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May 19, 2023

Escorts, Prepagos, Putas, Dama de Compañia

escorts youth, the rise of aesthetic ideals “escorts”: If you think that this term refers to a cell phone or a health card, you are wrong. You know nothing, many young people use it to refer to female students who have high income, good physical condition, high service fees and sometimes work in modeling agencies. Luna is a 24-year-old girl, she is studying the sixth semester of psychology at the Universidad de los Andes, the best and most renowned university in the entire country, she lives in the upper-middle-class Laureles neighborhood, she is 1.70 meters tall, white skin, long black hair and big honey eyes. From the first semester she met "Lucho", she became one of her best friends and it was with him that she started the world of "escorts". This is how the story begins: Lucho is a popular, sociable and very festive young man. Two years ago, he invited Luna to a weekend party in Girardot, he had already scheduled this trip for a while and Lucho's parties at the university were so popular that everyone wanted to go, Luna ended up begging him to invite her. On Thursday afternoon, Lucho already had the invitations ready and who were the lucky ones to accompany him on the walk. Manuel, the owner of the farm already had everything organized, called Lucho and they arranged all the logistics for the event, Lucho was in charge of taking the "girls". Manuel called him on his cell phone and asked him to invite six friends who were free, and Lucho had taken them to various parties. Luna insisted so much that he take her, that Lucho left one of those who were already engaged and Luna took her place. On Friday, Manuel sent a Toyota Prado and a driver to pick them up. During the trip, the six young women wondered how many people would attend, how fit Manuel was, how comfortable the farm was, and how much money they would receive for attending the party. In addition, they talked about their travels, the clothes they bought, and the models they admired. When they arrived at the farm, Manuel and three friends were waiting for them in a kiosk by the pool, drinking whiskey and playing cards. In a very short time, the five young women who had already met Manuel had complete confidence and received them with hugs and laughter; they were already intimate with Manuel. They sat in the kiosk for a while and then suggested that they go into the pool. They went to change, but Luna was uncomfortable despite the attention they had received, the farm had a room with a private bathroom for each one, a person who helped them with their luggage and whatever they needed, and plenty of food and drink. To set the party's mood, an electronic music DJ arrived. The girls got out and paraded around the edge of the pool, Luna walked around the pool but unlike the other girls who seemed to be having a great time. Some began inhaling popers, an inhalant that causes vasodilation and a brief euphoria, the main effect of which is uncontrollable laughter that vibrates to the beat of the music. The dj was hired for the whole weekend. The party began, Lucho introduced each girl, as if they were in a beauty pageant and of course everyone at the party was fascinated with their figures, they all had impressive bodies and most had undergone surgery, silicone implants on their tits, on the buttocks, liposuction and as much operation as possible can be done. Luna did not make the respective parade down the pool catwalk in a bathing suit, she remained seated, because she already had a feeling what the party was about. From 12 the party got hot and between drugs, music and drinks, one of Manuel's friends, put together a game of playing bottle, between them and two girls, whoever was losing had to remove a garment, the last one had to do a dance "Striped Dance". Then they all joined in and to the beat of the music, they began to take off their clothes and walk around the pool. Everyone showed off their best features in exotic movements, and the competition lasted until two in the morning, when the girl with the most provocative body and who made the best erotic movements won 4 million pesos. Luna went to bed before the party ended and with total remorse for having wanted and insisted on going to that meeting of whores. The next day, each of Lucho's friends had a partner. Her situation made Luna uncomfortable at first, but even when she was uncomfortable, Lucho tried to make her feel nice and accompanied her during the day. All Saturday there was music, some beer, a barbecue, nothing out of the ordinary, some were already paired, laughing and having fun with their partners. It's not that Luna was a prude on the sexual level, she already had experience and was good, because she had tried girls and boys alike, including a threesome with a girl and a boy, what she didn't like, what bothered her was the environment to give it up for money, when she had done it it was for fun, or because she was in love or because she was drunk, but she had never given it up for money, and that kept her with an impressive disgust. Luna was very beautiful, she wasn't stunning, but she had a