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September 12, 2023

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<p>On my extensive trips, I first locate a gym and then hire a nearby hotel. Now I was in Facatativ&aacute;, a town near the capital, the truth is it was easy and I always find the right one. I pass through areas such as the second race, more specifically between the sixth and fourth streets, which are precisely where several busy points of Facatativ&aacute; are located, places such as: The main park, the House of Culture and the Agrarian University of Colombia, are surrounded by residences to &ldquo;hang out&rdquo; where prostitutes carry out their work, I stop to have a soda and a girl approaches me and starts talking to me as if looking for a conversation and a client, &ldquo;Covid-19 brought economic problems, I need to eat and bring my livelihood home, I have to look for clients and since they took us away from the first one while they assigned a new place for us, the solution we found was to migrate to another popular part such as the second career, that&apos;s why we all decided to move here. We are not in the fa&ccedil;ade of the house of culture or in front of the university, as they say, yes, we are on one side, more than a block away, we are not taking anything from anyone, we are also citizens and we have the right to work &quot;, she tells me, &quot;she&apos;s going to give me the league today, daddy.&quot; I listen to her carefully, I tell her no, no thanks today. I finish the soda and continue on my way. I&apos;m not interested in them.</p> <p>The gym here is spacious and has everything you need, it lacks a spa and pool, but the rest has nothing to envy of the one I used to frequent.</p> <p>I go about my routines and familiarize myself with the surroundings. I feel comfortable, but I am not very communicative. I have everything very visually controlled.</p> <p>I immediately discover two pretty girls, I put them in my sights and this makes them put me in theirs, they look at me like a stranger, but my behavior is polite, but at no time open or persuasive.</p> <p>My attention is drawn to a short young woman with a very graceful physical appearance. She doesn&apos;t have extra kilos and she has them well distributed. Her perseverance and dedication is truly commendable. She does her routine, it is seen that she works hard and carries out a broad and well-determined activity.</p> <p>I agree with her when I finish my exercises in the stretching room and there she always arrives equipped with weights and dumbbells to perform very specific exercises.</p> <p>The first day she finished early and said goodbye politely (it is a large room, there are few of us and we both chose the same area. Since I like her, I am polite, I smile at her, I approve of her ability to arrest and she reciprocates, and since she knows about me Withdrawal in the gym gratifies my attention.</p> <p>We are both very perseverant, we execute our training ritually and without licenses. When she finishes first, she sits on a drawer and waits for me to finish to chat. She started talking to me about her things, about her small business and now her interest is to know about me. I realize that she likes me, I have her provocative smile and I use it with her, it&apos;s something I do exclusively when I smell a trophy, but in this case it&apos;s accidental or spontaneous (that&apos;s what I think).</p> <p>The wait for her conditions me, not only does she wait for me if I delay, but she seeks to extend her conversation as long as I allow her.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>She laughs at my jokes and she shows me a very personal interest, she is gentle, cordial and also insightful, she has very quick jokes and the conversation is pleasant and interesting.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>We visited the gym every day and in the first fifteen days we already had some confidence and even in the room we were already smiling at each other. I waited while she finished my tuina, we went out to the street and she told me that she wants to show me her business that she is very close to her. The business is on the first floor above a commercial area. As she had already told me, she makes special figures, something like origami, that she sells online. Her workshop is beautiful and minimalistly decorated. She must have someone who collaborates with her, because there are two well-defined work areas. Here in her space she feels at ease, she shows me the latest figures of her on a computer screen and they are great. She likes how I pay attention to the details and I make her want something more, she is restless and I realize that it is no coincidence that she brings me to a place that she controls. Her conversation begins to take much more frequent and direct turns on a personal level, she becomes interested in my sexual desires. I smile generously at her and unplug her, she realizes that I have experience and some kilometers traveled. I tell him I&apos;m going to take a bath and I say goodbye affectionately.</p> <p>The next day I find her and I notice that her gaze is looking at me with curiosity and a brief grimace from me makes her discover her best smile.