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May 19, 2023

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escorts javeriana medellin The indifference of universities to student prostitution This is almost the norm in both state and private institutions. Morality aside, this is a public health debate and higher education institutions should be more transparent. Although the debate crosses the free development of personality and the performance of an activity that is not illegal or punishable in Colombia, this situation shows the need for higher education institutions to intervene in welfare programs to promote processes of moral reflection. and the social context. university students and the indirect consequences of this situation, such as drug trafficking and consumption. The main arguments of the initiators of the campaign (both men and women and people of different sexual expressions) are due to the difficult economic situation and high enrollment rates. But the income in prostitution is so tempting that the network continues to grow. There is also gender compensation for rights, which is another important extension of the situation. University silence in exchange for income guaranteed by studies? In 2017, the psychologist and historian Juan Manuel Estrada Jiménez wrote "Universities and prostitution". In it, he conducted a survey of university students from the Javeriana University of Medellín, conducted dozens of interviews and bibliographic reviews that showed the reality of this phenomenon, and after resurfacing the phenomenon and its characteristics, he proposed the following considerations: In many universities they have well-known catalogs that are viral that offer sexual services. There is a special folder for foreigners. At some universities, the girls in the catalog are raffled off. They offer a night of sex that includes a party. The escorts network operates openly. In the cafeteria and in the corridors of the universities there are notices where the services of the catalog are offered. Prostitution has become so normalized in universities that it is a daily issue, no one blushes for this. Due to the business environment created in them, it should come as no surprise that the new generation is looking for solutions to problems without a sense of responsibility. They are used to acting without anticipating the consequences or regardless of whether their decisions have negative consequences. Many people are willing to accept physical and psychological abuse for nothing. The apathy of the administrative and academic authority shows complicity with these practices. - As long as young women pay school fees and donate money to business owners (usually businessmen and politicians, not academics or researchers), it doesn't matter what happens. Many argue that prostitution is a voluntary profession and therefore, being legal, should not be subject to intervention by educators. It is legal because it is not prohibited. The university helps attract many women to the sex market, because it does not work directly on this issue (although it is the subject of various projects, such as the one in psychology), it does not inform students that this creates complications. The Ministry of Education must identify programs for the prevention, intervention and investigation of student prostitution in charge of the "School Welfare Office" and the State Investigation Service. According to Jaime Estrada, in his book, "Catholic universities that oppose perceived needs like legal and free abortion do nothing to confront and stop university prostitution." He also concludes that "confronting university prostitution means that universities expose their moral indifference to educational and social crises." The "web cam university" has a thousand applicants and gives a certification degree, also called the "Juan Bustos University" is not an IES but a course taught in Medellín to train models to work in the world of webcams (related to pornography). While the Ministry of Education oversees the promotion and publicity of universities and programs that may have legal status or registration issues, and requires all such institutions to use the “monitored Min education” logo (sounds like interference to foreigners ) in his campaigns, calls himself The "Juan Bustos University" is unsupervised, uses a non-formal education model, has a 100-hour certification, and does not require higher education or job training to operate. Juan Bustos, a young artist who studied philosophy and psychoanalysis at the University of Antioquia, founder three years ago of the institution, where he offers diploma courses related to adult entertainment, admitted: “The course has not been accredited by the Ministry of Education. He also indicated that he had challenged the aforementioned entities, but "they did not respond to him." Juan Bustos Webcam University defines itself as “an educational program designed to provide tools for the personal and professional development of Colombian webcam models. Preparation in the areas of persuasion, seduction, posture and creativity are essential for presenters. that is, where the new course is created. This course brings together all the experiences of women effectively learning professionally about seduction and is designed to solve real problems to improve not only your tactics, but also your femininity, self-esteem and sexual creativity. These classes are for adult women, new or experienced webcam models, and transgender people. There are many university