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August 02, 2023

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<p>sincelejo</p> <p>The most frequent observation I often hear about my physical appearance is that I am pretty. I have the talent of being the neighbor next door. I&apos;m not like the models that leave you speechless, but I&apos;m pretty, desirable, I have a good body and smooth skin. This is the painting that the sincerejana prostitute who hides under the pseudonym &apos;growlergirl&apos; makes of herself, a 25-year-old young woman who has decided to post a thread on Reddit (with tremendous success) to dispel the doubts of all those who they want to know the unknowns of their profession. This young woman tells that she began in the trade at the edge of her 20s, when she started working for a high-level service in the city of Sincelejo, later moving to other cities such as Barranquilla and Cartagena. In her five years in the sector, she points out that she suffered a collapse that left her sick for nine months, but after returning to practice she has decided not to back down. &quot;Ask what you want,&quot; the young woman proposes. &ldquo;How much do you charge for responses?&rdquo; He is shot by one of the users. &ldquo;These are free, honey. So try your best.&quot; The secrets of the business What are the biggest concerns of people in relation to a career like that of a prostitute? The astonishment is considerable, nothing different from what any other worker would be asked: how many hours do you work? How much do you earn? How do you get to work? The coste&ntilde;a reveals the prices of her services &quot;400,000 pesos the first hour, 750,000 the second, and 1,500,000 at dawn.&quot; As in all businesses there are strategies to optimize profits, some are classic &ldquo;I want to encourage my clients to book me for more than three hours. My twelve-hour rates are cheaper if you compare them with those of other prostitutes&rdquo;. There are also less legitimate scams &ldquo;The more drunk, the more inebriated, the customer, the longer they will stay and the more both the business and the prostitute will gain&rdquo;. In addition to the drink, other harder substances are not excluded either &ldquo;The more parakeet &ldquo;cocaine&rdquo; they put in, the longer they will continue in the business. It&apos;s like they can&apos;t stay alone until the cocaine leaves their body.&quot; The clients are all white collar professions, in their 40s and 50s, and Caucasian, though I don&apos;t have a preference. Normally they tend to be educated and detached; Complaints cannot be absent either, for which the strength of this profession is represented; &ldquo;The clients that give the most work to do are those who are inexperienced, or whose erection cannot be maintained if they have a condom on. When that happens, I always imagine the consequent hour until my extremity ends up numb, the result of the energy that demands extremely vigorous work, that is, trying to get him to stand up and keep his cock erect for at least a little while so that there is penetration &rdquo;. The work calendar does not seem very different from that of any independent person, there are stages with more or less work conditioned by the fluctuations of the season &quot;The entire Christmas season from December 23 to January 20 I did not have any request, it is normally the quieter time and then I also go on vacation. Suddenly things go up in an amazing way and from February to May I had between two and three reservations a week, earning an average of 12,000,000 pesos. Last month I had almost no reservations. It&apos;s totally unpredictable.&quot; How does a scort move when she has to perform her services? &ldquo;I have my own car, so I rarely take a taxi&rdquo;. Some users are mainly interested in the story of night workers, such as taxi drivers, and if they ask the prostitute for a service, instead of cash payment, that is, payment in kind. The young woman denies the legend&quot; My habit with taxi drivers has to do with distinction and stigmata. If I mark something specific about what I do, suddenly it is as if I were in charge of a court of the Holy Spanish Inquisition, with the consequent interrogation of why I sell my body and all that stuff&rdquo;.</p> <p>The customer profile</p> <p>What occupation do they have, what social class, what is their marital status... what kind of men make up the clientele of a prostitute,&nbsp;<a href=""><u>escort</u></a>,&nbsp;<a href=""><u>luxury escort</u></a>? &ldquo;Regularly they are individuals with white-collar professions, such as managers, but there is no shortage of the raised ones and dog washes, I don&apos;t like them very much; but those who have distinguished professions, between 40 and 50 years old are the preferred ones. I like it that way, these types of individuals are usually educated and truly generous, sometimes very generous&quot;, confesses &apos;growlergirl, her fictitious name on the internet&apos;, who reveals that when it comes to committed men it is normal for meetings to happen very early in the morning, between 7 and 8. A trade secret: we always orgasm with clients with Overweight, if we are above, of course The&nbsp;<a href=""><u>escort</u></a> claims to have had relationships with more than 1000 men, the oldest surviving being an 87-year-old man. Among the famous people there is no shortage of players of one of the most popular sports in Colombia, soccer. Among its preferred users are: &quot;those who are quietly charming (considering their age and circumstances), who make jokes and have a good humor, are cordial and respectful and do not require too much work.&quot; What, however, causes a person to request your services? What are the rarest experiences they request? &ldquo;When he lived in Barranquilla, a client had a spiral staircase in his house. He used to sit at the bottom and he masturbated while I walked up and down the steps in a plaid miniskirt and tiptoe heels. He was a skirt fetishist.&rdquo; The masculine desires do not seem, however, to be different from those of other times: &ldquo;There are no changes due to what represents the sexual predilections of the people. It&apos;s just that he&apos;s getting more and more frank about it. For the sample, when I slept with my first boyfriend, at the time I was 18 years old, I enjoyed anal sex, but I was very shy to admit it. I don&apos;t know if it&apos;s a matter of age or if it&apos;s because today we talk openly, but it no longer worries me how much I enjoy anal sex. That being said, I always prefer vaginal intercourse to anal intercourse, although a nail in the ass with a nice guy is to die for&rdquo;. No matter how high the prices are, not everything is authorized or allowed. The terms and limits also pre-exist: &ldquo;some men have called me on the phone asking to interpret recreations in role-playing games, in which the incest factor enters, but I always refuse these calls. I do not conceive myself capable of fitting into these roles. I have siblings.