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September 02, 2023

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<p>As soon as the phone rang, Jessica knew she was on an upcoming mission. Her agent, her boss and her pimp, had everything arranged for a meeting with a powerful client, the manager of a major automotive company. The meeting will take place at the Bogota Marriott Hotel at 10 pm. That night, undaunted by puritanism, she boldly indulged in sensuality, as if she were a Roman goddess in the service of lust. The taxi driver, who was already known, frantically took her through Bogot&aacute; traffic and arrived on time. She put on an emerald dress: it fitted her well and she had bought it at the Andino shopping center; that framed her wasp waist and showed just enough. She donned Miu Miu &quot;heels&quot; and a Prada bag. With no explanation other than his presence, he walked through the hotel doors and headed for room 504. At the door, I check that he was carrying all the various leisure toys: condoms, face creams, and even warm lube, eye mask, and another change of underwear. just in case. She pretended to run away. she hesitated. However, she rang the doorbell. &quot;Fear is always there, and if you lose it, you die inside,&quot; she said. I enter. There were four walls, where her lover hid, with his shirt in sleeves and his tie half-knotted. The service lasted only two hours and cost 1,200,000 pesos, and what happened in the room, including moans and sexual experiences, would not only be washed away by the rain from the shower, but also by the clean sheets in her room, everything was confidential. All the money had been earned, but not just with saliva and sweat.</p> <p>Like Jessica, thousands of women between the ages of 18 and 30 are also trading their curves for money. They sell their body, but they are not simple prostitutes, no. They exchange love again and again, far from the streets, far from the sides of the busy highways with theft and disease. Her clients are known to be men whose fat wallets, the bombastic forms of these girls bring them to their knees, like mascara on their eyelashes. They all have shirts from fine brands like Brooks Brothers or Between Red and Red Politicians. Among the athletes there are many names who score goals and also the so-called &quot;good people&quot;, men from the &quot;upper class&quot; of Bogot&aacute;. Many look sophisticated, speak several languages, wear fashionable clothes, and drink coffee and champagne. That is why they praise caution and good manners. &quot;It is very important that this girl is reserved and discreet. If you hire one for the weekend, and a rude or drunk hooker comes out, she is not called back. She is more than just a escort with whom you can drink whiskey , must know how to chat, walk hand in hand, that is, a very good old woman who knows the moment and the place where she is. Clients exchange telephone numbers when an old woman is very good, under the veil of anonymity. The gentlemen finance and pay for their whims with a lot of money. In Colombia it is said that infidelity is not tolerated, despite the fact that it is increasingly common. &quot;Many friends are ready for their lovers. Of course, they never neglect their families. I don&apos;t do that, I just throw a few canitas in the air from time to time,&quot; says a somewhat conservative friend sarcastically.</p> <p>&ldquo;The main difference between us and the women who go to regular hotels is that we work through agencies like Platinum VIP. They are intermediaries between the search engines and us. They collect interest and protect our identity. Where I work there are girls, models and even very famous TV presenters. There are also prostitution networks formed by contacts. I entered because a friend encouraged me. At first I felt terrible, but the first million pesos I got cleared my conscience. Paula glides by with no remorse, a girl who exudes her quality and her charm both at home and abroad. &ldquo;Now I am traveling to Mexico frequently. I am in this job to serve. It&apos;s a great place to do business; for a simple reason: Mexican women are horrible. Every Colombian is a queen there. We are prettier and we take better care of ourselves,&rdquo; she exclaimed proudly. If there&apos;s one thing to be proud of as a&nbsp;<a href=""><u>VIP call girl</u></a>, it&apos;s the beauty and energy she radiates everywhere. Nothing is in the air, everything is where she should be.</p> <p>They hide any unwanted rolls all over the body, while the silicone drills and trains. &ldquo;When I started, I had not had surgery on my chest and I was a little fat. But after two months of training and prosthetics, I began to value myself better. Men love big breasts! Also, if you want a Russian massage, you need to, bone masturbation,&quot; declares another girl named Aisha, who flutters open-skirted behind the living room sharing all of her libido. &quot;I like working with a couple of girlfriends. We have customers who ask for parties and our duty is to please them. Sometimes sex is not necessary. Sometimes they just ask about our company. The most common thing is to go to Melgar and have parties on farms, which are not just any farms, they are mansions. If people invite us to dance, we dance; if they ask us to be naked... we are naked. Once they paid me 2 million pesos for a weekend just to accompany them and I didn&apos;t have to sleep with anyone, they just put me on parade in a bathing suit and then naked, but they got so drunk and drugged that they didn&apos;t have time for another thing and there are also the little gifts, we each had our own room and when we arrived on the beds there were packages that had watches, lace underwear, swimsuits, facial creams, etc. a luxury wallet and a Gucci gift card to buy a million pesos in the items we wanted.