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August 24, 2023

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<p>This happened because my husband and I had to experience new things together, we didn&apos;t stop loving each other, but we made our relationship so intense that sometimes it got out of control.</p> <p>We live in Madrid, Cundinamarca and a year ago, my husband and I decided to start selling used underwear to earn extra money, but more than just the order, it made us horny to think of someone warming up and touching my underwear, knowing that my husband once put his precious liquid in it. We first became a user on the page and uploaded some images, offered the products and services, etc. At first it was very difficult because some people have been in this business for a long time and it is difficult to get into the business. After the first month, I found myself chatting with a client who came to me with a simple request. He asked me for an address so he could send me a pair of thongs, put them on me, take two pictures of him in a thong with a name tag of him, and finally send it to him. He paid me well for all that, so we agreed to do it without any problem. It is true that the thong was small, with only strips and my labia were sticking out everywhere, so I decided to shave my pussy well so that it would come out as elegant as possible, my husband took the photos; These photos are more expensive than usual, but after all, everything has a price. This client was a litmus test. From here we began to motivate ourselves more to do what others asked us to do. We delved into sexting and videos where my face was not shown, but it was done at the client&apos;s request.</p> <p>One day a special order arrived. I got a DM on Instagram (paulacastro1987) and they offered me a lot of money for a pair of thongs, but they wanted to smell it. The request was rare and unusual, and he convinced us. We declined the offer at first, but he actually held our attention all day.</p> <p>After a bit of discussion, we decided to face the price. We wrote to you and set some conditions. We told him the money would double and agreed to let me sniff the thong, but my husband had to be there. The mood froze a little when his response showed that he didn&apos;t believe it, but after a long time he finally agreed to all the conditions.</p> <p>The transaction was simple, but it had its complications. We had to meet this client at a hotel (he paid for it) and I had to put on my thong in the room, go out and show him I had it on, walk 2 hours everywhere and come back so he could smell it and stay with him. It all sounded a bit ridiculous and a bit dangerous. It sounded strange to me that going to a hotel to meet strangers, but the fetish world is so big that in the end we only do it to explore it and also because it was a lot of money. We got to the hotel that afternoon and we texted him and we went into the room and the door was open and we walked in and there he was. A man between 45 and 50 years old, not very attractive, I would describe him as normal, was waiting for us on the sofa, with the phone in his hand. As soon as I walked in and told him he couldn&apos;t record me, I put it away. First we fixed the numbers because he wanted to lower the price, then we repeated the conditions. I went to the bathroom and my husband was in the living room with him and I came out wearing just a strappy top and a thong so he could see me (one of the terms of the contract). I made a small movement in front of him and put my pants on. Right after that, my husband and I went for a walk and talked about how crazy the whole situation was, unaware that it was about to get crazier.</p> <p>We came back to the hotel after 2 hours, entered the room and knocked on the door. He opened our door and you could see his face like crazy. As soon as we crossed the threshold, he interrupted the atmosphere with something like: &quot;I already want to smell the rich thong with the smell of&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl</u></a>.&quot; I smiled and did the second part of the protocol, which was to smell him on me. I took off my pants, took them off my legs, let go of my legs and sat on the bed. With his head at the height of my vagina, he slowly brought his nose closer to my most intimate area without touching me. I took a deep breath and savored the moment, always inches from my shell. He told me to lie on the bed and spread my legs, which I did, and when my husband looked at me, I noticed that he was completely horny and that he had a hard dick.</p> <p>I lay on my back with my legs spread and he brought his face all the way to my vagina while he gasped and moaned in pleasure. After a few minutes he made me turn around and open my butt because he wanted to smell the thong from behind. Of course, I couldn&apos;t say no because it was part of the deal, and let me remind you, the pay was very good. I turned so that my butt was an inch from his face and after a few minutes he walked away from me, got up from the bed, looked at my husband and said:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>C: &quot;I see that you like that his wife is with other people in front of you, Can I suggest something to you?