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July 18, 2023

Escorts, Prepagos, Putas, Dama de Compañia

<p>with the&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whores</u></a></p> <p>A man is sitting at the bar. He rests his elbows and tilts his head slightly to the side, following the rhythm of the song. He orders tequila, but keeps his eyes on the floor, the bottle is brought to him, and he pours himself a shot of Don Julio. The bottle costs 450,000 pesos, it&apos;s early. He likes tequila, which he drinks from a clear glass sprinkled with salt. His appearance is elusive and unstable, but Don Julio will gradually change this. The man looked like an office worker: blue shirt, black pants, tennis shoes. Outside, it was cold and he smelled of chorizo and grilled corn on the cob; in the distance a vague sound of guacharacas could be heard. It&apos;s a party night in 70. When half a bottle of Don Julio was emptied, the man&apos;s eyes were no longer shy. He was already talking to one of the prostitutes, calling her name and stroking her hair. At 10:31 he already grabbed the woman by her waist and invited her to dance; At 11:51 he unbuttoned his shirt and twirled the girl dancing merengue.</p> <p>I ask the bartender what happened last month, the man started serious, but he told me that the place was safe and the girls were beautiful, but what happened was &quot;serious&quot;. That man was sitting at the back table, he said, pouring himself a shot of whiskey. &ndash; I was not there that day, but he touched them. So he called the waitress by her name and asked her to explain what had happened, she said almost angrily, that she was there on the day everyone was talking about. It was a normal Saturday night. Just as they were about to close the door, they noticed a man lying on the table, apparently unconscious. I went to wake him up and found him drooling. So some of us picked him up, but we found out that he was dead. said the waitress. I assure you that the man was under the influence of the burundanga when he arrived. Friends said that he was with another gyro who stole it. They blamed us and sent us to the prosecutor&apos;s office.</p> <p>After the explanatory talk, I went out. There was a young man standing at the door of the bar and I asked him about it, he doesn&apos;t stop me, he says he&apos;s busy. He is in charge of attracting customers. He stopped to hand out a flyer. The advice is simple: party until 11:00, if you want to keep partying after that, dad, there&apos;s a VIP room for that. Of course, dad, you need a lot of cash. &quot;My godson&quot; by Diomedes is playing in the background. &mdash;It&apos;s a hot topic that came up after a few drinks.</p> <p>On February 15, the priest Javier Gonz&aacute;lez Pertuz died in a&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whorehouse</u></a>, when he had just finished his last day of work in the parish, according to a man from the bar. That Saturday everything made it look like a great evening, fortnight, the Colombian team was playing, but the party ended tragically. Father Javier broke down on his table. His pockets were empty and his mate was blown away, a man no one could pinpoint who he was. Surveillance video shows that the father had lost the warmth of life. Scopolamine poisoning occurs at least once a week according to neighbors and authorities.</p> <p>If you&apos;re lucky, you might show up at a nearby hotel with no money, no cell phone, groggy but alive. If the dose is calculated incorrectly, the results can be fatal. 70 is guarded by 16 policemen, but his eyes are not good enough to see the intentions of some who pretend to be in the crowd looking to catch their prey. There was a group of blacks in the corner of the bar. There were six of them, all in shorts, T-shirts and over them shirts with large flowers, with premature bellies. They had a few bottles of beer on the table and one of whiskey on the floor.</p> <p>The Creole the boys spoke seemed West Indian, close to French, but they did not know Spanish. But through gestures, hip touches, a wink, they made themselves understood by the&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whores</u></a>. They were young girls, dark-haired, with wide hips. Some of them still had teenage faces with silver braces that showed when they laughed. Confident, one of them grabbed a girl and pulled her on top of him. Smiling, she awkwardly let herself be led and began to move her waist over him in an almost erotic action. Others laughed and celebrated.</p> <p>I keep talking to the bartender &quot;How do you see things?&quot; he asks me, I answer that there were beautiful girls, and that I would like to ask them all to dance and eat them all, he laughs.</p> <p>He dismisses me and I try to talk to the guy at the door again. Just then a Michael Jackson impersonator arrives with a powdered face, white suit and crooked legs. The Vallenato is louder than the portable speaker he places next to him. Until now, Michael Jackson dances only to the rhythm of vallenato.</p> <p>One of the blacks approaches and signals to the boy, and tries to ask for parrot by making movements with his hand imitating as if he were snorting on his left hand. - A difficult question -- where can you buy parakeet? The boy says immediately understanding the black man&apos;s gestures and answered without hesitation:</p> <p>&quot;I&apos;ll bring it to you, dad.