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September 12, 2023

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<p>Alicia Rojas was 18 years old. She lived in Yumbo, Valle, a town near Cali, and she had set a goal: to finish high school to go to university. Her best friend, Karol Gisell Canelo, was 21 years old and had a five-year-old son. Her skill with numbers made her fantasize about being an accountant. The two worked the morning shift, they had been given training and a uniform to serve customers.</p> <p>The property was located in Yumbo, in a private house that did not foresee anything different from a family home, it was made up of three rooms, each room with a bathroom, kitchen, living room, which served as a reception, a dining room. The Spa, which is confused with a brothel, was attended by these two girls in the morning. They say that they are not prostitutes, that they do the work of masseuses and therapists. According to the website, all types of massages were provided, but if you wanted a massage with a happy ending the value could increase to $99.</p> <p>When Alicia arrived at the Spa and reviewed the appointments for the day, she realized that the first client she had to serve was named Carlos and requested an ALL INCLUSIVE massage, an all inclusive meant that the client wanted a massage from head to toe, using oils, burning stones and everything that was offered.</p> <p>These massages are the most expensive and Alicia a good percentage, so with the appointment close to her, she entered her living room, lit candles and incense and played relaxing music. A user prepared to pay that price gains the best experience and may leave a good reward.</p> <p>A few minutes later, Carlos arrived, a tall, burly man, groomed like a great manager, with a poise of grace and distinction that made Alicia melt when she saw him at the reception.</p> <p>&ldquo;Hello Carlos, welcome, my name is Alicia and I will be assisting you today. Have you had massages before?&rdquo;</p> <p>Carlos confessed that it was her first time and he did so since it had been a very tiring month in her company. Alicia took Carlos to the massage room and upon entering she told him what it was about and asked him to take off her suit while she left for a minute.</p> <p>&ldquo;remember that I&apos;m going to use lubricants and some oils, so it&apos;s better if you take everything off, it&apos;s better naked, but there&apos;s no problem if you stay in your boxers, you&apos;re still going to lie down and wrap yourself in this towel.&rdquo;</p> <p>As soon as Alicia left, Carlos decided to undress completely. In reality, the idea of her noticing him didn&apos;t bother him, and while he waited for her to return, he began to think about things. Alicia was a very beautiful blonde girl, with light eyes and a good body could be seen under the Japanese-style kimono that she used as a uniform. Carlos felt tension building and had to lie face down to hide it.</p> <p>Alicia knocked on the door and entered, &ldquo;you forgot your towel,&rdquo; she told Carlos when she saw her bare buttocks. She placed the towel on him and began the massage. Using hot oils she began with the nape and neck, then the broad back of her, forcefully forcing some areas and delicately pampering others. Later, after massaging her thighs, he asked her to turn around.</p> <p>As she could, Carlos turned around, taking the towel to wrap her penis. The towel did not hide the fact that he was as rigid as a stone and, in his opinion, very well proportioned. Alicia acted surprised and then laughingly told him &ldquo;don&apos;t worry, you&apos;re completely naked and a woman is caressing you, so it&apos;s completely normal, relax.&rdquo;</p> <p>She massaged his legs and as she approached his penis, Carlos moved his cock under the towel, &ldquo;you are very stiff, I&apos;m going to remove the towel and you will see that you will no longer have anything to hide and maybe you can be more relaxed, do you agree?&rdquo; ?&rdquo;, Alicia told him, he nodded and she proceeded to gently remove the towel from him.</p> <p>&ldquo;Now I want you to close your eyes, and start breathing slowly, I want you to inhale and exhale slowly, and I am going to continue with the massage, relax.&rdquo; Alicia knew that starting the massage with sex was not what the user had demanded, but upon seeing the formidable penis of that character that she had been moistening since she arrived, she stuffed it into her mouth.</p> <p>Carlos opened her eyes to see how she was sucking his cock and she had already uncovered herself and her kimono was already hanging on a hook on the wall and she was only in her underwear. Now the massage was with her tongue, from the tip to the testicles, she went through it completely. She promptly sucked him off quickly, bobbing her head and ogling Carlos. She was so soaked that she climbed onto the stretcher and inserted Carlos&apos;s penis into her vagina.</p> <p>&ldquo;Oh, how delicious that feels&rdquo; Carlos murmured, Alicia began to jump, he removed her Brazilian bra and her bra and he squeezed her tits powerfully, as if she knew that this would set her on fire even more. Carlos extended his arms and with his fingers pampered Alicia&apos;s anus. &ldquo;Do you want my ass? I provide this service, but at an additional cost, she told him, whispering in Carlo&apos;s ear. and he just answered, there&apos;s no problem, just do it.&quot;</p> <p>He got up from her and left her on her stretcher and inserted his penis into her tight anus. Little by little he entered and when he was completely inside, he began to shake vigorously. &ldquo;Yes, like that, fuck me hard, cum in my ass,&rdquo; she emphasized in a low voice.</p> <p>Alicia was as if possessed, that cock was so thick and hard that he felt it all over her body and it made her want it even more. Carlos exploded inside her ass, so deep that she could feel the hot jets emanating from her penis. He put his fingers into her vagina vigorously until he made her cum too and he didn&apos;t stop until he saw her make her tremble and release a small squirt that he was quick to lick.