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September 02, 2023

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Confessions of a VIP prostitute Mom always said that there are two types of women in the world, one is a housewife, a good wife and a mother who raises children, and the other is to please a man, be a whore and give everything to a man and these types of women they are incompatible, or you are one of them, but you cannot be both. She knew exactly which group I belonged to, so she raised me as a small replica, in her image and likeness, she wanted me to live the same life that she had, so she could count my existence year after year. I'm only twenty years old and they already know me as the little whore on the block. When I was eighteen years old, I had my first sexual relationship with a boy much older than me. At the age of nineteen I bought my first vibrator with the help of a friend of my mom's. There is no more raw earth in my body. I traded sex for money to buy a leather jacket. My first relationship with another woman was great. And when I had my birthday, my gift was silicone breasts, because I had everything on well except for the boobs that never grew. I officially started working as a stripper as soon as I turned eighteen. She was already a VIP call girl at the age of twenty-one. In summary, my blessed physique has always served me well, the hours in the gym and the dance classes have turned me into the best whore I can be. Men compliment my virtues, some with my waist-length curly black hair, some with my big black eyes, some with my full lips, some with my mean girl face, some with my breasts, and some obsess over my upturned butt. , wide hips and shapely legs, but everyone, absolutely everyone, faints with the bitch in me when I'm between the sheets. I live my life between brothels, rich and powerful men, escort services, strippers, almost erotic photos and everything my mom taught me. What she calls kind of women I don't think I've ever been in a serious relationship, it's hard to find a guy who is willing to fall for girls on "this side", just accept this game and commit to girls on the other side. " When I was in my twenties, I was in a relationship for several years with a famous businessman who approached me "just for one night", but then he couldn't let go, he felt hopelessly hypnotized. Our relationship was open, it was my job, I could be with the boys I wanted, and he could be with the girls I wanted, that was the deal. Do you know why we broke up? The funniest thing is that I slept with someone, he didn't care, but he didn't like that I took nude, provocative, whore photos of me, which he uploaded to social networks, he said that his acquaintances, his relatives, his friends' contacts saw them. Apparently a whore like me ruined his image, which is the most important thing to him, his image. At twenty five I am in the best physical, mental and sexual shape, I worked a few months in Sexstoples, this is one of the most popular places in the city, a unisex place, there are strippers for all tastes, approx. ten men, about ten women. As you can see, we stripers were the best females, there were no fat ones, nor very skinny ones, nor short ones, nor flat ones. For men it is even more difficult, there is no chance if your penis does not have the minimum size, which is ridiculous, since it is the responsibility of doing the test if you are a gay man. After this obstacle, the body is the second consideration. We have dance auditions, movements, interaction with people, and it's not for everyone. There I met Emiliano, a great guy, great in every way. Emi, who was the same age as me, was studying philosophy, doing it temporarily to pay the tuition, and we quickly developed an affinity, a passion that we shared for almost two years. Emi has messy, light brown hair, brown skin and black eyes, thin lips, almost two meters, many muscles, big chest, strong biceps, several tattoos, smooth skin, always attractive smile. I am fascinated. She always treated me like a lady despite our shared background. At one point I dreamed of starting a family and getting away from this world, but I knew that ours was not love, but the passion for each other. When Emi turned twenty-seven, the boys from the club gave her a surprise party, Andrés, and another of the boys told me to go too, as a surprise. In the end, I was intrigued by the idea and immediately accepted. The reality would not be what I imagined, seven gentlemen, including Emi and me, the only woman, despite wearing a very short leather miniskirt and only a top, she left a lot to see, they thought she was invisible, men talking about men's business, I was bored, I didn't know what the hell I was doing there, I drank and over and over again, I think I got drunk. I heard that "Purple Rain" by Prince was playing, one of my favorite songs, I got up somewhat dizzy and began to singing close to the stereo, I was still a little dizzy from the excess alcohol in my veins, I closed my eyes to the music like I do to the public, only now she was singing just for me, my sexy butt from left to right, legs slightly separated, going down and up my butt, my hands crossed my stomach, my breasts. Emi subconsciously leaned closer and almost whispered in my ear: Forgive me, darling, I didn't realize I was a fool. I opened my eyes, looked at him deeply, kissed his lips, took a sweet bite, felt my nipples tingle, got aroused, my pussy was wet, I went down Slowly, I know what he likes, I drop his clothes, I slide his hard circumcised cock eight inches in the darkness of the room. The lights were shining like it was just me and him, I stroked him over and over again, brought my mouth to his shaved testicles, as soft as a pear, went to his cock and started licking it, so thick and delicious. A soft taste filled my mouth where I liked to suck on it, it felt so