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January 18, 2023

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I go through the busy and noisy center of Palmira, on the one hand, the motorcycle taxi driver zigzags to get to the traffic light first, the taxi stops and the street vendors make more noise than usual announcing all kinds of odds and ends, fruits and there is no lack of mountebank doing somersaults in the corner, it's all organized chaos. I am going to a house in a middle-class residential area near the center of Palmyra. At first glance, there is nothing suspicious on his forehead. This is a two-story red brick house surrounded by a black pipe fence, like all the houses in the place, the front yard is somewhat neglected and it shows that the facade has not been painted in years. Anyone can see that it is an average family home, despite being a successful erotic video chat business, which in the jargon of the booming virtual porn industry is called a "studio". The door was opened for us by the director of the “studio”, a lawyer graduated from a prestigious university in Bogotá, about 35 years old, who had found better luck here than in the training courses he taught for the government. The house is divided into a kind of booths where workers communicate with Internet users for the sole purpose of fulfilling their desired sexual fantasies. I entered a very small room with tables full of women's underwear, vibrators, creams and other things they used. There is a sofa and a computer. Other of these rooms have cushions instead of sofas. There are also shades that fall between red and pink. They are very tight spaces, big enough for a computer desk and they can barely move in front of the camera. I was introduced to a girl who works in this studio. She is known by the pseudonym "Sexy" on and, two of the most visited video chat sites in Colombia. She said that she is 18 years old and uses the income from her work — she earns up to 5 million pesos a month — to pay for her social communication career. In a country with unemployment rates as high as Colombia, which is in the double digits, it is difficult for working women to find more lucrative jobs. She has a pretty, striking face, is short, and speaks with a paisa accent, like most of the Colombian women in this business (an accent that customers say they love). Today, the studio has 18 women and 10 men working full time (who also have their own market). She came into this world of online work recommended as always through a friend like her. She works the same hours as any office worker: eight hours. Satisfying every sexual desire a client can imagine for eight hours is quite a feat. What if they have to do somersaults to accede to her request? One of the most requested fantasies from clients, which I personally find very unpleasant, but which is very recurring, is defecating or urinating in front of the camera. Excuse my ignorance in these matters, but I never imagined that in this world of virtual pleasure there would be so many people who would celebrate two characteristics of the human body that are so intimate and at the same time so lewd. The sexual obsessions of Internet users are endless. In second place on this list of the most requested sexual fantasies, fetish requirements are common, from the obligatory outfits - "Mommy I want her dressed as a nurse, schoolgirl, stewardess" - to high heels, many girls are asked to wear them in the vagina - even suggestive transparent pantyhose, garters, boots, whips, plastic dildos that are put in the mouth to arouse men. Her clients masturbate passionately wherever they are. Very close to requests for fetishes is part of the ABC of this company, which I was able to verify: anal sex, which is in high demand among clients, some are sadomasochists, the most frequent phrases are "Hey bitch, I want to eat your pussy", "You're dirty, I want to lick your ass, show me bitch." This type of client needs what in the industry is called an academic reinforcement, and this is taught to the girls who start working in the world of virtual pornography: that is, some teach a new vocabulary that can undoubtedly enrich their knowledge not only with Spanish idioms, but also includes learning new words in foreign languages such as English They will learn something very important for the development of their personality that will be very useful for them to have a good career in this field. For example, if the penis is called "la verga" on the Colombian coast, it is called "la polla" in Spain and "dick" in English. They will learn that "coger" is "throw" in Argentina, "throw" is "fuck" in Spain, and that "follar" in English is "fuck" or something like that. That is, not only do they become more knowledgeable, but they also become more multilingual. But of course, when you dig deeper and take a closer look, you realize that not everything you see in this online world is real, not everything that girls show on computer screens, or at least not. real, what customers believe. Start with the orgasm. What you see on the screen is one thing, what happens in the cockpit is another. In reality, most of these orgasms are fake, even if they look very convincing on camera. "You learn with experience," the hottie admitted to me and I'd call her Helen, even though she doesn't have a name. Helen told me that she rarely has fun at work, and when she does, it's because the client loves it and is passionate about it. "But that very rarely happens." She doesn't like swearing either, although she has learned to handle masochistic clients with the ability to impress herself. Every time they insult her, she taunts them with another insult as she puts her ass behind the camera. I told her that she didn't find it exciting, and Helen told me that it was just a game that she had learned to enjoy. There is no ill will between clients, she concluded she solomonically. Helen learns to fake orgasms to know how to make them more and more believable, like Meg Ryan, star of When Sally Met Harry, with success in a New York cafe. She applies a white liquid into her vagina with a syringe, which is hidden from customers' view, so that netizens can believe that what she does is authentic. She lubricates herself with special oil and she already knows what her limits are. For example, she doesn't wear high heels or put Coca-Cola bottles up her vagina, while her other colleagues may be more adventurous in this regard. She is not a fan of "mining" dogs, and she is not one of those who share shows with lesbians, which she is currently in fashion. “I've learned that it's easier for me to let customers spend most of their time online without asking for more. That way I don't have to work so much and they end up happy and want to call me back. Many times this ends with the client showing it and changing her attitude. Some clients dress up for her and masturbate for her. I must say that Helen likes it. It's hard to see her in action, first her clothes, then there are the cosmetics, dildos, sex products, fake orgasm creams and lastly the camera. You have to make her look good and she manages to capture the best angles of her. She moves it from here to there and from there to here. Her nails are long and white. Her first client comes from her when another call comes in and she asks him to undress and caress her breasts passionately. Immediately after, another client entered the chat and asked her to just continue doing it... and she agreed; and without losing her smile, she wrote the word "bastard" to the boy who called her a whore, and with the other hand she brought the camera back to the sweet spot to show the ass of the person she calls a whore. With so much work, it's no wonder she doesn't have time to get aroused or enjoy the orgasms she deserves. The customer profile is more or less as follows: the majority are foreign men, especially North Americans and Latin Americans with good credit card credit. The value per minute varies according to the transmission, from 1,200 to 2,000 pesos for Colombian clients; from two dollars to six dollars for North Americans; and from one to five euros for Europeans. How the business works: Customers pay for the number of minutes they want with their credit card. After completing this procedure, they can access the live chat with the girl of their choice. Most of the men are married and have a good standard of living, especially the Colombians. Who would have thought that, on the one hand, the Internet has contributed to the democratization of information and, on the other hand, it has turned virtual reality into a luxury consumer product. What a contradiction! From the increase in contacts at lunchtime, it is clear that many of those who communicate do so from their offices. In fact, most of the callers are addicted to virtual sex and can spend millions of minutes a month in live chats with girls like Helen. The truth is that she thus realizes that she has some friends who talk to her more than their girlfriends or his wife. However, there are only rare cases where they want to meet her muse in real life. From the beginning, the girls are not allowed to reveal any information about their true identity or address. To do this, companies offer a tracking service that allows you to see what girls are doing online. In this virtual world, no one is safe from surveillance. However, this did not prevent true love from blossoming, and some girls have found a partner, but it is not normal in this virtual world. When Helen is done with her day, it's easy for her to return to the real world. No one close to her family imagines that she makes money pandering to depraved people known as virtual sex rings. The least suspicious is her partner, but Helen says that she is the one who benefits most from what she learns in her work with a mischievous smile. I say goodbye to Helen. I leave with an image of a woman who is very happy with her work. Apparently, erotic video chat generates jobs for women like her and is a booming business in Colombia that is being exported with great success. What a true pod.

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