students who prostitute themselves Behind the pseudonym of Sonia Rossi, author of the book "Fucking Berlin" Ediciones Ámbar (Maldito Berlín), hides the story of a young woman who was a student by day and a prostitute by night. The girl, who was born in Italy and now lives in Berlin, worked as a prostitute in Germany for five years to find an alternative livelihood. Her testimony did not leave anyone indifferent and revealed a sometimes hidden reality, such as university prostitution. What made you decide to write this book? – I had just finished working in a brothel when I started writing it. For me it means ending this stage of my life and telling the story of another prostitute. The story of a woman who decides to prostitute herself when no one forces her to do so. Why did you become a prostitute? - For the money. It is difficult if you are just a student and have no experience. I started to study and I realized that if I had a normal job of five euros an hour, I would never be able to finish my studies. So I found a job that would pay more, work less, and learn. I started in porn parlors, then massage parlors, and ended up in brothels. If you didn't have financial problems, would you be a prostitute? -Most prostitutes work for money. They want to earn more money as quickly as possible. If you were a doctor or a lawyer, you could earn that money; but if you were a hairdresser or a cashier, you wouldn't. I have never seen a woman become a prostitute just for sex. You have been working as a prostitute for five years. Have you ever thought about leaving that world? - Some moments are not bad, sometimes I doubted myself. It's very hard to have sex with an ugly drunk guy and move on. I also find it difficult to talk about it with my family. Does your family know? – My parents knew about the book and my story, but we didn't talk much. They wouldn't believe that she had been a prostitute for five years. In the Italian city where I come from, hardly anyone knows about this book. - In your experience, has the prostitution of adolescents and students increased? -I met other students while she worked in a brothel. There are many female college students who prostitute themselves, but they are also careful not to say so in college because many are afraid of missing out on academic opportunities. - Is prostitution still a great taboo in our society? - Of course, I have good friends and I can talk to them. My boyfriend knows it too. But colleagues at work don't know about my past, because then they wouldn't take me seriously. Although some people may be tolerant of prostitutes, it is different when they see a prostitute in front of them and they start to feel ashamed. Do you think that society does not tolerate prostitutes? Many are tolerant when talking about prostitution, but if a sister or a neighbor is a prostitute, she is no longer one. That is what worries me. That's why I wrote this book so that people understand that prostitutes have other plans in life besides being in a brothel. The prostitutes are intelligent women, who have not had the opportunity that others have had. Has your vision of prostitution changed before and after meeting the world? Yes. At first, he had no experience working with prostitutes and was afraid of the woman he was about to meet. I also think a lot of the women were probably on drugs or were beaten up by pimps and their money was taken from them. But it was never my case. It never occurred to me that there were so many ordinary women who worked as mothers, or women who worked during the week and prostituted themselves on the weekends to improve their economic situation. Having been a prostitute, I understand that this is a situation that we can all find ourselves in one day. Have you had any dangerous experiences during this period? Where I worked I never had a problem with violence. Other women have said that clients have threatened them with weapons, but that has never happened to me. – Do you know the harsh reality of the mafia? - None. Most of the managers of the brothels where I work are women. Of course there is a mob influence in some places, but not in my experience. Would you be in favor of regulating prostitution? - sure. In Italy, for example, prostitution is illegal, which means that most women work on the streets, where the mafia can control the situation. If prostitution were legal, it would be better controlled. We have police control in Berlin. Where prostitution is illegal, many women in trouble are afraid to go to the police because they think they will get into trouble. - Does the economic crisis also affect prostitution? - Even in times of crisis, men can always find money to go to whores. Although I can't say now if brothels have financial problems, when I was there, they didn't. It may also be that both men and women who cannot find work due to the crisis consider working in prostitution to improve their economic situation. Does our society need prostitution today? - Yes, I think that if there were no prostitutes, there would be more violence and rape against women. Prostitutes have always existed and will continue to exist. Do you plan to return to prostitution in the future? - No. which are your future plans? – I have finished my studies at the university and now I have a job. I am also thinking of writing another book. What is it going to deal with? – About how difficult it is to find an ideal man after being a prostitute. After many dates I finally found it!

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