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August 24, 2023

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<p><a href=""><u>callgirls</u></a> itagui.</p> <p>I will not say who I am or where I usually work. Also, I won&apos;t say how old I am, but I&apos;m old enough to play this game. This game is so simple... One weekend two years ago this opportunity arose: talking with my partner on the couch, we came to the conclusion that all women are prostitutes. As there is always an exchange, the difference between one and the other is the price and the audacity with which it is charged. We discuss. Emotion is high, and in more ways than one. Before we knew it, one of us came up with this game. No, I won&apos;t say who, it&apos;s a secret.</p> <p>It was a pretty simple role-play: I just had to &quot;arrange&quot; sex with him that night, when we meet, negotiate a price with him and I&apos;ll give permission as agreed. Of course, the money was real and consisted mainly of what he owed me.</p> <p>In the afternoon I went through a lot of information on the Internet to investigate. I went to a bar with some friends in the center of Itag&uuml;&iacute; and I couldn&apos;t stop thinking about the meeting with D.</p> <p>When he returned in the evening, after an afternoon with friends, as planned, he came to caress me while I placed the pottery on the small table in the living room. But I said no. I asked him not to touch the item without permission&hellip; But he said what he wanted, and if he could pay, we would.</p> <p>Very Impressed!: Oh, I must have forgotten! He blushed, turned pale, and said:</p> <p>- That? Do you want to charge me? and as Cobras</p> <p>-300,000 pesos for the basic treatment, I told him, forcing myself to speak as confidently as possible even though his heart was in his throat.</p> <p>&ndash; Is that what you charge everyone? he asked me how affirming.</p> <p>- For everyone... - I said with a slightly broken voice, but I reacted immediately and gave myself more confidence.</p> <p>No tricks... my&nbsp;<a href=""><u>callgirls</u></a> are serious... - he said it sarcastically and took out a stack of folded bills from his pocket, handed me the money - Take a walk, he told me and placed the money on the waistband of his pants.</p> <p>Out of breath, I took the silver and held my breath. He put his arm around my waist and we walked into the room. After saying those words, I felt weird walking with him&hellip; his own behavior was also weird&hellip; as if it wasn&apos;t him&hellip; But no, it was him.</p> <p>He undressed me in front of the bed like a mannequin and began caressing and kissing my neck and shoulders. Lie down and open your legs, he ordered me... he started to touch me wildly, he grabbed my behind and pushed me. It was like doing it with another guy...or was it me? He was moving faster than usual and didn&apos;t seem to care how I felt...</p> <p>&quot;Moan louder...&quot; he said in my ear, causing an electric current in me.</p> <p>He never moaned that hard, but I did what he asked me to do, artificially, like a porn actress. I feel so... loose, so hot daddy... I started talking like a&nbsp;<a href=""><u>callgirl</u></a>: &quot;Yes, daddy, it&apos;s delicious...&quot;, &quot;Ah!&quot; Give me harder, I writhed with the vibrations, the pressure on my stomach, etc., I was excited... and I enjoyed it... I felt it harder than ever and soon he came inside me... He took it out, he He stood up, looked at me, smiled, caressed my hair, without forgetting the emotion he felt inside for what he had done... I almost felt an orgasm when I touched the bill... and I imagined many things.</p> <p>He got dressed and left, saying that he was going to spend the night with a friend. It was normal, it&apos;s just that he said it like he was talking to a stranger... and even with that attitude he kissed me on the forehead before leaving... I saw him disappear, slam the door and then I heard him close. He only came to have sex with me for money; I liked everything about her, but now she was alone like before she came... 300,000 pesos that I actually &ldquo;earned&rdquo;&hellip;. I swallowed hard, went to the dresser where the bag was and took out the cosmetics... I put on makeup like a slut and even put on a wig. I had to wear something, but... I couldn&apos;t see myself with this makeup masturbating in front of the mirror on the wall until I came and came, squirting that made me scream for the first time in my life. After that I didn&apos;t think about anything. Although I was not used to this position, I fell asleep in front of the sofa. When I woke up the next day, my makeup was already smeared, my wig was on the floor, and everything was in a mess.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>- I look like a cheap&nbsp;<a href=""><u>callgirl</u></a>... - I thought, I liked to think about it, I repeated it out loud, whispering to myself, feeling the tension of the night before returning. I masturbated again. I rarely masturbate two days in a row, but this was a special was intense again. I really liked this fantasy... Now I feel more alive than usual...</p> <p>After a while, the tension seemed to dissipate. I washed the dishes, and I stayed all day in thongs and a blouse, it looks like a Sunday afternoon in bed. When she called, she was completely normal, she didn&apos;t say anything, we just said casually: he must be with her family. So I was alone all day; Once, when imagination returned with heat, I looked out the window and thought: &quot;...I could do that to anyone...&quot;; I was thinking too much.</p> <p>I saw him again after I got off work on Wednesday. He was already in her room with the door open and friendly but maliciously he answered me:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>...and... Are you still working? ... How much for a blowjob? I gave him the price, he told me that, for one, I should charge him in advance, and he told me, you are learning very quickly, no! His sister was in the other room and I assumed that he was listening to us.