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November 08, 2022

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A weekend in Barranquilla A couple of weeks ago I was suffocating in my routine. Work was consuming me and my circle seemed like a nuisance. I needed to get away for a weekend. He knew what he wanted. In search of fun, sensuality and warmth, I packed a small suitcase, packed my guayaberas and took the first plane I found to Barranquilla. Why? Because if. For a long time I wanted to meet her and now I could, and I also needed it. The city is beautiful, La Puerta del Sol they used to call it, and it looks like a door to a place as hot as the sun itself. Considered one of the three most important cities in Colombia, as soon as I arrived I let myself be seduced by its colonial architecture, that which makes you feel in another time, coinciding with the frequency in which I felt at that moment, free. Its beautiful and warm people received me with charm. In tourist mode I let myself be guided by the main attractions such as the Museo del Caribe and Paseo Bolívar. In this same city, the Barranquilla Carnival is held, which according to what I was told is an experience that must be lived, since it is considered one of the largest in the world, being only behind the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. But during my visit they were not Carnival days, so I had to content myself with the other crazy thing about Barranquilla: its beaches. The beaches of Barranquilla are an obligatory destination to visit and of course I had it in mind in my itinerary. Just an hour from the center there were several options, and I for my part debated between Sabanilla beach and Mendoza beach, which was the one my friends had recommended. In the end, I decided to visit Playa Sabanilla, which is one of the closest, just 30 minutes from the city. It is in these earthly paradises, where the heat is raging, where the best of Colombia is present. Incredible scantily clad women add to the natural heat of the arena. The Caribbean Sea is perfect for refreshing the body, but the truth is that not even those beautiful waters were able to appease the fever that was taking over my being, and I'm not exactly referring to the sun. It was the women from Barranquilla who passed in front of my pupils who increased the temperature. With some luck I struck up a conversation with a couple of girls, but the truth is that they were goddesses of the Caribbean and they knew it, so the talk was nothing more than a trivial conversation. Late in the afternoon I returned to my hotel. At night, in my room, I couldn't get those curves I saw on the beach out of my head, while the heat increased with each turn of the fan. In those instances there are only one or two paths that a man in my situation can choose. I took my phone and started to find out what this city could offer to an ordinary tourist. Luckily, I live in the 21st century and the number of alternatives offered by the internet is quite extensive. Most of the national escort sites have a section dedicated to the girls who offer their service in Barranquilla, sites like,, or and has a whole section Dedicated to the best girls in the Atlantic. Also the luxury escort pages like have their branch in La Puerta del Sol, and it was there precisely where I found the woman I saw on the beach sunbathing, or at least that's what I wanted to believe at that moment where the temperature passed 30 degrees Celsius. Leticia said her ad and my analysis to reach her was thorough, detailed, looking for what I saw on the beach. That's how I found this mirage, a brunette with an ass chiseled by God, perfect in every sense of the word. As I am a cautious man, I checked if he had any reference with the forum friends of; and yes, the perfect Leticia had a score equal to what her eyes thought. The rate seemed affordable to me, too bad this was the weekend I deserved or at least the one I wanted. Luckily for me, the incredible Leticia was available, and within half an hour she was already in the hotel room. Perhaps I am exaggerating, perhaps she let me be carried away by the magic of hot memories, but that woman who entered my hotel room was the embodiment of the Caribbean Sea. Funny and intelligent, she told me while we drank aguardiente what she really had to know in the city. And there is no better way to get to know a city or a country than with a escort card. Between the alcohol and the talk I didn't realize when we were kissing, and from then on I let myself be carried away by Leticia's expertise. A sex professional, she knew what she did with her, how to make me enjoy her with her expert movements, which by the way made her enjoy herself. I think that night in Barranquilla, I had the best sex of my life, or at least one of the top 10. When I finished Leticia did not leave immediately, she stayed chatting for a while then I smoked a cigarette and caressed her small, still hard nipples. The next day I woke up with a renewed energy that I hadn't recognized for a long time. I