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May 22, 2023

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College students by day, escorts all the time Elsa is studying psychology, Aní is studying pharmacy, and Lady plans to graduate with a specialization in international relations from the Javeriana University in Cali. But after a few hours, they drop their books, put on sexy clothes, and leave the classroom to go on a date. This is how they are justified: They are students who freely choose to lead a double life. A decision that could mark them forever. They receive about 40 calls a day; Social networks have helped the spread of this social phenomenon, the confidentiality of WhatsApp makes dating easier, two of which end up in a date between the sheets. They charge $300,000 pesos for half an hour. They say they know what they're doing, they like it, it's more for money than fun, and it allows them to live an independent life. We are talking about three girls from Cali, ages 18, 22 and the oldest 23, who turned last July. When she turned 18 she was her when she decided to become a prostitute, and Elsa says that after this the adjective of hers doesn't bother her: "I am what I am and I can't hide it", she says. After two months in this hidden world, she began her university career. She took up her career in psychology more on recommendation than passion, and she has led a double life ever since. Elsa appears on the internet with the fictitious name of Diana in red: “University. I'm 18 years old, come to my private apartment with parking, whatever your predilection is, come and meet me, I'm sure you'll do it again, if you want anal pleasure and nobody gives it to you. Come, I'm Diana in red, a smart and different girl who wants to satisfy you to the fullest with an excellent oral and delicious tail, also super cute and above all discreet and you tell me if you're interested in having the best oral sex of your life. .'', says the notice page of mileroticos. -Sex ads page. Elsa justifies herself by saying: “that she not only had to pay school fees, but she also had to live a good life. I can't study with a regular job, with a normal job, either you study or you work. The teaching is face-to-face and if I go to work in a supermarket or a clothing store, I cannot go to classes. In addition, I work only fifteen days a month a month. I made about $6,000,000 off of sex in less than two weeks, so I'm my own boss. Nothing else can make it up to me. In a month, I was earning everything my education would cost for a semester. " Her appearance does not indicate wealth, and it certainly does not indicate that she is engaged in prostitution. She wears jeans and a loose, dark T-shirt. She gives off a pleasant smell. "Escada is her lotion, of course she wouldn't use it when I'm in a relationship with a man. You don't have to leave a trace," she said as she sipped a latte at a cafe near the convention center. “A beautiful teenager named Lulu succumbs to the charm of a young man whom she had vaguely desired, but without hope. After her first experience, she spent years enjoying adolescent love games and recreating her strange sexual relations. But the spell is broken when Lulu finds herself in a dangerous vortex of desire. The miserable and cruel world, which she considers alien, closes a circle of coercion around her and drags her into a mixture of prostitution, sensuality and self-destruction ”. Aní -a fictitious word- reads the back cover of the novel Las edades de Lulú by Almudena Grande. When she finished, she put the book on the table in a cheap restaurant on sixth street in Cali and said: "My friends recommended it to me. And so far I like it." She looked up, shrugged, and smiled. I don't think it has anything to do with me, right? I'm not that kind of person. The protagonist of the play, Lulu, is a sensitive fifteen-year-old that she is attracted to her brother's friend, the university professor Pablo. After her first sexual experience, Lulu fantasizes for years about a man finally accepting her, she wants their love games to be permanent. Lulu lived in a world of experimentation, fantasy and private parties until she was betrayed and her partner involved her in a situation where she ended up having sex with her own brother, who always fantasized about her.Lulú, now a thirty-year-old woman, decides to seek new experiences outside of the safe environment, which will involve her in various relationships, threesomes, temporary relationships, transsexuals and orgies; Aní explains what the novel is about, it's her taste, I do it for money is justified. Aní, is a girl from a catalog of some Twenty years old, she goes to university in the morning to study pharmacy. She works as a prostitute at night. She asks for a steak, mineral water and coffee with two packets of sugar, please, she tells the waitress. She immediately snapped at us: “I hope you don't shoot me with the hidden camera. If my family saw me on the internet they would kill me. " She is elegantly dressed in a tight dress, painted nails, and high heels; she notices from her that she looked her up and down and asked, "Was that what you expected? Look, I'm not a