&quot; 20 Grams are twenty Lucas. &quot;okay?&quot; is it good? Yes, of course, it is the one that is sold here in the seventies. It&apos;s very good, no client has complained to me, hahaha.</p> <p>I pay the bill, I go for a walk, dawn begins, the wind is light but cold. Among the people of the 70s, a skinny boy who had recently reached puberty and acne still left marks on his beardless face, handed out flyers with a photo of a naked woman with erotic gestures. &quot;He&apos;s right there, two blocks away,&quot; says the beardless, drawing a rainbow with his hand. &quot;It&apos;s safe&quot;, Yes, of course, I&apos;ll accompany you and you can stay at the hotel until tomorrow if you want. I keep walking and the young man who was at the door of the previous bar catches up with me, I see him approaching the gum vendor, he greets him with a familiar face, the vendor didn&apos;t hesitate and only considered it for a moment. He reached the hut, touched the packages and took what he had in his hand, put the same hand in the gum as if hiding it and sliding it, he hands it over to the young man. The route is reversed again: the curious glances that seem to come from the corner, a faint breeze, a boy handing out flyers, the cry of an accordion, and the black man waiting for him.</p> <p>The sidewalks are already littered with rubbish dumped by some restaurants, and locals can hear the eerie, reckless sound of someone singing a Vicente Fern&aacute;ndez song at karaoke. I arrive at the address, nothing can be heard from the door. There were two big fat men standing; They are facilitators at the entrance of the bar. &quot;Ready to go in?&quot; Tell him it&apos;s very good, there are a number of beautiful, very beautiful females, one of the fat ones tells me. Welcome. Just look at the girls inside and take your pick. Then I go up a narrow, neon-lit staircase and a heavy door opens. The bar appeared in the front and I was very warmly greeted by the manager. Portraits of Robert De Niro and Pablo Escobar from the movie &quot;The Godfather&quot; line the walls. Mandatory consumption is an average of brandy for 99,000 pesos, but to make it better ask for a bottle for only 180,000 pesos, the show is every two or three songs, but there are also private VIP rooms, the waiter recommends. -- If you dare, pa - the waiter told me again -- the room is at the bottom, along with the girl, they calculate the price and you can pay by card. A&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a> who claimed to be 20 years old, with slanted eyes and long acrylic nails approaches me and sits next to me. After a while of talking nonsense she tells me that she had not detailed my face,-you are very beautiful! -, he flirts with me, what happened, her wife bores him, because that sad face?</p> <p>The West Indians appeared in the bar and now they speak louder with French consonants and ask for&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whores</u></a> for everyone.</p> <p>I finish the brandy, I go out, it&apos;s already early in the morning, the wind has grown colder, I walk carefully so as not to appear drunk.</p> <p><a href=""><u>call girl</u></a></p> <p>As you can see, the experience with&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whores</u></a> is not very flattering, I always have bad or better, regular experiences.</p> <p>I faced harsh spite six years ago in the way perhaps others have: by hiring one of the so-called&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girls</u></a>. So far the story is not strange, but after the first meeting I decided to write a review about the woman on the same website where she had obtained the service. I chose as username &quot;<a href=""><u>call girl</u></a> Tester&quot;. Several encounters and reviews later, I became a household name with other users asking for advice and opinions. Months later, I created a blog on a free platform to continue writing about meetings with&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl women in Medell&iacute;n</u></a>, prostitutes, masseurs or strippers. &quot;It&apos;s all the same, there are just different budgets.&quot;</p> <p>My visits started more or less once a month, but I became a regular visitor to these platforms and there were months when I was with more than 6 girls, it depended on the budget and how I was in the mood.</p> <p>I rate each girl that I review numerically, from physical appearance, the place where she receives me (normally an apartment), behavior and service in general. The blog has been relatively successful and I have more than 1,000 frequent users with more than 223 entries or publications (reviews, tips, articles written by him and other users). In the last 12 months (May 2022-May 2023) the blog received 9,370 comments and on average receives between 10 and 15 thousand visits per month that generate some publicity. But that money is paid for technical infrastructure costs, servers, in the programmer who is in charge of managing the few guidelines or details of the technology that the truth is not mastered. Although the potential for publicity is great, I prefer to remain anonymous, this is a hobby for me.