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp; - ALRIGHT. forward! he-he smiled and he told me...</p> <p>He turned me on so much... I reached over, got on my knees, pulled it out of his pants and started sucking. I got the feeling that he was worried that we forgot to lock the door, so to distract him I started to work hard, controlling my gagging as much as possible. Of course, he was soon done. When he had his mouth full, I realized that the bathroom was in front of his brother&apos;s room, so... I swallowed it whole. I wouldn&apos;t normally swallow it, but this time I did swallow it whole.</p> <p>I put it back in my mouth to get all the milk out of it and leave it clean.</p> <p>Smiling, surprised, he took my cock out of my mouth, I got up, took the money that I had left on the nightstand and put it inside my shirt, between my bra and my chest. So I ventured to whisper to her, but not in her ear:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>- I&apos;ve done the work here... Save your money honey and come to my house on Saturday... if you pay me $500,000 I&apos;ll let you put it where you&apos;ve always asked me, but I&apos;ve never given it to you... He seemed more surprised than before, but still he smiled.</p> <p>Instead of rinsing my mouth, I just sprayed some mint to cover it and left his room, I turned to look, I said goodbye with a sexy gesture:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>- bye heart...</p> <p>I mentally captured his surprised and confused look and remembered how often I noticed my body when he was wearing tight clothes. I waited for him during the day on Saturday, but he did not come. so I thought he would arrive at night&hellip;. I took off my everyday clothes and put on a tight blouse and a skirt, which no longer fit me and therefore exposed me more than normal, my legs looked swaying, I combined them with socks and patent leather shoes, I looked like a 15-year-old girl, I sat in front of the mirror and waited.</p> <p>He arrived at ten. After confirming that it was him, I opened the door with an appropriate gesture. I loved the look of surprise on his face when he saw me and I said:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>- Hello! Dear...</p> <p>He tried to grab me by the waist and kiss me, but I pulled back and added:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>- Are you here to perform a special service? He he agreed. I noticed that seconds after he looked at me like that, his pants were full and I had to accommodate him. I reached out to take the money at random, just like in the movie. He took the 500,0000 out of his pocket and gave it to me. I looked at them and said:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>- As always, are there any leftovers after you finish?</p> <p>- Yes as always. He answered a little nervous. After closing the door I gave him my waist and he led me into the room. He undressed me like he did a week ago; I pretended it was normal and didn&apos;t respond. He began caressing and kissing my body as if there was no tomorrow&hellip;.</p> <p>Get on all fours he ordered me, I did. Moistening his fingers with my vaginal liquid, because I was already very wet, he caressed my ass, my vagina and caressed my anus again. It was so well lubricated that he slipped a finger into it&hellip; Then he grabbed my hip and positioned himself on top of me, making me sigh in contentment. He started moving first in my vagina. The rhythm was powerful. After a little test, he put it in my anus, I enjoyed it, it wasn&apos;t my first time, but he had to get used to it. I started the moaning game without being prompted and enjoyed going back and forth to amuse myself.</p> <p>-Harder, daddy... &quot;-I told him, because he really wanted me to be harder.</p> <p>- Oh! How kind of you dear... Wow!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>There was something very entertaining in that theatre. Something to say, something to feel, something to stop</p> <p>He doubled his strength and speed; he couldn&apos;t talk anymore, but he kept making noise to enjoy the breaks and the occasional royal moan...</p> <p>finally he finished. I heard manly moans as he casually hugged and stroked me as his cock pounded inside me. I really like it&hellip; &hellip;and it really hurts a little when you take it out.</p> <p>I fell on my back. he didn&apos;t want to get me up, he approached me, gave me 50,000, kissed me and said:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>- These 50,000 are like payment for the basic things that I almost ask you to do... I squeezed the bill in my hand when I heard him walk out the door. He expected him to come back, but he didn&apos;t. I thought he would call later, but he didn&apos;t. And then he returned the fantasy: &ldquo;He really only came to me for sex, and he paid me for it&hellip; I am his&nbsp;<a href=""><u>callgirl</u></a> with him&hellip; If I get dressed now and go out like this&hellip; How much will they give me? ...&quot;. I placed my hands on the vulva, rubbed it a little and inserted my fingers, and masturbated to ecstasy.&quot;</p> <p>Our relationship has been like this ever since. During the week, we live as normal boyfriends and we do not touch this topic at all, but when he is free on Saturdays, he &quot;visits&quot; me or I go to his house to give him &quot;door service&quot;, we only see each other for a while, whatever we determine, the rate is agreed upon and he pays me for what we do.</p> <p>For my part, I like this game so much that I decided to go a little further and placed an ad in Mileroticos de Itag&uuml;&iacute;, so far there have been no calls, but I get excited just thinking about it, So far it&apos;s just a game for couples and I&apos;m not a real&nbsp;<a href=""><u>callgirl</u></a>, but I don&apos;t know what will happen if a real customer comes.</p>

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