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September 27, 2022

Although Switzerland is known as a tax haven or Paris as a paradise for art, we would say that Mexico could become the worst nightmare for a companion girl. Mexico is the fourth country with the highest level of crime in the world and the second in the American continent, with a significant number of murders, kidnappings, drug trafficking and robberies. Organized crime is one of the most powerful in all of America, where the sexual exploitation of young Mexican and foreign women is part of the menu. However, despite all these threats, the Aztec country continues to be an attractive place for many Colombian and Venezuelan girls who have decided to dedicate themselves to prostitution. Bad, very bad idea of ​​a girl wanting to work as an escort in Mexico. We explain why: The Mexican mafias dedicated to sexual exploitation have given rise to a new form of contemporary slavery, in which the victims are stripped of all their Human Rights: the right to life, liberty, identity, fair payment. , etc. In the world there are 4.5 million people subjected to forced sex work, which produces 150 billion dollars a year. Absolutely illegal but very profitable machinery. Mexico takes a good part of that lucrative business. And its organizers are willing to do anything to preserve it and make it grow. It should be differentiated that one thing is free and voluntary sex work and quite another is forced sex work, imposed as an obligation or under threat. In Mexico, forced sex work manifests itself in different ways and not only in brothels or seedy dens where sexual favors are offered in exchange for money. There are, for example, mafias that offer young women marriage in such a way that her future husband exercises legal power over her and subjects her to forced labor or private prostitution. Sometimes the "wife" is destined to procreate babies that are later sold on the black market, without her opinion as a mother counting for anything. But, you may wonder, how is it possible for all this to happen in the 21st century? Pay attention, as it all starts like a real fairy tale: 45% of the girls are contacted in their country of origin (Colombia or Venezuela) by people they know or distant relatives, 49% by strangers and only 5.50% are directly kidnapped by organized crime mafias. In the first two modalities, the candidate is usually a young, physically attractive woman who is going through a precarious or financially urgent situation. The trafficker or recruiter (usually a woman, since she inspires more confidence) promises the young candidate a different life, comfortable, with a lot of money. Sometimes she demands that she make an effort and finance the air ticket that will take her to Mexico. In others, the trafficker offers the candidate her ticket but as part of a loan that the candidate will then pay quite easily since she will be obtaining very good economic income with her new job. Under these conditions, what girl would not cheer up? But upon reaching her destination, the trap is opened in one fell swoop for the young prostitute: the first thing her "employers" do is strip the newly recruited of her passport and her cell phone, with which the girl is left totally incommunicado and without any type of legal protection since he is not able to verify his own identity or nationality. Immediately afterwards she is locked up and exposed to forced (non-voluntary) sex work, subjected to doses of drugs that create a fast and strong dependency, her payments are withheld or never given and, in the worst case, the young woman is finally killed once she has lost her physical attractiveness. These organized mafias proliferate in Mexico on many occasions under the indifferent gaze of official organizations that have sold themselves to corruption. Likewise, Mexican laws and the weaknesses of the judicial system mean that these activities are carried out with almost total impunity. Between 2017 and 2020, just nineteen people were convicted of this crime, a ridiculous figure compared to the magnitude of these criminal organizations. In addition, organized crime in Mexico is dispersed and fragmented, abundant but small in size, which makes it a criminal network that is difficult to detect and eradicate, if the will to do so exists. And as if this were not enough, machismo and a prevailing patriarchal culture in Mexico have caused murdered prostitutes to be seen by the press as "scapegoats" for being "whores, drug addicts and infidels", as pointed out a few months ago by the newspapers "El Sol de Acapulco" and "Police Briefs". In 2021, the United States Embassy in Mexico reported in its Annual Report that the Mexican Government "does not fully comply with the minimum standards to eradicate human trafficking in that country.” Once a girl has made the decision to become an escort or sex worker, she must be very careful and associate with companies of proven legality that are capable of offering them a safe and respectful performance of all their rights. Offers on social networks or in person, the more promising they are, the more deceptive they will be. When what is at stake is our life or our freedom, it is not a good idea to believe in little birds painted in the air.

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