stunning classic beauty, she hadn't had operations like the others who had surgery from the forehead to the ass, only the nose. On Saturday night, the atmosphere began to heat up and Manuel, who had seen Luna's attitude, felt attracted to her. He called Lucho to one side of her and told him that he wanted to be with Luna that night. Lucho called her to her room and told her that Manuel wanted to be with her that night, that he offered her two million pesos, but she did not agree to have sex with him. Lucho called Manuel and he doubled the offer, it was already four million and Luna began to think about it, she said well it's just a fuck and that's it. Luna is the only woman among three brothers, and at her parents' house they do everything possible to please her, but she didn't think about everything she could do with that money. After that "first fuck" the money received became a motivation for Luna to start living in this world. Therefore, she decided to apply to a modeling agency to transform her image and sell her body in exchange for more value. Over time, Luna became a way for other young women to become familiar with this practice, which she saw as an opportunity to change her lifestyle. The idea of selling the body for large sums of money is becoming fashionable in Colombia, since fulfilling beauty ideals and serving the social elite is associated with success for them. A pretext to engage in prostitution. Some modeling agencies use technology like phone books to send these young people to other parts of the country for meetings. One of the requirements for one of these institutions is a college degree or degree. social pressure It is interesting to know the position of a woman or a man who dedicates himself to prostitution from the company that is offered to him, which is characterized by uncensored listening, a kind of unlimited delivery of imagination. The prostitution problem is that they are no longer just in bed or in the closed premises of a business, but also in the midst of society. This is possible due to their intellectual formation and appearance, the people who use this service do not hesitate to present it as paid valuables and without creating any commitment or guilt. "escorts" is a cultural way of easily achieving stereotypical ways that have more value in society and ensure happiness. Young people a lot of the time, sometimes not, but they usually don't have a choice because a college education doesn't guarantee a job these days. Culturally, it is a social pressure, in universities like the Andes, where the socioeconomic level is so high, being part of that society, reaching that level of life forces them to prostitute themselves to earn an income that is equal to that of their peers and have something that makes you stand out to be accepted in the eyes of those people who only measure the purchasing power. This practice is encouraged by the economic model. The body is another service, it gets to work, where everything is bought and sold. Prostitution as a social phenomenon, as an economic motivator. The escorts have certain characteristics, they are educated, young, beautiful people so that they can enter the sex trade known as high-level prostitution. Drug trafficking and prostitution go hand in hand, easy money and rampant consumerism have been the triggers for these phenomena to have grown alarmingly in the country. What some call the sex industry is evolving at many levels, local, national and international, this indicates that the sex market has acquired a significant dimension in an economic system whose growth corresponds to the progress of globalization, sex is part of all activity, a typical game of supply and demand. Internationally, the prostitution business says the profit is between 5 and 7 billion dollars. In Colombia, the business moves around 18,000 million pesos a year. In the industry, a high-level escorts charges between 10 and 20 million pesos per month. For most of them, it is an independent free time job, and it does not interrupt family life and friendships, nor school programs, they assume it as a passing matter to get the money they need for their whims and they only see it inside of a commercial context where they make an exchange between money and sex. They are women (they can also be men) with university and professional education and provide paid sexual services, in a conscious decision, they always look for clients with a lot of purchasing power. University students associate themselves with the point of life to seek more opportunities for consumption and For most of them, it is an independent free time job. “A fellow student asked me if I wanted to go on a trip to Cartagena with her and some of her friends. I told him that I did not know them and that it would seem strange to me, ”says the young woman about how it all began. Sophie added that her classmates told her: "No problem, they spend all their money and they just want company and they like beautiful women." "I agreed to go to Cartagena, and when I returned with an envelope of money, I realized that I was already in this world." This is the beginning of everything.

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