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March 09, 2023

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I recently arrived in Barrancabermeja on a mission as an auditor for a multinational company that works in the oil field, my mission lasted two months, so I decided that this would be a mission where I would combine work with pleasure, I don't always have the opportunity to be away from home and away from my wife. Administratively, Barrancabermeja is the Special District, port on the Magdalena River, Industrial and Biodiverse of Magdalena Medio, located in the western part of the department of Santander. It is the most important industrial city in the department of Santander, home to one of the largest oil refineries in the country and is the capital of the Yariguíes Province. It is 114 km from Bucaramanga to the west. It is the largest city in the natural subregion of the so-called Magdalena Medio. After having visited in my spare time the touristic and beautiful places of the city such as the Cristo Petrolero, the Barrancabermeja pier, the Immaculate Church, the Guillermo Gaviria Correa bridge which seemed spectacular to me, strolling through the San Silvestre shopping center, the Museum Nacional del Petróleo, and others of more or less interest, I decided to try the letter of girls that were on the internet pages. So that they are clear, I have always been a whoremonger, I love them, therefore, whenever I have the opportunity I do not miss it to discover and try the best that each place I go has to offer. The offer is varied both in price and quality, web pages should take more care in the images and photos they publish, some are of low resolution and all should show their faces, because one pays for the whole girl and wants to see everything what buy. Anyway, the first night I decided on, it looked good and so did the girls. I was looking for a woman with a beautiful face and a good figure, and I decided on 21-year-old Mariana. I booked overnight, I'm 20 minutes late (negative points), the first impression was not what I expected, in fact, I told the agent not to post photos with filters, some kind of abuse. The girl is very sweet and the conversation is good, but it shows that she has worked a long time, since she is not the 21 years old that she claims to be, she has good eloquence and has been working in this business for several years, it shows. But his face conditioned me, he also came out as a watchmaker and as soon as we finished the first lap he started looking at the phone, half an hour before he wanted to leave, I told him that there was still half an hour to finish the service, he said ok and stayed, we tried round 2, but to be honest, he was conditioned, he told me to take a shower, but not very convinced, I said no thanks, he left and we just said goodbye, it was not the best experience to start with. I told myself that this had to improve, I decided on the inevitable It was a good experience in terms of punctuality, the pretty and spontaneous girl wore wide jeans of those that they are wearing now, and a tight-fitting blouse without a bra, the greeting was kiss and standing, with touches here and touches there, I love to be kissed and this woman did it spectacular, She had a blouse top and I took it down up to the waist, zero fuss, her tits standing up and pink nipple, I decided to suck them right there and then I saw that she liked it. From there we went to bed, we fucked a lot, we looked at me with desire and lust because I had a hard cock. She asked me to go down to the well, don't hesitate for a second, I don't do it to everyone, but this vagina smelled and looked delicious, I sucked on her and felt like she was coming into my mouth. Then I got on top of him like a missionary and we changed to all fours with quick but firm movements, I like that he says dirty things like "yummy that dick", "shove it hard". I came, and we rested for a while, the girl has a good conversation, she is very affectionate and delicate. Excellent service. Things improved ostensibly, but as always one is not satisfied to continue investigating and looking for the best that Barrancabermeja could offer me, the mission is about to end and I cannot stay halfway, I wanted a top experience, so I decided to get involved in the task of full. I went out at night, in bars, but I didn't know anything interesting, I definitely played online. After searching and searching, I found a girl at, for this I went to the best motel, not an apartment. After requesting the service, the girl arrived about fifteen minutes late, she had asked for it in lingerie and she wanted it to be something unforgettable. For me the first impression is very important and boy did this woman achieve it, very well dressed, about 25 years old, I asked her to wear underwear, she asked to go into the bathroom, after about 5 minutes she came out, she was stunning, the underwear was black lace with some bright red, garter belts and the best of her determination, which demonstrated her experience in these battles, I I was waiting for her lying on the bed barefoot, he approached me and began to pull my shirt and kiss me. . Little by little we caress each other and take off our clothes. She offered me a natural oral, without a condom or anything, that vagina smelled like flowers, I gave her a short but intense oral, I left her very horny, I got on my knees and she started with a blowjob that only experts know how to do, it was an anthology blowjob, I leave hot. She takes out the condom and puts it on me. I hugged her behind her and fell to my knees, I began to stimulate her clitoris, her breasts filled with her, I kissed her neck and back, she was up, soaked and she began to moan wonderfully. She did it to her missionary, I gave her until she got tired, then I made her a bed edge, and we started with a driver where she only moved her ass, she did it with soft but rhythmic movements, she held my hands and told me that I looked at her tits how they danced so richly, she moaned, moaned and moaned again. He came back and gave me an oral without asking, he put me on a rail again and gave the driver again but this