delicious. I tried to eat it all, it was impossible for me, he pulled my hand out and forced me to use only my lips, only my tongue, sometimes he escaped me and took the opportunity to breathe. Emiliano picked me up, kissed me lightly, and then whispered in my ear: Honey, can I ask you for a special gift? Yes, baby, whatever you want, I answered. I want you to entertain our friends and I want to see you get fucked. I turned to look at them, and remembering that we were not alone, I looked at him firmly and said: Well, if you want. He stepped back a bit and I nodded in agreement and was soon surrounded by six muscular men with huge cocks. The face was swirling, Emi was left behind, like an elegant spectator, I got on my knees and I had about six penises, I didn't know which one was bigger and thicker; I took one casually and put it in my mouth, and they took my hand and took the other hand. I found myself licking one tasty cock while masturbating two others, super horny and super excited. I turned one by one, I tried all the flavors, smells, sizes, textures, I think I was born to suck cock, they changed, those who didn't suck him much slapped me to let me know they were there waiting for their dose of tongue. Someone grabbed my hair from behind and pulled my head back into place, I looked up at the ceiling, his hot cock was on my forehead, a jerk suddenly started spraying my nose stream, hot liquid, my cheeks jumped and fell better, my tongue took a few gulps, and I felt it fill my mouth, and I swallowed deliciously what it gave me, savoring the man's fine flavor to the last drop. I wiped my face with my fingers and they looked at me like a whore, I carefully took the remaining semen and tasted it, there was nothing left, one of the guys brought a bottle of champagne, opened it, let the liquid drip from my forehead and left it slid down my face, then he put the bottle inside my mouth forcing me to swallow as much as I could, the drink spilled and slid down my body- When it was over they held me on all fours and their fingers were in my wet pussy, I felt several fingers coming together and I could feel them, in my ass that also seemed to expand, I slowly began to lose myself, moaning, I couldn't help it. They grab my mouth again and bury my dick as deep as they can, someone sits behind me and his dick is pointing right at my ass, I feel him pushing hard, I start moaning and squealing. But they didn't give me time, they silenced me again with more meat in my mouth, I couldn't handle everyone, I sucked as much as I could, I felt them cum in my ass, they brutally shoved their cock into my anus, I liked to satisfy the baser instincts of men, why not? Emiliano's voice caught my attention, I moaned with a huge cock in my ass. I was on all fours, I leaned on one hand to keep my balance, with the other hand holding the cock, its head shining just a few millimeters. from my lips, and I see Emi who is filming me. They lifted me up in the air like paper, they made me sit on top of another guy who was waiting for me, my ass couldn't resist anymore, his cock got into my ass and I was screaming and moaning like a porn whore, breasts and nipples are constantly caressed by big manly hands, my pussy burns with desire as I lie on one of them. I have two guys inside, one in my ass, the other in my pussy, my legs spread open, they put another cock in my mouth, and Emi continues filming like a man possessed with the camera. Do you like it? Do you like me I wondered all the time. I feel the push of a dick in my ass, of course it's a double penetration, I've never been in a situation like this before, I felt its force and pushed, a new kind of pleasurable pain took over my being, I gasped, rammed my nails deep into my pectoral muscles, squeezing my ass, it didn't take me long to get used to it, two big cocks shared my gaping anus, my screams filled the room, my face turned felt distorted. They did what they wanted with my ass, they fucked me sweetly, Emi took a closeup of my twisted sphincter, I know how much guys like that, so I spread her legs like a porn video. The hot cum doesn't take long to arrive, and some ends up in my ass. My eyes widen when someone arrives with a new bottle of champagne, the loose cork catches my attention, they drop me on all fours, the cold spike invades my ass, they push too hard, I think they have reached the maximum diameter of my my ass, I feel the bottle and the cold liquid begin to fill my intestines, I feel air bubbles jump from one side of my body to the other and when they take it out, the gas inside seems to explode, a thick and sticky drink flows down my private parts, I confess that I liked it so much that I drank the bottle up my ass and repeated the operation over and over again until there was nothing left. The boys laughed. From there, the greatest follies will follow and you know, they filled my pussy with hot meat, in all ways, in all my anal, vaginal, oral, double and triple penetration holes, I was happy to give these men pleasure, after After all, this is how I grew up and how my mom grew up. The next day I wake up with the sun on my face, I'm naked, I'm lying on the carpet, I still smell like a man, my mouth is thick, my vagina hurts after so much cock, my anal sphincter was the same, my fingers confirmed that my hole is still full of semen, my legs were leaking, my breasts, stomach, cheeks were wet with semen, Emiliano has started filming again and I think I remember he was the last one to fill my pussy with milk, although I'm not sure. After a while my story changed and that night was the only time in my relationship that I didn't use a condom, didn't take care of myself and forgot my birth control pills. As it happens in the movies, after a while I found out that I was pregnant. I never found out who my daughter's father was.

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