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September 02, 2023

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Ana, the university escort I met her when she was rushing to college. She was late and I recognized her from the university. I stopped her car and offered her a ride. She accepted, because she also recognized me. Little did I know that that day would change my life forever. Her name was Ana and she was one of the 3-4 most beautiful girls in Uni. We became very good friends instantly. Ana was simply a sexual girl. For her, people cataloged them at the level of cocks and shells of her. When she fucked, she did it without a condom, she just couldn't stand it. Our friendship was strange, she was a party girl, but a brilliant student. As a girl, she was hated by the other girls in Uni because she fucked all the girls' boyfriends, and also some of the boys' girlfriends, she didn't mince words. We were walking up and down the whole city, having fun. Sometimes I took her on dates with her sporadic lovers of hers or to some motels, when she was a teacher she would fuck .. One day, doing accounts of her lovers, we counted 40 guys and about 10 girls, at her 21 years old. She was deflowered at 17, but she liked her so much that she couldn't stop anymore. She was the first girl who managed to get my milk out of her with her mouth. And she was also the first girl I had that was not impressed with my 20cm hot cock. All my previous girls were left with their mouths open when they unsheathed my little cock. But Ana, didn't even flinch, she wasn't a big deal, she told me that she had already tried 25 cm males, which I didn't believe her either. Because of our school activities, we used to do it in the car. Once in the car, while she was penetrating her deeply and roughly, both of us totally naked on a warm afternoon, an old man surprised us and knocked on our window. That we left, how was it possible that he had my girl in that pose (her feet were resting on the front window of the car). We apologize and continue with our business with the old man as a spectator pulling his dick over the window. He came on his tits and we went to continue our daily adventures. Ana became prepaid, but I am sure that she did it more for pleasure than for the ticket, at the University she was first in the portfolio that was distributed by whastapp. One day, we wanted to go for a walk and we were short of money so he called a client of his. I took her to that appointment, to the office of such a godfather as she used to call him. He fucked him and came back with the money. I gathered the rest and we went on a trip to Santa Marta. There we went to Taganga, we met an Italian couple and that night in their hostel, we got drunk and exchanged partners between the four of us, but Ana was the most intense of all, if no one penetrated her ears or nostrils it was mere chance. The rest of her holes were subjected to a vortex of sex that seemed to have no end. The next day the Italian and I caught it on the beach, and we realized that a couple of German tourists were watching us in astonishment. At the end and Ana told me that she had fancied the Italian. A 25-year-old girl with terrifying tits and an orgasmic face. At night we went to buy something for food and drinks, the Italian got drunk from Santa Marta and it was the occasion to see my Ana getting lesbian with the Italian after eating and having a few drinks, it was my first time seeing her in lesbian action sucking pussy like possessed. That night we made the Italian what we wanted. I feasted on 6 holes at my disposal. By dawn my cock had already tried all 6 holes and had cum everywhere, but I couldn't take it anymore. The girls, on the other hand, were left in a tremendous 69 licking each other like bitches in heat. I wanted to join the feast, but my cock didn't show signs of life. We woke up at noon and the Italian's boyfriend was obviously furious and dressed up. Ana held him back flirting with him and the three of them moved away, they stood aside they had a pleasant chat and he arrived with a smile from ear to ear. The day spent the 4 together. At night we exchange partners, each one in a different cabin. It was my first fuck alone with the Italian girl and I emptied myself into her as I wanted. The next morning the four of us met for breakfast. Ana and the Italian very lovey-dovey. They made me jealous and the Italian too. We all spend the day together, between the beach, the sea and the pool and at the end we return to shower and have dinner. The Italians left the next day following their course. For the night, we had a few beers, Ana called the Italian, she told him to accompany her to the bathroom and when they returned we were already drunk, we assumed that they only wanted to eat female. The next day, Ana, like her, always started touching her and making comments about her, and after breakfast she began to suck