followed Leticia's advice and went to visit Cristal beach, which, although it is further away, is completely worth the trip. Despite the fact that I was in a paradise on earth, of unique beauty, I couldn't get Leticia's smell out of my head, which I think I still had in my hands. Already a victim of anxiety, I sent him a message to schedule another visit for that night. Yes, I wanted to repeat the same dish, two nights in a row; but to my dismay the tastiest escort in Barranquilla was not available. Is that a woman like that has a number of clients willing to destroy their wallets for a minute of pleasure, I repeated to myself as she tried not to look so cheekily at the beautiful women in thongs who passed in front of me. Somewhat frustrated, I resigned myself to trying to enjoy the beach and decide on this matter at night in my hotel. After a shower and a light dinner, I started searching the internet again. Pages like or offered me incredible images of beautiful girls, but I didn't feel like masturbating in my hotel, I wanted something more "traditional". I am from that generation that knows how to move fluidly between technology, but that also likes analog, face-to-face meetings, since we get to experience some of that. Luckily, the talk with Leticia left me with a lot of information. I withheld something from the places she moved around before I started working full time on her own. I put on my best shirt and decided to have a drink in the bars that Leticia recommended. I took a taxi and realized that it was a good idea, because until now I had never seen the city at night. The nocturnal energy of Barranquilla is incredible, the movement, the lights, the bars. Those beauties who made their buttocks and boobs bounce on the beach are now in heels and tight dresses, waiting for the night to surprise them too. Wanting to tour the city, I asked the taxi to leave me a little before the selected destination. The amount of women and men in the street wanting to have fun reminded me why this city has the largest carnival in Colombia. A beer in a bar on Calle 74, then a little rum in a bar in the same area. At this point in the night it was already as hot as on the beach. A few conversations with a couple of girls slowed me down, but I knew what he wanted, and that he wanted it soon. Leticia had told me about the tolerance zone near the terminal and about a club where she used to dance before, so between beer and rum I went through the area where the girls were on the street. The girls on the street reminded me of my first experiences looking for escorts and that adrenaline rush that only a regular customer of whores will understand. The alcohol in my blood had me boiling, but none of the girls on the street were on Leticia's level. Years and experience have told me that on these occasions the best thing is patience, patience that you have to have to find the girl who fits that triangle of requirements that is beauty, friendliness and availability. Now that I was more determined, I took a taxi and gave the address of the club that Leticia recommended me, the Pley Club that is on the entire Avenida Olaya Herrera. The taxi driver smiled when I asked him to drive me there. At the end of my destiny I found the famous most important club in Barranquilla. The place was packed, but I was able to get in without difficulty. With another rum in hand, I headed to the area where the sexiest girls in the city did pole dancing. That's when I saw one A brunette beauty with small tits and a big ass, who twirled around on the pole with skill worthy of Cirque du Solei. I stared at her from my seat and when she finished she smiled at me from the corner. Her curly hair dyed blonde called me and I did not ask myself to go. I greeted her and she answered me as if she were not escort, and that caught my attention. I had to ask her if she was willing to go to a private room with me so she could tell me the rate, and I liked that game. She asked me if she wanted me to dance for her and I told her no, let's go straight to the room, at this point I was completely uninhibited. Being in the club was a bit more expensive, but I wanted to pay, it was my last night in the city. At that point I let myself be carried through the corridors of the club by the hand of the brunette. Already in the room, between talks, I was taking her clothes off. When I had her naked I put her on all fours on the bed and masturbated her until she came. It was my last night in Barranquilla and I penetrated it as if it were the last night on Earth. Barranquilla did not disappoint on any occasion. When we finished we said goodbye and my body couldn't resist any more night. The best thing was to go back to my hotel, it was already past four o'clock. My flight to Bogota was At 10 am. I said goodbye to Barranquilla with a bit of a hangover, but the smell of the brunette on my hands made me realize that I had spent one of the best weekends of my life and that I will return to Barranquilla next month.

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