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June 08, 2023

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Child prostitution at night is a concern in the area between Sol y Sombra and Puerta Raymond, said a trucker who asked not to be named. He confirmed that many men who passed through the place were offered sex with girls under the age of 15 for between 50,000 and 200,000 pesos. The drivers find this behavior degrading, not only because minors are sexually abused, but also because those who induce prostitution, better known as their "pimps", do it openly and shamelessly, demanding money from the girls who are the ones who support them. . A driver denounced this situation that drew attention to a growing problem with no solution in sight, since he believed that the authorities were not doing anything, and that the situation was repeated night after night without changes. Buenaventura is the most important port on the Pacific in Colombia and although it transported most of the products to and from the interior of the country, poverty and violence persist. In short, most of the basic needs of city dwellers are not met. In Buenaventura, various socioeconomic and cultural factors make it fertile ground for female prostitution. Among these factors, its status as a port makes the district of Buenaventura a city with high population mobility. The report on sociopolitical violence against women, youth, and girls in Colombia presents data from a study on the living conditions of various population groups, including Buenaventura. It found that in cities where the majority of residents live in extreme poverty, violence and forced displacement are forcing many residents to migrate. The strategic places for prostitution are: bars, entertainment centers or amusement parks, followed by discos. Prostitution is a business that was born with the port and unemployment is one of the most important reasons why women engage in this activity. The high unemployment rate leads to informal work for both men and women. The specific settings or places where women engage in prostitution vary. In Buenaventura, the strategic location for this is what is commonly known as the "pink zone", mainly in neighborhood 1, which consists of: Barrio Nayita, Obrero, Chino Mall, around the interchange and others that are seen as places of nocturnal rumba The women interviewed found that nightclubs were one of the most important places to initiate these sexual encounters. Women who work in prostitution have specific characteristics that make them unique: for example, the way they dress, the way they behave, what they say, the way they walk and other attitudes. Gabriela mentions clubs, but states that she prefers bars to work as a prostitute for the following reasons: “In general I prefer bars to clubs, a bar is a more open place where you can meet more people, etc. Michelle and Angélica confirm that these places are visited by people from different socioeconomic classes; Other establishments where the women of the Buenaventura district prefer to carry out this activity are brothels or nightclubs, these are the most common and oldest establishments, whose owners are usually former prostitutes, who in most cases work illegally. These places are called "Chochal" or "Chongo" in the popular language among the women of the region. Michelle described the place to us, basically a wooden house, with a living room outside, a bar and a room for us. Sometimes there is only one room with a cubicle, a bathroom for everyone and clients. ah, the owner of that place is usually an ex-prostitute. But now I also work on my phone and my clients call me and I go where they tell me. Melissa, Karen, and Angelica, who also work at these locations and make sure to reach all types of customers, describe alcohol consumption at these locations as normal. Here, the women work in a very specific way: they dress naked from the waist down and work for each client for a set time of 10-15 minutes, regardless of whether the client fully satisfies her sexual desire. The client is obliged to pay in advance. The most common and oldest of all practices is street prostitution. May is one of the women who decided to sell her body in this situation, but it should be noted that it happens in a specific area, mostly around hotels, lodgings in certain sectors: "... streets, corners, because many people pass by, you can sit on someone's terrace, stuff like that." It's important that May be informed before she decides to go with her client; she says that knowing a person beforehand will make her feel comfortable and provide better services. However, prostitution doesn't require necessarily from a specific environment, that is, a prostitute can establish a relationship with her client anywhere, as Viviana describes: I don't have a specific place to meet them, the only thing I tell them is that I'm always on the street, I go to discos, bars, parties, I'm popular everywhere, I like to socialize and have fun. For Viviana, building relationships is the most important thing because, unlike Michelle, Karen and Angélica, according to her, it is a way of making herself known and potentially choosing her clients. In the metropolitan areas of Medellín, Cali, Bogotá, Barranquilla, and Bucaramanga, massage parlors or "model agencies" posing as prostitutes are common. In Buenaventura, these sites have not proliferated due to low customer demand because these sites are frequented by people of a higher socioeconomic level who request this type of service. Also, prostitutes are better educated and trained to start conversations on different topics. When we talk about forms of prostitution, we are talking about how, when and the strategies that women use to engage in prostitution. In the case of Viviana, who commented in her story that she wants to do this job for a long time, her work tool is her cell phone: I work on the phone, I receive a call, I go where they say, if I don't like the neighborhood, I prefer to say that a motel, but I don't go immediately, I try to get to know him, I talk to him and if he generates confidence in me I go to the appointment. This type of prostitution is known as Callgirls. Here, women look for rich men who have the "privilege" to choose their clients. Also, they keep it much more secret because very few people knew what he was doing. Other women work in other professions and rely on prostitution to supplement their income. Like Gabriela, who has a husband and children and works as a cashier in a supermarket, but sometimes she also practices prostitution, representing the "amateur" who secretly prostitutes herself. Gabriela has been in a relationship for 3 years and she doesn't regret living this double life. I'm fine, not in a committed relationship, they just call me, let's see how it goes, I go to the date, I take the money, sometimes when I like it I enjoy it, yes, what else can I tell you, yes, I have a man who is my husband and most importantly a son than anything else. For her, sex with men other than her partner meant not only earning money, but also new sexual experiences, fun, and new relationships. For her, prostitution is more fun than business, it is a universe of leisure. The street is the stage, where a kind of prostitution is practiced; those who practice it are the so-called "walkers" and the women who practiced it usually use the activity as their only source of income. A prostitute who is a mother may be called a motherwhore, indicating the many roles women play in society. In the case of Melissa, Gabrielle, Michelle and Karen, they are women engaged in prostitution and single mothers in charge of maintaining and satisfying the basic needs of their children. Gabriela plays three roles: mother, wife and prostitute; she does not find it easy to satisfy the physical needs of men while she tries to maintain family happiness. Being a prostitute is risky because these women expose their children to the activities they engage in and the time they have available are a combination of good and bad, pure and impure situations, since a woman's body as a mother can be considered sacred. because when it reproduces, it creates life and, on the other hand, it is used as a source of pleasure to satisfy the lowest desires of society. In prostitution, women who work in places with a higher socioeconomic level not only earn more, but also face less danger, higher social status clients, and don't have to go anywhere else. The women of Buenaventura take their place, embodying true pleasure vendors, dealing with their customers while their emotions take a backseat. Social networks are part of this new era, these new forms of communication allow women to offer their sexual services on sites like Facebook and Twitter where these social networks are recognized worldwide, which are the best ways to advertise for this type of business. For some, it is best to give the prostitution business a tint of legality, since this will give women in the profession better access to health services; users will be more careful and use more condoms. This can help reduce the secrecy of prostitution businesses because they will be able to operate without hiding from the authorities and they will be able to go out to do health tests such as syphilis, cytology and HIV, simple serology. With the approval of the proposal, the marginal brothels will disappear, and the law will mean that all clients will be more careful in the use of condoms and it will be possible to quantify the number of women who practice this profession and who are active and directly involved in the prostitution but exact numbers are not possible at this time as most of them are illegal. The services offered through the web pages could not be missing, such as sexual and erotic services in Buenaventura that you can find at photoprepagos where they announce that “You can find profiles of all kinds of escorts, prostitutes and company women at mileroticos in Buenaventura. In Buenaventura you can find young escorts, mature escorts, VIP escorts, transgender escorts in different colors and styles so you can find the perfect Buenaventura girl. All the girls are looking forward to meeting you and depending on your preferences, you can choose the most suitable profile according to your personality and mood. 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