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July 18, 2023

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<p>While Mar&iacute;a Magdalena spread her legs and bent her spine looking for daily sustenance, the children grew up among bars and&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whorehouses</u></a>, bazuco pots and hiding places for stolen things; But like every mother who loves her children, she always wants the best for them, and that the same life of needs and limitations of hers does not repeat itself in them, she sent them to school so as not to repeat the story of her parents.</p> <p>The Chinese enrolled them in a public school, with grades close to the average and a record of numerous absences from class, they attended in trunks and mochas with the help and support of teachers who showed them affection and who recorded without haste and without doubt the absences of the siblings on different days or times, at the request of the guardian who in the institution&apos;s registry was not Mar&iacute;a Magdalena.</p> <p>Mar&iacute;a Magdalena, was a girl who, as a baby, earned all respect, although as a child she had a curious and sad contemplation. And she studied high school rummaging through her life. Her physical and psychological development turned her into a sensual and pretty teenager, tall, 1.75 meters tall, harmoniously proportioned, with brown hair that delicately hid her back, and flakes of cotton that, hidden by a mango green blouse, seemed turgid like voluptuous volcanoes.</p> <p>She had a wasp waist and her trunk was perfect for the pelvis, it was a harmonious synchrony of body and hips, very difficult not to look, it was very hard for the eyes to avoid that look and impossible for the neck not to turn and follow that movement. Her legs were two youthful, symmetrical shoots; They were two beardless and balanced shaped hearts, groomed by attractive knees that ended their proportioned extremities in a perfect whole, inciting the admiration of genres of all kinds, since on their way they found, either on the road, or at school, or in a hotel, or in the Basilica, to which they always went every Sunday since childhood to offer their joys and pains in the Basilica of the Lord of Miracles in Buga that looks hopeful on the souls in pain prostrated to the tree.</p> <p>Mar&iacute;a Magdalena multiplied the working day, whether it was in family homes doing cleaning during the day, or in the brothel, where you never had to make appointments because the&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whores&nbsp;</u></a>were already ready, she worked at night, and with savings and efforts she brought sustenance and to the children&apos;s bodies, clothing, and to their spirits, the affection of a mother who did everything and everything so that her children did not suffer the needs in which she grew up.</p> <p>Sharing a shelter with other families, each one in a small segment of space, where the kitchen, laundry room, laundry room and bathroom are communal, it is like putting cats and dogs to eat in the same bowl. Raising children without the figure of the father, who generally remain locked in the room and if the mother takes pity; so that they let her sleep, because every night she stays up late; he lets them out, it&apos;s like getting enemies for free, the boys with their shouting, playing and crying make the other tenants uncomfortable and the owner or sub-lessor of the house finds the perfect excuse to put pressure on the mother because of the damage and discomfort caused by the children, with this he achieves sexual rewards and if he doesn&apos;t give it to him, he threatens to tell her that he won&apos;t rent the room anymore.</p> <p>The mother of Mar&iacute;a Magdalena was a young woman, who, being fledgling, arrived in Buga, displaced, with her parents, by the military operations of the guerrilla group up in arms in which two clergymen participated, persuaded that by taking up arms, they would redeem those in need from the yokes blamed on those who accumulate the productive lands or obtain bribes and rob public coffers, displaying the political and monetary dominance that the sums of votes that the same destitute of everything have traded for tiles and markets in the votes.</p> <p>The hardships and hunger, the environment and the noise of Buga, added to the longing for clothes and clothing, perfumes and jewelry, with the mistreatment and carnal desire of her stepfather, plus the consenting silence of her mother, pushed Mar&iacute;a Magdalena to experiment, exchanging kisses for gifts, caresses for coins, the stinking sweat of drunkards who paid double in fifty thousand bills to spend an hour with a candid and buoyant young woman who simply overflowed. She had to satisfy her misery and have decent clothes and food, like so many other girls who work in the&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a> business.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Mar&iacute;a Magdalena began looking for them at the land transport terminal, and on its adjacent tracks and roads, in the shadows, red light bulbs marked the so-called zone of tolerance. And in it, the bars were overflowing with&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whores</u></a> of all stripes, hotels, small hotels and cheap pensions and brothels. She came to one of these in search of a friend who had advised her in the tenancy when they were doing laundry.</p> <p>Like any job, Mar&iacute;a Magdalena exchanged dirty bills from the hands of older men, who every weekend, for feigned caresses of a fresh woman who only wanted to work to get dressed and give some bills to her submissive mother who usually cried, alone and in silence, while she juggled to put a plate of soup on the table for the brothers who succeeded each other in terms of a year at the most, none had come for pleasure and all lived without longing, they had to build a path of thorns and stones , without a guide and without a compass looking for sunrises, hungry, thirsty and without shelter.