 hours in a restaurant, "They pay me half what Colombians pay, 15,000 pesos, but she helps me buy food and take it to the other side." Another source of income is the small-scale smuggling of subsidized food and other products such as meats, cheeses, motor oil, sauces, plastic containers, which are dumped in exchange for Colombians. Gasoline and cattle are controlled on a larger scale by the ELN guerrillas and the Venezuelan National Guard. “They eat better than you, they eat before you,” said a Venezuelan street vendor in Arauca, a small port where migrant boats dock, noting that he had to bribe his agent to let him bring products across the river. "We smuggle small things and little quantity to be able to get basic food like toiletries, but it's really very little." Not all Araucanians welcome the influx of Venezuelans. They complain that if health is already poor, it will only get worse if their few health centers also have to serve migrants. Or because workers from neighboring countries believe there is unfair competition, they are willing to pay less in the region affected by unemployment. The Araucanians interviewed agreed that the political situation in the neighboring country only shows the continuation of the increase in immigration and the problems associated with it. It is clear that Venezuelan immigrants in Colombia face an unprecedented situation compared to other large population movements in recent history. Most of them fled the suffering of their country of origin, but they were unable to find the longed-for security or adequate work that would allow them to lead a dignified life, especially if they settled on the periphery of the country. There they run the risk of being recruited by armed groups or working in illegal crops, and are exposed to discrimination, sexual violence and forced prostitution. Colombia lacks adequate infrastructure to receive Venezuelan immigration, although it has had an open border policy unlike other countries in the region such as Chile, which have placed measures that restrict the migration of Venezuelans to their country. 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