</p> <p>With several towels they cleaned themselves and, running over their bodies, they decided to kiss. Carlos was getting hard again, but Alicia saw the clock, handed him her clothes and told him that the session time would soon be up. &ldquo;I guess I won&apos;t be able to enjoy the ALL INCLUSIVE, but I&apos;m feeling more relaxed than I thought,&rdquo; Carlos said while he was getting dressed. It should be noted that Carlos left a juicy bonus and became a frequent customer of the place, of course, requesting Alicia as his favorite masseuse.</p> <p>A couple came to the Spa, their problems were assertive communication in their sexual encounters, they considered that it was a matter of monotony, routine and little activity. They had already been in therapies and yet, when they came to the topic of sexuality there were great silences, when They did the work of identifying the needs, desires and what had not been done, both mentioned that they were not satisfied, between sessions they were asked to carry out activities at home, they arrived at the fourth session, they were clear that they wanted to but at home they did not They were very encouraged, so they decided to look online and found the Spa that offered massages for couples and decided to do the session and made an appointment.</p> <p>On the day of the appointment they arrived on time, they expected more elegance, but they really weren&apos;t going for that, so they decided to continue. Karen Gisell made them continue and the three of them entered a room.</p> <p>I already had everything prepared in the room, meanwhile, they were feeling a little nervous and Karol offered them a coffee or a drink, he preferred something stronger and ordered a whiskey, she a cocktail.</p> <p>They began to chat about unimportant things, after the business and the questions began to get louder as they drank the drink. Karol was already preparing to start the process, she told them to make themselves comfortable and left them alone to undress.</p> <p>Karol, a beautiful brunette, arrived with the Kimono, with nothing under her and sat in front of her suggestively. I talk to them about massage techniques to be able to connect their bodies and senses, to be able to fully enjoy this encounter.</p> <p>Karol asked them to sit on the stretcher facing each other, holding hands and looking into her eyes. She got a little nervous, but she saw a lot of morbid curiosity in her husband&apos;s eyes, Karol, like a professional she told them what was going to happen to prepare them.</p> <p>Karol blindfolded her, asked her to take off her underwear, since she had not wanted to undress, she did, and then asked her to lie face down on the stretcher. Karol moved to one side of her and with a sign she asked her husband to move to the other side of her wife&apos;s body. Karol first brought the oil to her nose so that she could smell her, after that, she poured oil on her legs. She started the massage, Karol on one foot and him on the other; They were rising little by little. It was a relaxing massage, but you could see how the excitement was flowing through her. They raised their legs and thus the intensity of the massage increased.</p> <p>He followed what she did, and they synchronized very well, meanwhile his wife began to become completely ecstatic. They went up until they reached her buttocks. They massaged them carefully, she wanted to move her butt as if her husband were penetrating her. They massaged, they reached between her legs, but they didn&apos;t touch anything else. That made her more excited. They continued going up and massaged her back, absolutely relaxing, being face down, they massaged the part where her tits began, and the sensations began to be crazy. She only felt that her little pussy was getting wetter and wetter, she was dying to be touched, but at the same time she knew that the more it spread, the greater the pleasure would be.</p> <p>In a moment; She began to feel a delicious pleasure, even with her eyes blindfolded she could perceive that Karol, with her tits very full of oil, passed them over her buttocks and ended up on her back, touching her asshole. The sensation was indescribable, she was already beginning to pant. She wanted her to never stop doing it. It was at that moment that she realized that Karol was no longer wearing anything and she was very angry at the idea that her husband was seeing us both like that, naked and that he was probably enjoying her tits. She reached back looking for her husband&apos;s cock, when he felt it, she was very hard. He began to massage her gently; but he took it away from her, he told her that it was her time to enjoy it; Although the truth is that feeling his cock so hard made her wetter and wetter, he asked that he put it in her mouth.</p> <p>Karol began to caress her pussy, to massage her clitoris, until he made her reach a delicious orgasm that made her shudder. After that, Karol asked her husband to take her and put her cock in him, he needed her, we needed him. She began to move and dig into his cock, after which he raised her legs to her shoulders to have greater depth, so he continued nailing her, she was ecstatic, he was giving her deliciously, she continued with her eyes covered. He continued to pound her until she felt his cum inside her. She finished, but wanting more. Like her more than 10 years ago she didn&apos;t feel it.</p> <p>She took off the blindfold from my eyes, and she was like in another world, she saw the two of them, naked, looking at her, delighting in my enjoyment. Karol asked him how he had had a good time, there was nothing but praise in my words, it was great. When she finished that talk I asked her if she wanted to be with both of them, she finally answered yes, so they decided to continue massaging her husband.</p> <p>In the end, both managed to have better performance and communication to obtain greater pleasure.</p> <p>Karol said goodbye and congratulated them for their great work, got up and left.</p>

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