</p> <p>She discovered profuse curiosity in the environment, it is something that invariably happens, but now she has a place of uncertainty that I deduce well, we ask ourselves what makes us compatible. The meeting at the end of the daily routine has another success, we are more attentive to each other than is usually the case. I am aware that we have both been maturing our own nuances, we look at each other in a different way and I am aware of her non-verbal expression, her clothing, winks, and in short I feel she is ready.</p> <p>I finish my routine and invite her to see my apartment, she was not expecting it and it is difficult for her to change her gesture of astonishment to her approval. We didn&apos;t take long, inside the apartment I am very direct, - I suppose you agree that we don&apos;t just come to talk and have coffee, I blurt out as quickly as we cross the threshold. She stands very close to me and gives me a bad girl trick, with grace. She stands up offering herself and we kiss, she does it passionately and enjoying the game, she is very willing, we go straight to bed without getting strict with the bathroom.</p> <p>Immediately we undressed and were naked, her tits were not very big but tall and had an exciting waist. We start to play, when we are already warm, I position her with a certain problem and try to penetrate her, I rub her at the entrance of her vagina and immediately I feel her spills and flows, I bring her to the discomfort and then I stuff it into her at once and she begins to discover that this is serious. I begin a lively swing, I feel its tightness and I savor its watery, pleasurable pressure. She is devoted and lets herself, I give her vigorously and she immediately moans with enjoyment, I submissive her well and continue giving her pleasure and I feel her hot dew descend from her down her legs. She screams with every convulsion and I know that, from this moment on, she is mine as she has never been anyone else&apos;s. She left it all inside calmly and I continued to imagine her energetic contortions. She kissed her and she returned it with guttural cacophonies. A few minutes later I ask her to go take a shower and she finds it difficult, she is lazy, as if in a state of enchantment. I soap her gently and she lets herself be done like a little girl, I order her to lie down and I penetrate her, I go in and out of her gently, but taking her even to the bottom each time, she doesn&apos;t stop moaning, she is like in a trance.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I rush and growl like a wolf. I just bathed her and covered her in my robe in which she looks like a little ghost. We return to bed and she shelters herself on the side of the bed.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I put it in her mouth, I lick my lips gratefully, I position her again and search for her sphincter, I transfer it from her and take her to a world of which she was not truly aware.</p> <p>After this I didn&apos;t see her at the gym again, I passed by the business, an older woman told me that she had gone on a trip.</p> <p>One Wednesday, in the center of Facatativa, I went to look for some information and documents that I required. I arrived at that office and was greeted by a beautiful secretary named Mercedes. I barely saw her, and my views strayed towards her formidable breasts, I admit that I noticed a busy and rapid erection. I asked her about the inquiry she required and she promptly informed me of my request, but those documents that I needed required more time to obtain, so I remained waiting in the office.</p> <p>While Mercedes was still absorbed in the computer, I was very turned on imagining the thousands of positions in which she would fuck me. My horniness was noticeable, I grabbed a magazine from the coffee table to cover my erection. In an instant I asked her if she had a bathroom nearby to go to. She told me that at the end of that passage there was a bathroom and she allowed me to use it.</p> <p>Already in the bathroom I moistened her face, since it was very hot, and I calmed down a little. I went back to the office. I sat down again in that somewhat reclining chair and kept an eye on those plump tits of the secretary Mercedes.</p> <p>In a flash I saw that she started looking at me and getting upset. She waved me over to her desk. I got up from the easy chair and walked towards her with a timid expression. She offered me a coffee, I accepted and we started a chat about work, the city of Facatativ&aacute; and our pleasures. She seemed to me to be a very insightful, friendly and funny woman. I felt like there was a bond between us and I wanted to get to know her more.</p> <p>After a few outings, when we were saying goodbye inside the car, I told her &ldquo;you&apos;ve got me totally hot&rdquo; and I kiss her cleavage and then I suck on those delicious tits. She unzipped her pants and asked her to give me a blowjob. She didn&apos;t resist and sucked me wildly. She made me follow her to her house. We sat on the bunk, she stood up and lifted her tight dress, I quickly took off her panties, some delicious thongs, I pampered her vaginal lips and then her clitoris and I began to meekly penetrate her and then savagely . Mercedes screamed and moaned with pleasure. Every time she attacked her she scratched my back and I, stronger than her, enjoyed her. In less than 10 minutes she began to cum copiously and leave the entire sheet wet with her fluids. We were enjoying wild sex for a long time, until I noticed that she was almost having a bowel movement. I told her and she told me: come inside.&nbsp;</p>

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