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November 08, 2022

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DonColombia, my place on the internet What is a community? Why do we feel the need to be part of something? Those questions may not be answered in this story, but I can tell my experience with a specific community and how this website changed my life, or at least made me feel part of something. To start writing I have to go back several years, when at a specific moment in my life, while I was studying at university, I started visiting esscort girls. What began as a new experience turned into a passion that continues to this day. At first I made these visits with some modesty since I come from a very conservative family where these issues are never discussed. But I liked the experience of being with a prepaid girl, I liked it a lot, so it began to be something more and more recurrent. Sometimes it was to make me want to have sex with a beautiful woman, one of those who were perhaps unattainable or even though I could be with them, it was cheaper to pay for the fuck than an entire relationship, which I had already experienced. In this sense, I felt that having to invite my girlfriend to dinner, and then taking her to a motel, paying for everything out of pocket, was a way of paying for sex. So I realized that it was better and cheaper to pay a beauty directly for the powder. I was more honest with myself and with the girl I had sex with. On other occasions, I was looking for more than the pleasure of orgasm, the adrenaline produced by the encounter with an unknown woman that I would never see again. All these thoughts I had, but as I said before, I had no one to share them with. I have always been a sociable person, I like to share ideas, arguments and points of view. I like to debate, in the broadest sense of the word, always with clear respect. With all these concerns in my head, I began to feel a little lonely, not the sense of lack of company, but of lack of a place where I could feel free enough to talk about what I like, which in my case it is to look for a beautiful girl who practices prostitution freely, visit her, and then comment on my experience. Sexuality has many nuances, like life itself; It is the most basic and at the same time the most complex expression of the human being. With the proliferation of the internet, communities of all kinds branched out at an exponential speed, from the most varied topics. It was a matter of time before erotic content forums became established, and they did maybe a long time ago before I even knew about them. The internet, like the world, can be a beautiful place, and there is something for everyone. So it was that during those sleepless nights, illuminated by the blue light of my computer and looking for beautiful girls, I found a site, which became my community on the internet. This is the page DonColombia, a digital community dedicated to talking about erotic issues and escorts, which here in our beautiful Colombia we call escorts. The page meets all the requirements of what we can call a forum, in a sense that the ancient Greeks would be proud of, since the exchange of ideas and arguments proliferates in a climate of respect and fellowship. In this sense, the page has a complete directory of sites that show the catalog of the best escorts girls in the country for all tastes. The famous directory69 also has a list of booking houses with a complete description of the services provided by the girls. It also has a complete list of webcam pages, sexshops and massage parlors. That is why this page has become a complete guide to pleasure, that is, if you are anywhere in Colombia, and you are looking to indulge in a spiral of hedonistic pleasure with a beautiful girl, the best thing you can do is enter Don Colombia and in its 69 directory, which will take you, depending on where you are, to the best girls you can afford. The page also has a multimedia catalog with verified files, where you can see real girls who offer their services and make searches easier. It must be considered that many inexperienced people do not know that depending on the way of contacting the prepaid ones, the value that they can charge will also depend. But without a doubt the best thing about the page is the community, in fact in the directory you can find other similar communities in other parts of the world and it even has a version dedicated to the LGTBQ community. In the forums you can browse by city, with the most active communities being the cities of Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cali, Barranquilla, Cúcuta, Pereira, Cartagena, Manizales, Armenia, Medellín, Santa Marta, Popayán, Ibagué, Villavicencio, Bocaya and Pasto. As can be seen, it is present in almost all the large cities of the country, so it can be considered that DonColombia, embodied in its patrons, is present throughout the country. It even has a section outside for the buddy Anyone who is traveling through Mexico, Madrid or Miami. To be able to comment or make a new post, you must be registered on the page. The most recurrent topic is the recommendations of the girls and in this the users have reached an incredible level of detail. There is a file that specifies everything that a escorts collector should know. In fact, this is the term that is used, to taste, as wine tasters do, only that in this category prepaid wines are tasted, and their physical beauty is evaluated, as well as their friendliness and good treatment, as well as, of course, their personal hygiene and also that of the place where you work. It is always important to emphasize that what is fundamental in this job is discussed, which is its sexual performance, differentiating amateurs from master truths, those that produce orgasms that are worth coming back for or that are worth every peso that is paid. . The atmosphere in the forums, I emphasize again, is always one of respect, and it is what is most appreciated, feeling part of a community of gentlemen. On more than one occasion, girls have been defended who have been treated badly in some post or have been given a negative rating that, according to other users, does not do it justice. And it is that many clients feel affection for the girls who provide the service, understanding the important role that sex workers play. The page also has a section of erotic stories, where creativity is mixed with truth. Some girls who work escorts write here, recounting their present experiences or what happened in a time when it was left behind and they keep warm memories. Many girls who once took up the world's oldest job to make money settled for it once they achieved it and are now assiduous amateur erotica writers. The importance of the community is evident in the warnings made by users of possible scams or fraud, which often come from the hand of new technologies, which are creating new ways of connecting and of course engaging in prostitution, such as the Tinder. This platform lends itself to deception, and here the role of the forum becomes important, in the sense of giving a guarantee of trust to the client. Between the tasting users, escort girls abound who, thanks to the atmosphere of trust that can be seen in the forum, feel comfortable to offer directly there, in addition to being attentive to the ratings that users leave for them. This is essential because the qualifications generate a kind of ranking, where the most desirable women are those with the best recommendations, which allows them to grow in the oldest job in the world. In the curious section of the forum there is a varied mix of articles, from people who are encouraged to share, such as erotic theme parties, warnings of forms of contagion, even medical advice related to sexuality. The topics can even reach questions of sexual practices that they prefer or not. In short, it is a whole community linked to this lifestyle, in which sex is lived without taboos and in which escorts clients live in harmony, in an environment of consent and respect. That was how my life changed. I have been able to continue with my normal life, my job, my friends and my conservative family. I don't talk to any of them about whether or not I prefer the squirt to reach my chest, firstly because I know they would look at me with a scandalous face and secondly because I don't need to talk about this with them, because I have a community of people who watch life in a way similar to how I see it, and that already makes me feel good. If you have reached this point in the story, perhaps it is because you are looking to learn more or want to share your experience. If I'm right, the precise place where you have to register is DonColombia. Surely you will learn something and with a bit of luck you will find that escort you are looking for, with that tail that you like, with the look that you want and that you have not been able to find anywhere. If you succeed, don't forget to leave the recommendation on DonColombia, so that other users like me can also visit it.

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