</p> <p>&ldquo;I went to Cancun with a girl. She&apos;s been to every beauty pageant here and she&apos;s a gorgeous brunette. Her duty was to follow me everywhere. This is what they call obedience and submission. I invited her to dinner, I bought her sweets and of course what had to happen happened...&quot; Mauricio remains silent for a minute before continuing, thoughtful, with his memories between fine black garters, and probably images of ecstasy, madness and a concentrated of Viagra flashed through his mind. Everything went through his head in an instant. &quot;People think it&apos;s just a ruckus, but it&apos;s not,&quot; he continued. &quot;It&apos;s the truth. If one of my girls is up for a trip, she can, but there&apos;s only one event per day,&quot; said Mary (also known as &quot;Little Puppy&quot;), a lady known to celebrities for that they arrange paid love affairs for her and she is the one who sets the rules of the game. &quot;What is an event? &quot;A penetration&quot;, the client is explained and informed of all the rules of the game, so that there are no misunderstandings, unless the girl wants it, as has happened many times, only one event a day is allowed. &quot;When you are with them, there is a lot of dialogue. &quot;What you want with these girls are quiet moments to de-stress,&quot; emphasizes Mauricio. &quot;While I sleep in my bed, the heat embraces me, I have legs that have traveled many kilometers, but not the 42K of the New York Marathon. Being a&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl VIP</u></a>, you can have peace without reprimands, peace without family or marital problems, peace without guilt or pain with bills to pay.&quot; &quot;Our profession is psychological. We work to listen and understand. We agree with what they tell us. We don&apos;t complain and just please. We are therapists and actors,&quot; says Jessica</p> <p>On Friday Jessica receives instructions on the other end of the phone. At ten she must go to a former client&apos;s house and share her perversion with Snow White, Heidi and Sleeping Beauty. &ldquo;He liked that I dressed as a schoolgirl. Before the show, she let me play with barbies, dolls, and stuffed animals while Disney movies were on the TV. When she sees me like this, she gets a boner,&quot; she says of her sweet adventures with her special Anthony. &quot;I have a lady who likes small things. Every time we meet, she asks me to get on my knees. That&apos;s why I walk like a dwarf.&quot; and she likes that I suck her pussy like that&quot;, inserts the excited antagonist of &quot;La Ver&oacute;nica&quot; as a counterpoint to this fetish contest. A client asked me to paint him as a clown. I told him I had no makeup, but he already had everything ready She closed her eyes and didn&apos;t want to see the process. I painted her face white, I put some black shadows under her eyes with some black tears and I painted her cheeks and nose red. When I finished, she went to the mirror. He was meditating on himself and he got a boner and he came at that moment,&quot; he says, unsurprisingly. bingo. He hit the jackpot for wickedness. &quot;The problem is, if I show rejection or disgust, they don&apos;t call me. The most important thing is to earn their trust so they can come back to you. On the other hand, that&apos;s exactly what they&apos;re looking for: to enable things they wouldn&apos;t dare to do with his wives, only we charge him for his fun.&rdquo; He defended himself and made no secret of his hunger for money.</p> <p>The business is serious, you have to get paid, remember that after thirty we are already old, the career is short and you have to make as much money as possible, says &quot;La Ver&oacute;nica&quot; who has joined this army of sensuality and frivolity. She evokes lustful fantasies and desires for the color of the dollar or the devalued peso. &quot;Because I don&apos;t want to receive a minimum wage, because I am the breadwinner for the family and because I want my children to have what they need,&quot; he finally said. He can be seen driving a modern van to the clubs, riding a furious jet ski on the beach, or rocking out on a luxury yacht. She lives life like a princess, but deep down she hasn&apos;t forgotten that she is Cinderella. &ldquo;Obviously some people are lucky. I have friends whose husbands are her clients. They fell for her and took her out from this world. They open a hair salon or a spa to clean up their past. Paula raised her eyebrows in jealousy.</p> <p>&ldquo;But people think that it is easy or that we are millionaires. Actually, there are good seasons and bad seasons. You can earn up to 15,000,000 pesos a month if you work every day, but that doesn&apos;t happen. It is unlikely every month. Do you find it funny that hundreds of people grope you? No, they never promised us villas and castles and treated us like what we are: prostitutes.&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girls</u></a>,&rdquo; Elsa protested. It&apos;s easy to get into this business, but hard to get out. It&apos;s like selling drugs, except instead of cocaine, it&apos;s my ass, Jessica says.</p>

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