the Italian's cock, the girlfriend looked at me with eyes between surprised and eager. While I was just looking, the Italian, I couldn't take my eyes off Ana. I loved seeing her fucking The Italian finished on her face and she had never seen her so sexy and beautiful with her little face bathed in transparent and foamy cum. My cock reacted and became iron and I went to open the Italian woman's ass with my tongue, Ana while she kissed the girl. With my ass ready, I let him go with a single thrust. They kiss each other lying on the bed and I am behind the Italian girl, breaking her ass. The boyfriend, seeing the show, stood up again and placed his cock between the girls' tongues, who gladly shared his cock with their tongues and lips. Ana began to suck the girl's tits and when I saw her I felt a vital impulse to join my girlfriend. Each one suckled a boob and then we would exchange boobs. I started kissing them both like a man possessed, I tasted the Italian's semen, but I didn't care at that moment. It was too hot. I got on the Italian and began to possess her frantically as a missionary kissing her ruthlessly because it was our goodbye. I sucked her all over, from head to toe and deposited a violent ejaculation in her mouth, a good whore of hers. In the afternoon after lunch they left and we were left alone and a little sad. The rest of the day and night we did nothing. We were exhausted. The rest of the holidays we spent romantically as traditional couples. We came back very much in love with that trip and Ana didn't cheat on me in like two months. Then she went back to her naughty ways. Two months after her crush on her I guess subsided because she went back to her sexual ways. Even though she came back with me and looked for me every day, I felt a bit left out. I learned that she was active again in the whats app group and that she was the most acclaimed in her group because her motivations and attitudes were in high demand. I also knew that she had sex with the neighbor from her neighborhood, he deflowered her, Ana told me that they ate him in the elevator, in the pope's car, wherever she went. She never confessed it to me, but I always suspected that she had sexual relations with her cousin, 2 years younger than her. I think they fucked each other, since they lived practically alone. She never let me in her apartment, but we went out a couple of times with her cousin and her off-color comments were like they were lovers. Sometimes on Sundays we would go as exhibitionists. She came out in a mini without a thong and with a light cotton shirt with straps without a bra. Her nipples were marked beautiful and she caused a furor wherever we walked. When she decided to leave home, because her mother realized that she was prepaid, she rented an apartment with two other girls. Ana took longer to mess around than to give in to lesbianism and she also found out that they had a couple of orgies, as told by Ana, not only among the three of them, but sometimes they invited men. One day she introduced me to her companions, the three of them were prepaid and they fucked me between the three of them. I asked one of them to go out, but she left me bored, she told me that it was delicious, but that she was more LESBIAN than STRAIGHT and she preferred to eat more pussies than cocks, although at work she only ate cocks, but that was it, work. On one occasion I went to look for Ana after a few drinks late at night and they had a party, they made me continue. Ana was in a room with one of the guests and that if she wanted she could come in and wait for her. The fuss was impressive, I went to the room and saw Ana vigorously riding the cock of a 1.90 meter guy. I was watching the show at one point the guy stopped and picked her up (Ana was about 1.60 approximately and was easy to maneuver in bed). The guy picked her up, turned her upside down and began to eat her pussy while she headfirst shoved her friend's rod into her mouth while he swung her like a swing to the rhythm of her blowjob. A while later he laid her face up on the bed and began to give her the most violent blowjob he has ever remembered of her. When the guy was about to come, he sat up like a tiger on her waist and started shooting shots of semen in all directions. My Ana's body was covered in bubbly sperm. Navel, breasts, neck, face, hair and as was her custom, she always spread it all over her body to keep the mark of her male. The guy said goodbye and Ana went to the shower, when she returned she took pity on me and told her friend to give me a blowjob, she didn't want to, but Ana became serious and insisted until she gave in. I tailed them both and left my seed in the friend's ass. After that night I changed my schedule because when I went to work I could no longer see her at Uni and I never heard from her again. I had news that she continued to be a whore.

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