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May 15, 2023

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College students “walking down the street” Luciana, 20 years old, future journalist. She earns 10,000,000 a month, which she spends on college tuition, her younger brother's education, and her family expenses. Her father, who is unemployed, thinks she is a hostess for special events. She is taking a Communication Theory course at the ICESI University of Cali. The students leave the classroom. Luciana turns on the phone. She has 15 missed calls. All of clients. Brunette, 170 cm, green eyes, dark red lips, smooth skin, shapely legs and tight jeans with a tear at the knee. Luciana's natural flirtation makes her a beautiful woman desired by many, but only by those who can pay, yes, with good money, a passionate secret date. Luciana is a prostitute, but she is also a third-year audiovisual communication student at the Faculty of Information Sciences. The strange equation grows due to the economic crisis that the pandemic has left behind, and many women have been forced to earn a living at the expense of their bodies, it is a job that is difficult to get rid of. In the last year alone, the world's oldest business has grown by 30%. This is confirmed by recent studies carried out by associations such as Médicos del Mundo and Aprosex (Association of Sex Specialists). But most alarming are the signs of an increase in prostitution among young university students who have to resort to prostitution to pay for their studies. and something else... She is not yet 20 years old and Luciana already knows the problems of life. Earlier this year, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. When she wanted to go back to work as a bookkeeper to rebuild her life, her father was fired with low severance because he was absent to care for her wife and owed a private clinic fee for treating her. his wife. In addition, the apartment in which he lives with Luciana and her brother in the south of the city has a mortgage. University enrollment has increased, from a payment of 10,000,000 pesos per semester, it has risen to approximately 14,000,000 pesos. “Unfortunately the interest rate has risen so much, now I have to transfer 3,000,000 pesos, which I don't have. I will have to do a lot of services these weeks, ”said Luciana, who remembers how she got into prostitution. "A year ago, I was in a nightclub with some friends, suddenly, a waiter approached me and told me that there was a person interested in talking to me, to which I agreed, the well-dressed man of about 45 years old approached me and then of the respective greetings, he was very sincere and offered me $2,000,000 to sleep with him. At that moment, all I could think about was my father and my brother; I thought and said to myself that it doesn't matter, I accepted the money. Initially I saw quick and easy money to be able to take food home. That's how it all started." Since then, she has been working as a escort three or four times a week and on the weekends she gets better. She charges $300,000 pesos an hour. She receives around $12,000,000 pesos a month to pay for the university, her brother's school, her father's needs, the mortgage and household bills. “I have told my family that I make money modeling and earn money with modeling agencies, events and nightclubs, and you know that makes a lot of money,” she clarified. Luciana has posted the following notice on several internet portals specializing in dating: "20-year-old university student, I like sex, I do it very romantic, sexy and fun...". The girl is looking for the catchiest phrases she can think of to attract clients, her clientele is elite men from the city “I prefer them because most of the clients who call are wealthy businessmen. They are usually married with children. They want to be discreet, they are polite and most of them have been respectful to me, ”she commented matter-of-factly. Luciana is not alone, in Cali, prostitution increased by 15%. “In the last year we have received many calls from university students seeking advice. Things have changed. Years ago, students engaged in prostitution to buy luxury items. Today they do it to pay for university and bring food home. Many have resorted to prostitution to support their families”, confirms this trend Juana Boreal, president of Aprosex, the first and only association of active prostitutes. The collective has been operating in Cali for five months, giving moral support and fighting for the rights of prostitutes and the normalization of sex work. During this period, more than 30 university students called them for consultation. “I do not agree with the prostitution of such a young girl. Many of them don't even know what an orgasm is. 20 years old, not yet mature enough to work on this.” Juana told us about the last case received this week: “A man asked for the services of a 21-year-old student to stay with him for three days, in exchange for a lot of money. She told him that she would do a wire transfer after the service was done. Never happened. The girl was tricked and she called us for help. Juana has worked as a prostitute for six years and she knows the dangers students face