slut nor am I interested in picking up clients on the street, I'm not a street whore." Pushing her long blonde hair out of her face, she added: "It's a job like any other. I haven't done anything wrong, I haven't killed anyone, I haven't sold drugs, I offer what they pay for.” I offer good service on an amazing product. , she holds her breasts up as if to tell me that what she has in her hands is worth a lot; I am free to choose, nobody uses me, nobody forces me. She relaxed a bit and wasn't as apprehensive as she was at first, but she would occasionally check the window for prying eyes. Don't think it's an easy job. It is full of sacrifice and suffering,” she warned. “Everyone does it in different circumstances. In my case, someone left me an outstanding economic debt and I had to go to an agency. From the beginning they told me in what conditions I wanted to work and they maintained them. In that sense, the deal is fantastic,” she warned. "And when I want to quit, I'm free to decide." Lady is in third semester. But she has been studying another career for two years. She came to study from Pereira, but according to her, the money that her father gave her "was not enough." «I get up early to go to college, and in the afternoon I go to accounting courses. I can lead a normal life, but if I get a call saying that I have clients waiting for me in a place like this, I have to work and stop what I'm doing. This is a contract. " She doesn't like the word prostitute. She prefers to use euphemisms like "This job." She belongs to the most elite class, a group of young people who are not under the influence of the underworld, but choose to sleep with men to earn a quick buck. Although there are no official figures, Lady and her colleagues are convinced that more and more people are combining classes with prostitution, an industry that already employs more than 300,000 women throughout Colombia and many foreigners (Venezuelan) and generates 180 billion. pesos per year. "I got into this move because I had no other choice. And I'm not the only one." Lady mentioned other examples: «A colleague has to take care of two children and pay for the house and the car. Another is studying medicine at a private university... What job can you do to pay for it all? Work as a cashier in a supermarket or earn minimum wage as a bank assistant? Lady confesses to us that she is 22 years old, an international relations student, agreed to an interview: "Many girls do it not just for money, but because of a lack of affection, family union or some self-destructive tendency. Which was not the case for me when I started, I do it for money”. This budding professional hopes to qualify many of the things that have been written about luxury prostitution in Colombia. “It is very different from what they sell you on TV. It is not true to say that we are addicted to cocaine. We don't organize parties every day to buy expensive clothes or have orgies." I do my job, I'm a normal person, just like the rest of my classmates, my job charges $300,000 for half an hour, $1,000,000 for one night or $3,000,000 if they travel with clients that night. «My average monthly income is about 12,000,000 pesos, but the agency charges me 30%. It seems like a lot of money, but you have to pay the rent of an apartment, the expenses of the house and some other luxuries, so it is not that much. Lady believes that it is fair that her bosses keep 30 percent of the money, "because it gives you clients, security and discretion." " "It's an agency that cares about you, especially when it comes to security," said Lady, noting that "they won't send us to a strange place if they don't first verify that the person requesting the service It is a client and a safe place." Working as a sex worker is not easy to learn, she says: "A double life requires caution. You live in fear that your colleagues will find you, your family will recognize you... It is not easy to earn money, far from it," she answers, and He continues: "I have to think of two different people. My ordinary life and my other life. When I need clothes, I buy two: day and night." French Valérie Tasso, who worked in high-end prostitution for five years and wrote about her experience at Plaza & Janes, says more and more girls are getting involved in the service. She clarified that she does not want to promote prostitution, but affirmed that its legalization "is the most important measure to stop the exploitation of the mafia." As she herself says, Montse was a "whore" but now she is a lady and has an agency in charge of providing escort services to clients who can afford to pay $3,000,000 pesos per night: "The gentlemen come here for a girl with good character that does not attract too much attention. They also ask that she have a certain culture and not make them look ridiculous at a dinner. A university girl is perfect for this job, "he said. When saying goodbye to her, Lady expressed a great wish: «I am looking forward to a job change and a decent life. I say this because I feel like I'm selling a part of myself. But until that time comes, I only ask for the respect of the people."

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