time on his back, he told me to pat his buttocks, it was quite a scene, he has a big behind, firm, it is very wet, it feels very hot, I give it a lot and hard until it leaves me ready, I come in a mad ecstasy. The package included a massage, I no longer remembered, so she asks me to take a shower together and she proceeds to take out the entire massage kit. The truth is that she did a great job, one of the best services, this model is dedicated to everything she does, she is not a watchmaker. The massage was mainly therapeutic, it relaxed my back and lower back and after a while I went to the erotic level. She lubed up her breasts and started rubbing them on my back, which was pretty cool. I turned around and she continued with her Russian and Russian massage until she was full and I took her missionary again and gave her everything I had and she loved it, she loved it until I made her scream, I finally put her on all fours next to the bed and i stroked and groped that nice ass hard and she loved it. I gave her everything she had until I came again. She told me that time passed and we didn't realize it, so we showered again. I was excited, very excited... that woman had made me work a lot, a lot of work. She came out of the bathroom and got dressed and we talked for a while while she was in the shower, she was very nice and nice, she was a girl with many projects and she was nice and nice to talk to. To say goodbye we kissed again, I think it has been one of the best experiences I've ever had, and I tell you that there are not a few, this woman knows what she has and best of all she knows how to take advantage of all her experience. There was a week left to finish the mission and with some colleagues we decided to go to some brothels in the center of the city. Jairo, my whore partner, showed me the whole area as he was. We arrived at the Campana, the most famous in the entire city, the downside is that it is in a dangerous and seedy place, the movement, especially on Calle 5, is a zone of tolerance, the cradle of street prostitution and the most popular for sex workers; El Campana is no longer a remote and desolate place, it has become the center of urban prostitution. In this area we can find from the lowest of the sex workers, the most common, to the most beautiful. Next, he told me, based on my experience, I will tell you which are the best places to spend a good night and tips to avoid problems. First I want to talk about the bars in the area. The first bar we will visit will be Las Venecas; according to my experience in this bar it has always been a 7.8 on a scale from 1 to 10. I ask you why this rating? He tells me that because the women who work in the bar are not so beautiful and there are too many women for the size of the bar, the attention of the waiters is good, but the women are always busy and most of the girls are very boring, in a bad mood, well my money is not well spent in a bar with a girl with a bad attitude. It was true, there were more than 40 women in the bar, about 5 passed the note the rest of the bunch. Another bar to analyze is called Las Gatas, this bar was the best bar in the area with the best women in 2017 and 2016, but today it is a bar that has dropped a lot in quality and I give it a 7.2 because there were no neat women, the service they provided was not very good and the drug use was obvious, obvious it took the bar off the class. The price of this bar girl is 50,000 per hour and the service is not good. Now I want to talk about the Colleagues pub in front of the cats, this pub is the best in the area, it makes you stop. I rate it 9.1, the waiters are attentive and there are honest people there, because once I left my phone on the table when I went to have a snack and when I left, the waiter assured me that he gave it to me to earn points. . , there are many women, most of them are beautiful, there are around 30 women and all of them are very pretty, the attention is excellent, the price is 50,000 pesos for the hour, I have not had a bad experience, the women that I have been lucky behave well this bar is where i often take my friends to enjoy table top shows or private shows and get a quickie lol. I recommend this pub to have a good time. Another bar with women is called Los Cuyos, this bar is a classic dilapidated bar where drug traffickers hide, women come from the street and don't earn a penny, this bar doesn't go out with the necessary precautions, they can rob you so be careful if you you are one of those who like to experiment, don't try to use your phone, don't wear jewelry because there are many thugs in this bar. And finally the street, for me the street is the best because my hobby is looking, I admit that I like to walk down the street and just look at women in the street, for this hobby I have eaten some interesting women, but the beautiful ones are not . Those are found in the bars, the women on the street are 35,000 for half an hour, but to savor the beauty that is worth it, you have to be patient, these women rarely come out when dealing with customers, they do not last more than 5 minutes On the street, most women are older or less physically attractive. I have two favorite women, one called La Muñequita is a nice white veteran with the face of a divine angel and she fucks like a Damn, she's a beautiful woman and the other one is a gorgeous brunette. Suggestions for entertainment; I always recommend going with people, don't give papaya, don't wear jewelry, don't show your belongings, try to take a taxi and get a taxi number to meet you when you go. I will advise you to spend money and find a good hotel, the only 4-star hotel in the area is the Hotel San Carlos, which is expensive, the couple costs 150,000 per person. night, the cheapest room of the weekend. So now you know how it is, and enjoy. Finally, I will tell you that I have been visiting this area for more than 12 years and I have never had a bad thing to say, and despite the bad reputation of the area, I have never had a single coin stolen from me. I hope this review serves as a guide to a great evening at La Campana.

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