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>He spent a rosary of months, dozing during the day and spending the night at night, scrutinizing among trovas and drinks, fumaroles of cigarette smoke and the penetrating smell of basuco and marijuana, between blankets with more than eight beds on them, with the smell of urine, and forced drinks to pass the bitterness; always looking for where to get more tickets.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>She got pregnant by a paisa who came talking shit trying to win her over, when he saw her, he got used to saying nice things to her and paying her generously for the work done, he talked to her so much that he convinced her and gave it to her without a condom, when he realized that one of his sperm had won the race for the beautiful woman&apos;s eggs, he disappeared. She that she had presumed to have found the male who would offer her, in addition to caresses and care, roof, love and housing.</p> <p>The paisa who got her pregnant was never known, because she never returned and there was never any news of the type again, abandoning Mar&iacute;a Magdalena who was floating in a sea of tears, leaving her between verses that fight for the afflicted novels of the helpless that tell that time and distance are the only remedy to leave aside the unfortunates who presume detailing the destroyed hymens of innocent girls who for a few tickets, for a cell phone or a dress or the trendy jean, they give virginity to guys who don&apos;t remember that they sprang from a woman, and many also have sisters, who, like them, are in the dance of life on the wheel of compensation.</p> <p>Mary Magdalene gave birth to her first child on a rainy night, on a black night of storms. She was cared for by the midwife who took pity on the suffering of the young woman, who found out she was going to be a mother, one moonless night when she was showering in the laundry room of the tenancy where she rented a room, like other prostitutes who lived with their children, and found her youthful belly swollen.</p> <p>Prostitutes have always been marked with indifference and social contempt, they act united and in solidarity with each other. Mar&iacute;a Magdalena, a friend of hers, Catalina, offered her a space in the rental room that hides abandoned mothers with small children who they left sleeping while at night they go out, like little owls, to look for clients; already in San Andresito, in the streets, or in a canteen. She is a difficult task that she had to practice in a&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whorehouse</u></a> to earn income and stay alive in the concrete jungle in which its inhabitants live on the run, afflicted and in need of ephemeral affection.</p> <p>The sex workers are a united guild, and among them, they act as a brotherhood to defend themselves, already from the policeman who hurts them, persecutes and exploits them; now from the coyote, now from the corrupt, now from those who intend to blow themselves up without paying for the service, now from the landlords.</p> <p>Several women held a baby shower to support Maria Magdalena, who a couple of weeks later went into labor, accompanied by a midwife who occasionally went to the world&apos;s oldest job to help cover expenses.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The girl grew up, became a graceful and well-spoken young woman, with more friends than friends, Fernanda, Mar&iacute;a Magdalena&apos;s eldest daughter, began to sell chances in the afternoons and it was said that she had the gift of predicting the number in which the lottery she was playing that day would fall and that the buyers of fortune believed that the number that the seller superstitiously recommended would fall, to arise, without will, from the shortages that harass the gamblers who professed They know that fortune is not combined with work and savings, but rather it is achieved by finding a number that each week a machine establishes as the depositary of the ticket that by skill and magic transmutes them into holders without material needs, or into wealthy people, with bills with which they pay for market commitments in the commerce of the block where they normally spend their days in the permanent struggle for money for daily living.</p> <p>Whether by imitation, by clothes or by a cell phone, the young Fernanda, like so many other girls of the same age, became prepaid as a wafer vendor in La Libertad Park, sold sexual services to foreigners and adults, who were recognized by others as &quot;decent&quot; people who sought to satisfy their sexual needs with adolescents and girls.</p> <p>Fernanda went out with a motorcycle taxi driver to do a service, in a curve to avoid a hole in the road, the centrifugal force of the motorcycle threw the grill to the edge of the road while she answered an appointment on the cell phone. Later, the motorcycle taxi driver said that he carried out a service to transport Fernanda to a motel.</p> <p>The tragic death of the teenager shocked the city. Mototaxi drivers, taxi drivers, fellow students, and onlookers crowded the funeral home where Fernanda&apos;s mortal remains kept watch for two nights. Some clients, many friends or admirers that nobody knew, with a vallenato ensemble and a mariachi escorted the funeral procession to the cemetery where they buried her like a heroine, transformed days later into a lucky talisman.</p> <p>The autopsy revealed that the girl, about fifteen years old, died after her head hit a rock. The red chronicle of the evening newspaper &quot;Qu&apos;hubo&quot; reported that the victim had died when he rose into the air from a motorcycle on which he was riding as a barbecue with a neighbor, when the front wheel of the vehicle fell into a hole in the pavement in the curve that passes through the bridge where the Los Santos ravine becomes torrential.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Fernanda&apos;s tomb remains with flowers and is visited every day, -especially on Mondays- by those who play chance games or buy lottery tickets convinced that once again the young soul of the adolescent will indicate the number that that night can provide them with money to pay off debts, buy an appliance, pay for weekend clothes, or have cash for the market for the week to begin.</p>

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