&quot;</p> <p>M: &quot;The situation is a bit strange, but I can hear it&quot;</p> <p>C: &quot;I won&apos;t be interested in paid sex, but I like to collect thongs from&nbsp;<a href=""><u>beautiful call girls</u></a> like your wife, can you fuck her in front of me, with the thong on, you just move it to the side. I don&apos;t touch her, but I want to masturbate, When this happens, I want to finish her tits. She told us that she would double the initial deal.</p> <p>My husband looked at me for my approval, which I got quickly and shook his hand. He came up to me, took off my shirt, unhooked my bra to expose my breasts, he moved my thong and began to eat me. We thought about how far this had come, but the truth mattered less and less to us. 10 minutes into our sex, our client came over and pushed my husband&apos;s face aside and brought his cock to my chest and started cumming all over my tits. He started rubbing his cock against my nipples and finished. At that moment my husband and I turned and looked at him as if to say, what now? But my husband decided to take the initiative and he took off my thong and gave it to him and due to his arousal he immediately ejaculated inside me. The client was so excited that we gave him more performances than he asked for.</p> <p>When we finished we started cleaning ourselves and the client came over for the last time and put both hands on my chest and began to smear the semen that he had left me. I froze, not understanding what was going to happen, but when he touched my chest, he looked at my husband and said:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>C: &quot;These are the things that excite me the most in the world. You can tell that they are amateurs, they don&apos;t have much experience, I congratulate them, if they continue with this they will go far, she has just changed careers, she is no longer a wife, she is a&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl</u></a> and the worst thing is that you know it.</p> <p>I thought, could it be that this encounter turned me into a prostitute?</p> <p>With my husband we continued experimenting, and our experiences went further, I began to like the matter, but always in his presence, so I decided to go out and find someone to play with. It was six o&apos;clock in the afternoon. I got in the shower and really enjoyed the water while imagining what I would experience that night. I got out of the shower, moisturised and scented my whole body, changed into a skintight bra and thong, a super short black miniskirt with a left thigh slit, and a center-baring T-shirt with a bare back button unbuttoned for . to highlight the neckline a little more, black shoes with heels of up to 12 cm. I looked in the mirror when I finished. I just turned 43 and I looked great. My silicone breasts and pert butt did not go unnoticed. The heels accentuate them and make me look tall even though I&apos;m 5&apos;6&rdquo;. Once in the street, I felt that people did not stop looking at me. Finally, around 8:00 p.m. m., we entered the bar, I sat on a bench, my husband kept looking at me, and I ordered a gin and tonic. Several people present looked at me. Once in a bar, a man in his thirties sat next to me and talked to me. His voice was a bit nervous and he said you look like a prostitute, I told him yes, he charged $1,000,000 pesos, I wonder if that included anal sex. I lied to him that he could give it a try, but the fee went up to $1,500,000. I gave him a sheepish smile. If you agree, you pay me at once. I can do what I want? No, it must be with a condom and my husband must always be present, I told him who my husband was, he greeted him with an approving look, the man agreed and we went up to the hotel room, because we couldn&apos;t go to his apartment because his wife was there with their two year old son. As we walked, I began to think about my role as a prostitute. As soon as I entered the room, the clothes immediately flew. She was naked and in high heels. The first thing he did was lick my breasts, suck on my nipples and bite them. I then proceeded to lick my neck and then went back to my chest. Once he said: your breasts are delicious! Then he took off his boxers and took out a hard and thick cock of about 21 cm. He lay down on the bed and let me suck his dick. I went straight for the cock, licked it and swallowed it whole. He told me that it showed that he had some experience. His cock was harder than a crowbar.</p> <p>Then he grabbed my head to keep me from separating from his cock and he starts moving his pelvis to fuck my mouth. My drool ran down his cock, making him even hornier. Gagging my mouth tight, she flung me onto the bed, spread my legs, and thrust into me like a beast. I moaned while she fucked me desperately and she told me there it is! We stayed like that for a few minutes until she lay on her back and I started to ride him. I go up and see my husband masturbating, he squeezed my breasts and moved them vigorously. His cock moved and her pussy wet. Then he laid me on the bed and pulled my legs over his shoulders. Then he started fucking me until I climaxed. Then he grabbed my hair and increased the pace until his semen flooded my pussy. When I pulled the dick out of her it was still hard so I started licking and eating it. When he told me baby make me pop! Get ready for it, because your ass will follow!</p> <p>This is how my process from being a wife to a&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl</u></a> began.</p>

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