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March 09, 2023

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Fortunately, Barbosa is connected by 4 important national highways and has become an enviable land port. For this reason, this small town with the village "spirit" of Vélez often lives an intense business activity. Barbosa, located 214 km from Bucaramanga, on the main road to Bogotá, offers a wide hotel infrastructure, as well as the traditional cuisine of Veleño: bocadillos, tumes, arequipes and other derivatives of guava. Barbosa is a leisure and summer resort with notable hotel services and numerous swimming pools to entertain the residents and visitors of this beautiful town every weekend. The climate is moderate with an average temperature of 20 °C. year. Its economic activities are agriculture, livestock and trade. Celebrate the Fiesta del Río Suarez. Population (1993), 19,226 inhabitants. It offers visitors caving, canoeing, kite flying and hiking. Numerous products from many jam factories can be seen on the roadsides. After having told them where I live and spend my days, when I get home I am ready to rest to do something that I like the most and relaxes me, I had in my hands a bag with fruit, some snacks and the reason for my interest, a book I bought at the kiosk in the park, called "Marylin's sexual stories." It caught my attention because it was a nod to the packaging, which reveals the covers of pornographic magazines that (always) are displayed at a good height in the almost-defunct kiosks, but in this case it also has a practical purpose. The book is accompanied by a poster and a sticker: a strawberry, two cherries, a toy-like banana, and the cover photo was of a female figure embodying a pornographic cliché of preparing for the war of sex. The chosen banana can be used as one of the sex shop toys for stimulation purposes. A gift that sparks the imagination. I set myself the task and the action of sitting in the rocking chair in the living room with a hot and steaming coffee at 5 pm on Friday, starting with the first chapter the mission "make love in love", which is a portal through of the years and Mariela's desire, it was everything she wanted at that moment There are 13 chronicles full of experiences that use sex as a place of vibration, anticipation, fulfillment and disappointment. Sex is a beautiful thing, a sad and dirty thing. A place where tremor and fear are almost always combined. Some stories contain poignant moments that delve into an abyss where neutrality is a gateway to darker experiences that are hard to relate to lighter descriptions of pleasure. "Please No" tells the story of the violence perpetrated by a man with good looks and gestures, shielded by the protection and silence offered by impunity. follows a relationship that turns violent and obsessive, culminating in the scene on the verge of tears. In another chronicle, the narrator shows us Jaime's story, a crazy night full of alcohol, whores and debauchery resulting in an "unbalanced and arrhythmic trio" in which two girls enjoy each other and a boy. The book tells us about sex between women, sex with Japanese, sex in the bathroom (but without commitment with a bidet), quick and slow release, orgasm on horseback or on the ground, among mountains of books hidden in a library, why is it that libraries are one of the best places to love each other according to movies and videos? This is the last chronicle that gives the book its title, and ties the knot between reading and sex, or between literature and meat. I run out of coffee and I go for something more serious, I get half a brandy and my friend Carlos arrives and we start talking about how good Barbosa is for going out with whores, but rather, you don't have to go out anymore, just a click on the button green of whats app to the magic number and a goddess appears in front of your door in less than half an hour. The massage service in Barbosa makes your temperature rise to the maximum. The escort lady is a true expert in the art of massage and she knows how to relax your muscles and leave you refreshed. If she can't get enough of the massage she may end up on the best possible note, as most masseuses in Barbosa also offer other types of sexual services. If you are looking for the best sexual massage in Barbosa, you have come to the right place. If you're looking to have a good time, you've come to the right place. 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The Barbosa prostitutes will give you a complete and wild sexual experience, I say this because I have enjoyed all the services offered in these pages, but they took away the taste and experience of going to the brothel, listening to old music and the smell of cigarettes. camouflaged with purple floor freshener. It is necessary to chat with the girl, have a few drinks and compare which is the best among all, this change for an express and home delivery service. Oral sex, one of the most pleasurable sexual acts between couples, can be found with the beautiful escorts who want to please you with the best blowjobs. Barbosa Escort at will provide you with the best oral sex service. If you want to relax and forget about your problems, this is the best way to immerse yourself in a fun fantasy. Carlos, I assure you the best girls are at Barbosa, I have always found the best profiles of escorts, whores and company ladies among a great selection. In Barbosa Santander you can find young escorts, adult escorts, VIP escorts, transgender escorts of all colors and styles so you can find the perfect girl. All the girls are looking forward to meeting you and, based on your preferences, you will be able to choose the most suitable profile according to your personality and mood. Whether you are attracted to mature escorts or young escorts just starting out in the industry, I can tell you that you are in the right place because you will find both types here. You can be sure that at you will find your perfect escorts and whores, because here you will find girls for all tastes in Barbosa. After this commercial, Carlos tells me that he had a serious relationship with a call girl, he called her once, she liked me so much that he requested her services once a week, he became addicted to her, maybe I fell in love, he said . Well the story is as follows: when Carlos met a beautiful woman after making the magical call, he liked her from the first time he saw her and he chose her without considering other options, this meeting was very good, he told me. We started talking for a while after the sexual work was over, she asked me about my life, I asked her about hers, then I realized that she really had a great need, she told her that I could help her find a better job and leave. From there began her ordeal. A week later he wrote to her again, they saw each other and had sex again, he started asking me how she was doing, never to get defensive or explain her needs, he just wanted to meet me. We talked for a few days until he told me that she wanted to have sex with me without paying, of course I accepted. I think she really liked her, my intention was obviously to have sex, we talked for a long time, the girl was really beautiful, she avoided looking into her eyes because she said that I scared her, she felt sorry for me. So we talked day and night until I at least realized that I was in love with her, we became lovers and I swear that I would quit the gig and find another job. I believed him. The relationship was very good, she was very affectionate and attentive to me and came to see me every day. On my birthday I received the best gift that my ex could not give me in 5 years. She had a motel room decorated, there was champagne, lots of gifts, roses, she gave me a striptease dance, what if she made me horny and other things for an unforgettable birthday. However, some of her actions always surprised me. One day I picked up her phone and realized that she was still working on the scorts page, I made her claim and I broke up with her and told her that I never wanted to hear from her again. I have been separated for more than a year, she calls me she says that she loves me, she misses me. She called me recently, she told me she wanted to see me, we had sex, and I accept it, I'm in love with her, but I know. he. she is still prepaid, even though she denies it because I have proof and I have close people to inform me. I want to leave her, but it's so hard, she really is someone who enters my heart, even though I love her and I know she loves me too, I can't afford to have a hookup girl, not who I am. She is such a good woman that I would like her to be my wife. I really don't know what to do, it's hard to love someone in that situation, what do you suggest? Well Carlos, very difficult, but from my experience I have spent most of my working life around these "ladies" and I can say that I know them well, even in civilian clothes I recognize them on the street. In fact, whether they need it or not, their priority will always be money above all else, and men are a great earner, especially for those who are naive in relationships. They deal every day with people who are different from the clients, so it is easier for them to get to know each one of them, so over time they develop the ability to know how to deal with them and get the most out of them. So you must be very careful, put batteries with this. The average is over and Carlos left more confused and sorry than before, I'm not the best advisor, I think.

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