due to her lack of experience. "When the students have problems, when they are beaten, raped or drugged, they call us," she said. In Cali alone, the number of women engaged in prostitution increased by 2,216 last year, according to data from the health secretary. Marcela, 27, has a degree in international relations. She says «I work as an escort (companion) at parties. I hope to find a more stable job again, it is very difficult to get out of this, in addition to being a reality, the university fetish is a marketing tool used by sex professionals to attract clients. Most of the Internet advertisements and newspaper and agency advertisements are usually false. Lure to attract customers, that is why we say that we are university students, but we are not, ”she said. Some college girls who had just started prostitution, real students, not prostitutes. Either out of necessity or to satisfy your whim. Like Lina, 24 years old, from Cali, a psychology student at a private university. She has been practicing for a year. I love my job and I don't want to leave. I make a lot of money and have a flexible schedule so I can attend classes,” she said. Or Bugueña Claudia, 22, a law student who worked as a prostitute for two years. "Three years ago I came to Cali alone, with no money, I enrolled in university with what little savings I had, I worked as a waitress, I worked as a bartender in various nightclubs. But I need more money. I have to pay tuition, an apartment, books, food and send money to my mom In college I met a classmate who worked as a prostitute and earned a lot of money. I plucked up the courage to advertise on the web,” says Claudia, a curly-haired brunette. She is not pretty, but nature has given her a statuesque body. She earns more than $15,000,000 pesos a month. "When I finish my education, I'm going to leave everything...". Another example of university prostitution with needs that are very different from Claudia's are the third-year nursing students at a university institute in Cali; Sara (21) and Monica (24). They live in an apartment in Cali with two other non-student prostitutes and provided sexual services to maintain a high-class lifestyle. They did it without regret. "I sleep with men to buy brand-name clothes," says Mónica, who admits that spending time with her costs $600,000 pesos and if it's a weekend outing, you can easily earn $6,000,000 pesos. The aspiration to luxury and earn a lot of money is the factor that drives them to take the plunge. Sara, a brunette with honey-colored eyes, who receives more than 50 calls a day, Monday through Friday, charges $500,000 pesos for a one-hour session. Sara has decided to become a prostitute to live an independent life. The adjective slut doesn't bother her: "I'm a slut but my parents don't know it," she says. This phenomenon doesn't go unnoticed in college halls; while some of these women lead apparently normal school lives, rumors run rampant in the corridors; nobody is supposed to know who they are, but teachers and students use the relationship between the crisis and the rise of prostitution to discuss moral dilemmas in their classes. Rosa María Garcés, a professor at the ICESI University, is aware of this: " University prostitution is one more example of how this crisis threatens women's rights. This is a great failure. It is a crisis of values." However, due to the economic situation, not only women are engaged in prostitution . There are also many university students who have resorted to it. According to her, it was to satisfy the sexual desires of other men. "I'm sorry, these boys don't like boys, they do it because they have to help the family. Many call me very upset and tell me what is happening, but no one else, because they don't tell anyone," he said. Juana Boreal from Aprosex. Hector's case. A 23-year-old Mallorcan, a 4th-year Economics student, he usually works with Maricela, 18, a 2nd-year Business student. They both study at the same university and offer couples sex for $600,000 pesos an hour, while à la carte sex shows cost twice as much. In addition to Claudia, Héctor also works with other colleagues from the university. "Clients are looking for young, non-professional girls among university students," says Héctor. – Can prostitution be combined with university life? -Yeah. We only go to college for the courses we need, our favorite subjects, or when we have tests to take. Sex jobs are just our commitment to indulge our whims and live a better life. - And how do you do with the notes? - I (Hector) have not been able to graduate, but I obtained recognition and popularity. In addition, we earn more than $10,000,000 pesos per month. It is worth... about $2,500,000 pesos per week. The rise of prostitution among young students is not exclusive to Cali, throughout the country, published studies have shown a large increase in the number of students selling their bodies. Lucina continues to prepare for the final exams, between reading and research, the young woman must answer the calls from the clients so that the bill continues to enter and, as always, reach the end of the month and be able to keep up with the expenses of the house.

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