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September 12, 2023

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<p>In a hostel in Mocoa, capital of the department of Putumayo, three men and five prostitutes were having a big party. The sex party had all the ingredients. The women were taken to &ldquo;manes duro&rdquo; parties by Tato, he was the biggest pimp in town, everyone knew him, if they wanted something strong, everyone went to him.</p> <p>The guys were in the bar of the stadium, whiskey, music and dancing; Angela had already chosen her man while they danced. Although they were supposed to choose, she knew which one was hers, she actually chose hers and they quickly went up to the room, with his hands he pushed her onto the bed forcefully and when he fell on her she stared at him &quot;You wanted this beautiful ass and I&apos;m going to give it to you.&quot; Let&apos;s give it, daddy,&quot; she told him while she goes into the bathroom, opens her purse and takes out one of the bottles of lubricant, applies it to her vagina and ass and returns to where her man was waiting for her, before leaving the bottle in the corner. at night on the side of the bed. &quot;Take off your clothes,&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a>,&quot; he told her in a threatening manner. I immediately pulled down my pants with everything and thongs, leaving my perfectly shaved vagina exposed and I felt my clitoris peeking out, which is big but not as big as Esperanza G&oacute;mez&apos;s. but nothing compares to the cock that I was about to eat, I took off my shirt and turned around, standing doggy style on the bed &quot;how many cocks have you swallowed, bitch&quot; he tells me the moment he sees my ass; My ass is very big and upturned, very feminine, I have a super waist, my body is quite marked, and there was a time when I did legs every other day, so my buttocks are quite shaped and hard thanks to the gym.</p> <p>Immediately after the observation he shakes my buttocks on both sides again and again, then he opens the slippery lubricant and throws a short squirt on my hairless bottom, and with his hands he rubs it all over my part and my buttocks, his hands are strong and rough, the lubricant also made me feel every movement, not to mention how excited I was. I had already had some brandies before and thanks to the alcohol the situation became much more exciting for me; After pouring another squirt of lubricant, he put one of his fingers into my vagina and started fingering my clitoris and anus. His fingers were thick and feeling them inside me gave me a rush all over my body. I flexed. down, with my head and breasts pressed to the bed, and my ass stopped in the air, after shaking his finger in and out, he inserted the second one, once he had both fingers inside my vagina, he moved them from side to side ; I let out moans every time his fingers played with my insides, but they were silenced by the pillows on the bed. I raised my head and turned to look at him. &quot;Please, fuck me,&quot; I said between sighs and moans, with his fingers inside my vagina and with the other spanking me more.</p> <p>&quot;You liked my cock didn&apos;t you?&quot; She tells me &quot;you can&apos;t take it anymore, you want to have it inside her&quot; she adds, I was over the moon, hypersensitive and wanting to come. &quot;Okay&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a>, let&apos;s see how it goes&quot; he says, taking his fingers out of my vagina in a single movement, making me moan a little more, and then he grabs his cock, pours more lubricant on my pussy and also on his entire cock, with his hand upright. He places the tip over my asshole and with the other he clamps my waist from behind, protecting part of my buttocks and my waist at the same time. &quot;I&apos;m not going to put it in until I want to,&quot; he says while running his cock along the entire line of my buttocks, from top to bottom spreading the slippery lubricant, quickly and from one moment to the next, he decided to put his head in, I could conceive how I was breaking more and more, my body and my legs were trembling, I felt like I was breaking in two little by little ; He put it in slowly and I couldn&apos;t stop moaning with every centimeter he entered inside me, my hands grabbed the bed firmly, and I squeezed my whole body so that his cock could enter, little by little he reached the bottom, on which he lay down to back and soon he would insert it again, once more and more even to the bottom.</p> <p>When I finally felt her pelvis on my buttocks, and her belly on my back, I felt like everything was spinning, my cock and my vagina were in overdrive and I couldn&apos;t stop moaning; He was still for a while with his entire cock inside, he breathed a little and I got up again as a doggy style, I turned to look at him and said &quot;Please be gentle&quot; which apparently made him a little angry. &quot;How? &quot;You didn&apos;t want my cock with so much desire, now you can hold on, damn&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a>,&quot; he says while he thrusts into me strongly and begins to enter and leave with force. &quot;I don&apos;t do anything soft,&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a>,&quot; he tells me after his hands are placed on my neck and the other on my hair, ramming wildly against my ass, I did nothing but scream, my moans could be heard throughout the house and when I stopped feeling pain, I began to feel the greatest pleasure they have ever given me &laquo;More! further!