</p> <p>In my other life, the one in which they do know my face, I am a 32-year-old man, I live in El Poblado, I work for a state agency, I am trying to create my own business and, of course, I do not have a wife or girlfriend, I have realized that long-term relationships are not for me, conquest and this type of thing is denied to me, maybe later, but for now I want to take all the escorts I reach. Work forces me to travel outside of Colombia, which I take advantage of to compare the local&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl</u></a> women&apos;s business with foreign ones. I have discovered that the &quot;market&quot; in other countries is more open and less moralistic; here it is more hidden but the quality of the women (beauty) is superior&rdquo;.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In the last two years that the blog has been running continuously, I&apos;ve had sex, by my count, with over a hundred women and it&apos;s not chicanery. Since the prices vary with each one, I don&apos;t know how much money I have spent paying prepayments, but over the years I have come to draw my own conclusions about what should and should not be done, such as: not paying more than 300,000 pesos for a bit of sex, or never trusting the photographs that appear in catalogs. It is from these conclusions that I write on the blog: they really are recommendations for the inexperienced, those who are starting out in this wonderful world of so-called scorts.</p> <p>Some recommendations that I can make is first, if you have a car, do not go in your car, or leave it in a nearby parking lot; Just bring the money you need, bring your own condoms, hopefully good quality; be respectful, find out clearly about the services offered before you go; Google the woman&apos;s photo to verify that she is not of a foreign model; do not tell details of her life; Just because the girl appeared in a reggaeton video, she doesn&apos;t have to earn more, and above all and most important of all, she never, ever falls in love. It sounds like a movie script, but I warn you that falling in love happens a lot, and more than one has cost a lot of talk.</p> <p>Money is everything in this&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl</u></a> tester profession. From my perspective, what is spent inviting a woman to go out (food, gasoline, movies, or partying in one or several outings) is equal to or greater than what is spent in a&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl</u></a> service, but in this one you have the certainty of an intimate encounter or, as I have verified, going out to&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whore</u></a> bars, which are dangerous, expensive and you will never find what you want, I don&apos;t like the smell of cigarettes and almost all&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whores</u></a> in bars smell of basuco. Many girls get a good ticket in this&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl</u></a> life and they are not happy accounts. I have met several&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl</u></a> women who, without educational titles or any study, work three days a week for three years and manage to buy an apartment, a good car for themselves, for family members, set up a business or manage to save to go study or live in another country. I haven&apos;t been able to pay for my apartment in more than ten years and I&apos;m a professional and I have a relatively good job, maybe I&apos;ve spent a lot of money on&nbsp;<a href=""><u>whores</u></a>. This is a strictly commercial analysis.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The&nbsp;<a href=""><u>call girl</u></a> can buy their own apartment in a good neighborhood, and also to serve customers they rent an apartment in El Poblado as a place of work. They share the expenses with other women and maintain a good status. However, in recent months their presence has decreased in commune 14, where the costs are the highest and where the administrations and neighbors have noticed their presence and do not want to have this type of women in their nearby residential complexes.</p> <p>One of the many girls told me, after having become familiar with her, I asked her how she started in this world and she told me: &ldquo;I remember that when I was 18 years old at school, they were going to organize a beauty contest and they asked me to represent them. Many people gathered at these parties, especially men, and I do not deny that they had a lot of money. That was how I met Gerardo, who was related to drug traffickers in Medell&iacute;n, and he told me that if I wanted to win the contest, to tell him, that it was easy to secure that return and of course I accepted, I had never been queen of anything and in the first reign I won it, well of course I accepted even as an asshole. So I was named Transcity Queen that year and I spent the next few weekends traveling a lot, we went to Cartagena, Bucaramanga and other cities and that&apos;s where the offers started and sweetened my ear.</p> <p>In addition to food and clothing, they paid me 300,000 pesos per modeling session, but this was the least of it, the big money was having relationships with men, those did leave good money. I gave it to my boyfriend for free, since I wasn&apos;t going to do the same and they paid me, so I got hooked on this business. Today work is even more profitable, I do it through and I&apos;m not ashamed to say what my job is, on the contrary, I use it to pay for the &quot;U&quot;.</p>

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