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June 06, 2023

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The door opened. The three nearly naked girls ran from the back of the building at dawn until they reached the house, which was set up as a hiding place. They are agitated. Marco A. was a brutal subject, poisoned with alcohol and threatening to hit them if they made the slightest sound. they tremble. He looks at them. He laughs. His bodies are fragile. They were pale as if they had not been in the sun for months. Five minutes ago, the three young women were forced to please two subjects who visit child sexual exploitation sites in the El Charco neighborhood, in the southwest of the city. Authorities found no trace during a search of the facility. Even no clothes appeared. The music plays again and the couples go out on the dance floor. It looks like any other prostitution business, but it's actually one of over 300 child sex facilities that hide crime behind the scenes of a bar, nightclub, whiskey bar, pub, or nightclub. Laura, a 20-year-old girl who had to drop out of high school in Caracas, is now a sex worker in a bar in Soacha. She found no other alternative and today she sends 150,000 pesos a week to her family, who still lives in a neighboring country exactly to Venezuela. Due to the exchange rate, the money in her country was millionaire, but her father could only buy the regular market for her mother and her three nephews. She worked as a waitress at a bakery in Caracas before high school. She did not finish her studies. She said that it became very difficult. With this economic situation it is very difficult. There is nothing to eat, everything is expensive. So I stopped studying and started working, but we couldn't even finish the month, she said, a little nervous. A relative a few years older than her left before her, arriving by chance at the town of Soacha, which borders Bogotá to the south. Cancer of the womb prevents her from continuing with prostitution today, but she told Laura what she did a few months ago. She came first, settled in, and I left Caracas five months ago. I started living with her and started working in a bakery in Soacha. But they only hired me for a month because I didn't have a work permit. That's why they took me out, and I couldn't run out of money, Laura was a little shy about the step she had to take later. Laura started working as a sex worker in a bar, even though she had never done anything like that before. The first time she had sex with a client, she closed her eyes and thought of her family. Laura had always wanted to study Accounting at university, but the lack of food in her home forced her to look for work in a bar. Despite the challenges she has faced, Laura remains strong and will not let herself be defeated. Laura has a steady look. Despite the fact that a relative of hers suffers from cancer without treatment in Soacha, because she does not have health insurance, and that her older brother died leaving her two more nephews in her care, she has not given up. She affirms that the Colombians have not harmed her, in the midst of the great migration of Venezuelans. “Once I did have a problem with a person on Transmilenio. She said that those Venecos only came to take away, that they were a plague. And I told her to respect, that she did not know the situation we have been through or everything we have to do. I know of nurses, doctors, professionals who carried out their careers in my country and here they have had to sell their bodies to be able to support their children,” said the young woman. And this reality, she assures her, has led many to fall into drugs. “I don't consume anything, I just smoke cigarettes. Some have already gone to spend parties in Venezuela and I doubt that they will return because it is very hard to have to leave the family again, ”she said. Laura is dedicated today to doing shows in the bars of the municipality. "They like the way I dance," she says proudly, and assures that the bars have been filling up with Venezuelan women, and fewer and fewer Colombians work there, although she assures that this has not been a cause of conflict, at least in the area where that she practices prostitution. She has noticed that there are more and more Venezuelan women working in the bars of Soacha, and that they are displacing the Colombians. In the city, the buying and selling of minors for sexual exploitation is a common crime in various areas, including Calle 68, Carrera 15, Caracas and 13. The neighborhoods Miranda, Javier Fidel Salas, Veneciano, San Marcos, for The entire length of Avenida Primero de Mayo, in Kennedi, Patio Bonito, Class Roma, Casablanca, Bosa and Soacha, are the ones with the greatest customer demand. In Colombia, a million and a half men seek paid sex every day in the streets, brothels and brothels. Traffickers and pimps have taken advantage of ambiguous legislation and corruption to develop their activity in a spectacular way. Prostitution is a business that moves more than 18 billion pesos annually, most of it in the dark economy, which has led to violent mafia clashes. In many cases, the prostitution business is more profitable than