can i pay sex escorts services wirh credit card? in english

July 03, 2023

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Can I pay prepayments with a credit card? We don't always have cash in our wallet and that shouldn't be a problem if we want to have a fun time with a call girl. Nowadays it is possible to pay for the sexual services of a prepaid bank card; credit or debit. We can even pay a high bill in easy installments using a credit card. Although not all escorts offer this service (bank card payment) we will show you that it is easy to find them if you know where to look. Is it better to pay for a sex service in cash or by credit card? The biggest problem with paying for a prepaid credit card is that not all of them offer this service. Payment is often made in cash because it is faster, because many escorts work independently and do not have wireless dataphones, to avoid bank account costs, etc. But, let's talk about the escorts ones that do offer this service, just as they also receive cash payments. What is better? It depends. Although the cash payment is more discreet; she receives her payment and you do not receive a notification from your bank that you were charged x amount of money in the name of "Putitas SAS". This payment method has some drawbacks: It is more risky: Especially in meetings in motels or escorts sites you can be a victim of robbery. Some bill may be counterfeit: Let's accept that in the heat of the moment we will not be verifying in detail if the bill is counterfeit. Imagine paying a $50,000 bill with a $100,000 bill and the change bill being fake. Tenacious. The same for the escorts that they pay you with false bills. On the other hand, bank cards also have drawbacks: It is not a perfect crime: If you are a single person who occasionally enjoys having sex with escorts, it does not affect you at all that there is a bank record of that "transaction". But, if you are married or have a partner, you will not want to pay for a escorts whose bank record is your name or an obvious business name such as "Las Prepagos Deliciosas SAS". As well as benefits: It's safer: Carrying cash in your wallet makes you the perfect target for thieves or fraudsters. It's easy to block your cards if your wallet is stolen and prevent money from being withdrawn from your accounts. You can choose discretion: Although when paying with a bank card, the record of what you paid and to whom will remain. Many specialized escorts agencies have code or discreet names to avoid any inconvenience at home. After analyzing the pros and cons of paying in cash or with bank cards, you will have to evaluate which payment method is best for you. Where do I get escorts credit card? To go to the landline, the best thing for you will be to hire a call girl one from websites such as Mileroticos, Photoprepagos or These websites allow you to filter those prepayments that allow you to make payments with bank cards. Mileroticos: Although this page does not allow us to filter by "bank card", as Photoprepagos does, if you put "card" in the escorts search engine and your city, the prepaid cards that accept this payment method will appear. Remember to choose only verified profiles, although we anticipate that this significantly reduces the options. Photoprepagos: Here you can filter the prepaid profiles by "card payment". As with Mileroticos, remember to choose only verified profiles. This will significantly reduce the number of available profiles, but you avoid putting yourself at risk. You will not have to worry about having few options to choose from. At all escorts accept payments by debit card, credit, Cash, ballot, super drafts, and even Bitcoin. Payment is made in advance, but you have the agency's guarantee that everything will turn out just as you planned.

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