&quot; Do you reach ecstasy with clients? &ldquo;An intimate secret of the business: we always come with fat clients, if we are on top, of course. I don&apos;t know why running the chopper on that cushion makes you feel so good.&quot;</p> <p>The day to day of an&nbsp;<a href=""><u>escort</u></a></p> <p>Not everything is work in the lives of these women. However, it is often speculated that such work must excessively determine personal and affective life. &ldquo;I have 90% of the matches on Tinder&rdquo; declares &apos;growlergirl&apos;, who like several other women use this dating app to keep up with new people. Does work interfere with her personal life? &ldquo;I once went out with a client. A serious mistake. She was a lunatic at the time. I abandoned him because he was always canceling plans at the last minute. Either he was engaged or he was hiding something significant. As a general rule I don&apos;t go out with clients. I can never say that I have not been tempted to go out with one of my clients, but I prefer to say no, since that disaster. The family, evidently, is never left out: &ldquo;I couldn&apos;t stay calm and I declared to my parents that I had been a sex worker, I said so but I know I&apos;m a whore; for 2 years. Only my mother knows that I&apos;m back to homework. She doesn&apos;t want me to tell my father, but I profess that deep down he is aware, I confess, I like to whore&rdquo;. All in all, &apos;growlergirl&apos; sees this profession as a temporary occupation: &quot;I plan my escape from the business for the month of June of next year, when I will relocate to the other side of the pond to study my master&apos;s degree, in Spain.&quot; Of course, despite not mincing words to talk about the most hidden side of her work, not all personal aspects are open and she keeps to herself what she devotes her legal life to.</p> <p>It&apos;s just sex and physique&quot;. A sex worker from Cartagena, under the pseudonym Lola, has become famous after assuring that prostitutes who sleep with married men can help save their failed marriages, according to &apos;El Pais&apos;. These controversies Statements, which have splashed the news in the United Kingdom in the midst of the hot political debate of the elections, are part of a documentary called &apos;Sex in the streets&apos;, broadcast in &apos;prime time&apos; on Colombian television.Lola is the mother of two children and lives in Cartagena, in the north of the country. &quot;I help families and keep them together,&quot; she told the famous journalist Susana Camacho, who interviewed her for the documentary. &quot;I am concerned about the pain I cause, but I I have noticed that, over the years, that if a man resorts to prostitution it is better than if he meets another woman and displays passions for her&quot;. In the documentary, the luxury &apos;prostitute&apos; talks about her work and all the details surrounding sex work. Likewise, she admits the segregation suffered by her colleagues, although she does not regret having gotten into the profession nor does she intend to back down from it. &quot;After having my two children, I was left without knowledge,&quot; she says. &quot;A friendship that was within this world suggested that I try it, and from that moment on I don&apos;t think I&apos;ll go off and dedicate myself to something else&quot;. order of rules that everyone must follow, such as always using a condom, which makes their work safer. Prostitution is a widespread practice in Colombia, where one in ten men has admitted having paid for sex. The program also investigates on the consequences that the oldest trade in the world has in store for Colombian families and focuses on the testimony of a woman who one day confessed that her husband was spending money for sex with a whore.She is a very important person in the universe of Cartagena businesses, they have two children together and live in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city. &quot;When I was checking his phone I found images of the prostitute,&quot; he says. &quot;You could only see her body, since she hid her face. Then I found a video of her sleeping with one of them. I talked to him about it, she told me that it was false and that she was wrong. Later he accepted it.&quot; &quot;It was a suspicion that I had to take out,&quot; the woman extends. &quot;Although we are still together, this has had a great impact on my safety and I am not brave enough to be able to turn my life around &quot;. One of the judgments to which this perfidy is attributed is to the virtual world. &quot;Everything is because of the internet. On the internet there are places where you can buy anything, a woman like you asks for it, it&apos;s as comfortable as ordering a pizza&quot;. Other prostitutes, in exchange for Lola, have taken advantage of the moment offered by the transmission to show the stingy and petty world that surrounds the industry: injustices, substances, disputes... &quot;As soon as I knocked on the door, he invited me to cocaine and I said no,&quot; says another of the protagonists of the story, who has a young son. who did not consider giving his nickname, experienced a horrible scene that he will not forget in his life.</p> <p>It seemed like a normal afternoon. She went to the home of the user by car, a young person. She had barely entered, the atmosphere was already strange. &quot;I asked him to pay in advance, something I hardly do with anyone. I felt something was not right, something gave me a bad feeling and all the alarm bells went off. He took out a bag of dirt that he had with him and threw it at my face &quot;He was about six feet tall, and I was only five feet tall. I started screaming and he stuffed a sock in my mouth. He demanded the money and I told him to take everything there was. I immediately passed out.&quot; . When she woke up, the client&apos;s father was fighting with her son, until she paralyzed him. Later, he helped her and helped her escape and helped her to go to the police station to file the accusation. But once there, she did not want to expose the case, since she feared that the social services would take her son after learning her true profession. &quot;I persuaded myself that it would be possible to take over,&quot; she says, when asked why she decided to take this course. &quot;You lie to yourself, you continually deceive yourself that you have to do it. Truly, it&apos;s the only thing you can do to get ahead. It&apos;s hard to stop and try to get out; the money you take is quick and easy.&quot;</p>

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