the drug business and is less risky. In addition, in many places where prostitution is practiced, drugs are also trafficked. This is an ever-expanding shady business. In the world of prostitution, it is more profitable and less risky than the drug business. In addition, in many places where prostitution is practiced, drugs are also trafficked. This is an ever-expanding shady business, run by exploiters and criminals who enforce their law by force. There are also many clients who enjoy sadism and murder. In Soacha, you can see the history of prostitution from the houses of tolerance to cabarets, brothels and rooms with private rooms, as well as the most expensive areas with high-priced escorts, including celebrities. There are also many unsolved murders and anonymous victims who have died at the hands of dealers, pimps and depraved. Clients are also extorted, robbed and even die from the fearsome burundanga that some prostitutes use. In Soacha, you can discover the darkest and deepest of exploitation, vice and evil. This painful and degrading chapter is already known internationally, and tourist packages are offered that include sexual services with minors of both sexes. The adolescent sex trade has become a lucrative business, especially on the Atlantic Coast and the country's main cities such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena, Bucaramanga and Cúcuta, as well as some intermediate cities. There are also some municipalities where pornographic videos are filmed using minors of both sexes as decoys to be sold abroad, such as Soacha. The media have accurately informed public opinion about the cases in which minors are victims of their own relatives, such as parents, brothers, uncles and other depraved people linked to the family, including their grandparents. These cases are outrageous and frustrating because there are no clear rules to punish rapists with exemplary sentences. It is sad to know that these experiences are also practiced in places that are supposed to be sacred places, such as in the Catholic Church and other religions, in seminaries and spiritual centers, both male and female. Children of both sexes are recruited at a very early age by merchants who physically, morally and psychologically abuse them, and many of them have died victims of these tortures or been killed by their executioners. This type of abuse occurs at any age, even with newborn babies being abandoned in public places or killed by their unnatural or ignorant mothers. When these parents decide to support their children, they often subject them to all kinds of harassment and always seek to get rid of them, giving them physical punishment to get them out of their homes. As a result, continuous cases of child abuse are being recorded. There are children so mistreated and humiliated that they are no longer considered people, but specimens of society that must be urgently rescued to integrate into a family that offers them love and affection as human beings. Throughout the country, in both urban and rural areas, in schools and in youth groups seeking to survive, there are thousands, perhaps millions, of children recruited by guerrilla groups, paramilitaries and organized civil crime. These adolescents are easy prey for these groups, who recruit them with the promise of making them important under the power and dominance of weapons, the drug trade, and hired assassins. This is the result of the lack of protection from their parents, the government and society in general. The report presented by UNICEF last week is alarming and shameful, which records that 5,000 children die each year in Colombia due to malnutrition. The question is what Family Welfare does with the millions of dollars contributed by governments, philanthropic organizations and businessmen with the so-called ICBF parafiscal fee. This problem is so serious and worrisome that it compromises the future and prestige of our country. We must rescue our childhood from the hands of the merchants of corruption and vice. However, let's not fool ourselves into thinking that only children in strata one and two are affected. Child degradation extends to all social strata, without exception. The most painful thing is that this problem is fueled by rulers, politicians, parents and society in general. We must all take steps to protect our children. Today, the fight against human trafficking focuses on the fight against sexual exploitation and, ultimately, against sex work. Many policies implemented to combat trafficking penalize the voluntary exercise of sex work, which makes it even more precarious. This precariousness makes women sex workers even more vulnerable, forcing them to work clandestinely and without adequate protection. Then we realize that a city like Soacha, one of the largest municipalities in Colombia, is treated as Bogotá's backyard, in Soacha all the problems of our society are reflected; Since it is not the capital of anything, it is not important to anyone except for the corrupt politicians who feed on their chronic poverty, it is the main entrance and exit of the Capital of the country, but that proximity is its own curse.

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