&quot; He shouted &quot;I want you to get me pregnant&quot; I told him &quot;Make me yours and break my ass,&quot; I begged, with every comment and moan on my part, the guy became more turned on and attacked me with vigor.</p> <p>My arms and legs couldn&apos;t take it anymore, making me fall against his bed, his body lay on top of me completely, I could feel all the weight on my back, with his belly rubbing against me and his breath on my neck, the thrusts became less forceful, now He was getting tired after about 40 minutes of giving everything in my vagina &quot;move it for my bitch&quot; he said in my ear while biting my ear and sucking my neck &quot;If you want I&apos;ll get on top&quot; I responded; Without removing my cock, he passed his right arm over my belly and the left one over my chest, turning around and putting us on our backs, I sat on his cock, inserting the few millimeters that were left on the outside and began to move from back to front. and in circles, after a few minutes in which my vagina got used to it again, I took it out and began to insert it into my ass, I began to put it in little by little and when it was already well inside I began to jump on his cock, we both screamed with pleasure and we moaned so much that it could be heard throughout the house, without caring about anything at that moment.</p> <p>We stayed like that for several minutes, changing places, when one of us got tired, until I feel him grab my body again while I was face down on the mattress, and with him standing, and without removing my hand. cock, he gives me a complete turn, leaving me on the bed, on my back, looking up, while he did not stop in his exercise of putting in and taking out, his hands were on my waist, bringing me closer to him as the thrusts continued &quot;Masturbate for my little&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a>&quot; he tells me as he pounces on my body, keeping his face close to mine &quot;Only if he gives me a kiss&quot; I reply &quot;No&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a>, I don&apos;t kiss&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whores</u></a>, I want your vagina on my face&quot; he tells me; I had not masturbated, but I wanted to come on his face, but his hand began to choke me while the other grabbed my waist, attacking me sharply. &quot;I told you to touch yourself,&quot; he tells me angrily between thrusts; I listened and began to masturbate, the moment my hand touched my vagina which had already been throbbing and about to explode for a while, I felt like I was about to finish.</p> <p>&quot;I&apos;m going to come,&quot; I told him while I had little breathing thanks to his hand, which he removed from my neck, he stood up again and told me &quot;Come on, bitch, cum for me&quot; while he grabbed my legs. &quot;Do you want to come too?&quot; my milk, right bitch? He tells me with enthusiasm, I couldn&apos;t hold it in anymore, my moans were getting louder and as I was masturbating, I started to come, my squirt jets made a long journey into the air, jumping up, landing on me and on him &laquo;Look &quot;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a>, what you did, with your face washed&quot; he tells me and then attacks me with great fury and speed, my body couldn&apos;t take it anymore and arched completely, from one moment to the next, I feel how his attacks are contained, his body tempers and I feel like fountains like hot jets fill my vagina with his cock vibrating inside me; With his hand, he takes out his cock and grabs it in my direction, shooting more and more liters of his thick, hot cum, filling my body and my face with his semen. I think I could count about 10 strokes of cum. my.</p> <p>&quot;Okay bitch, you liked my milk didn&apos;t you?&quot; He tells me when he sees me sighing and swallowing the milk that was on my face and my tits, grabbing everything I could with my hands to bring them to my mouth as well. &quot;You are a disgusting bitch, he loves my milk,&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a>,&quot; he told me as he climbed up. To the bed, putting his cock on my face, &quot;Clean me,&quot; he told me, grabbing my cheeks and placing it in front of him, I began to exquisitely rinse his cock, so that there was no trace of sperm; After a few moments of catching our breath, we noticed the time and it was already 2:30, so we got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, I get into the bathtub and open the shower and thus I wash myself little by little. shortly, upon entering, I feel how the milk inside me is trying to come out, so I turn around and show him my vagina, spreading my buttocks to show him how his milk comes out of my pussy &quot;Thank you for the pregnancy&quot; I tell her &quot;Anytime princess &quot;He tells me while he spanks me and grabs my buttock harshly, while he enters the shower with me.</p> <p>After this we took a bath, in which I stayed a little longer while he went down and met two of his friends, I went down again and they were all gathered, we ordered a taxi and another one was waiting for me at the brothel. similar task, the next day my body couldn&apos;t give it any more, but I had made a good bill, that&apos;s what it&apos;s like to be a&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a> in Mocoa, when the oil workers arrive with a good bill, it&apos;s better than the gangsters, because they are rude and believe that for one you will be&nbsp;<a href=""><u>Whore</u></a>, they can do whatever they want with one. That&apos;s why I like engineers more.</p>

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