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May 12, 2023

Escorts, Prepagos, Putas, Dama de Compañia

Why did prepaid go out of style? With the argument that "you are pretty and can earn good money, I am going to introduce you to some friends, it is not bad, it is not what you think". “Finally, “the girls start to see the easy money and get into the business.” This is how they are recruited, many are escorts, but now there is another reality that makes escorts go into the background. At the Javeriana university, prepaid calls have gone out of style, now there is a whole industry of intermediaries who get girls to the highest bidder, they have all a paraphernalia set up around them and the girls who work in this method are the convenient calls. Those who charge in advance are no longer the sensation. Now what is popular are 'the convenient ones': women who do not have a fixed price for their sexual favors, but who offer them just the same, only with a little prior flirting. This is how those who become friends with a drug lord enter the scene, and introduce them to their friends, who are usually beauties from the screen, the catwalk or the microphone, presenters and very beautiful women. Prepaid today suck. They no longer need to "prepay", but knowledge of the business. It is better to look for a "sponsor", a boyfriend, and they do better at work. If they are engaged, they are thinking about a good future all the time, on the other hand, the prepaid ones are for one night. For those who say that they put an advance payment, they treat them like prostitutes. Yes, they can give them from 10 to 20 thousand dollars (between 50 and 100 million pesos) for one night, but they treat them like merchandise. And these guys got fed up, they literally "blowed off", they like girls who are sweet and beautiful and can "show off" and give them what they deserve. Prepaid is deprecated; Whoever sets the rates screwed up, she's screwed, says Mary, an intermediary, who is not the same as a pimp, but is the person who gets a 'sponsor' or 'sponsor', which in the vast majority of cases is a drug dealer or 'high risk executive' who likes to have multiple girlfriends or mistresses. I had the pleasure of meeting some very handsome gentlemen who were fathers, and for this reason they treated these girls like princes. Is Mexico no longer the preferred destination? Now it is Europe. Mexico is in a risky situation and no one wants to go. The one who goes has to be sure that wherever she goes, she is not going to face what happened to a paisa model. There they took the boyfriend, she was there and paid the piper. What's more, the gangsters themselves don't call them, they don't take risks because they 'have a tail'. What is 'wear tail'? When they see a pretty Colombian woman at the airport, immigration or in the city, they chase her, and they won't take any chances. Although they no longer ask for a visa, I know of many who have been returned from the airport. How is business now? The famous one who is intelligent 'crown'. As simple as that. The one that is Intelligent does not charge a peso. Smart girls seek to date and thus get more out of it. I have the fortune that gentlemen have always touched me, what's more they don't call the girls in any derogatory way, or escorts or whores, nothing like that, always respectful; Some have even told me that if they need a sponsorship, some additional help for a reign or something like that, there was no problem that he would sponsor. Another told me, "I'd marry anyone," and he had six girlfriends. He "installed" them all, when I say I install them it's with a car, house and scholarship, I complete the package. One as an intermediary shows them the portfolio, gives them the link where their page is located and they establish a relationship. But they have their own rules. (Between laughter) Well, if the man writes badly and on top of that he doesn't have a chance; that means he is a lifter. If he has an American visa, he is good, because that way they know that he is clean with the law of the United States and they say yes to him when they leave and then to the different meetings and gifts until they become engaged. Are you a pimp? Of course not, that is not used. Now you become friends with one of these characters and show him all the women he wants and they pay you very well. It is no longer worth dedicating yourself to selling. Before it was so wonderful; there was a lot of money. I know a very elegant lady, 60 years old, full of Rolexes and diamonds, a relative of an actress... That lady indeed became a millionaire! If she said who she is, more than one would be shocked. And it is that these ladies have the ease of entering certain social circles that are so attractive to high-level executives. We, the intermediaries, have to be very well connected. How do they fall in love? One day, I introduced a very famous actress who was at the peak of her career to a 'sponsor' because the novel she had starred in was a success. This man dedicated 15 days to conquering her and entertaining her with gifts, jewels. One day we went shopping and he bought her the entire set of Louis Vuitton travel bags. That was only in the first store, can you imagine the rest? One day he came to the place where we were staying and arranged that they had to fill the pool with petals and a flower walk to his room where he found a notice that said: "I couldn't get you out of my mind, I want you"; and there it happened. For her birthday, she invited us to Puerto Vallarta, to a party with the most famous Mexican singer, in a luxury hotel. I was new to this, they gave me ten thousand dollars to organize a party and I didn't even know that I could keep two thousand dollars. He spent everything on the party. He bought his daughter a pony. To her, her apartment in Miami, and she didn't even thank me. the ungrateful Mary says that in this business there are some who are eternally grateful because they solved their problems, they treated them very well and they managed to save, buy things and also help them, the intermediaries. There are very ungrateful conveniences, like this actress who had everything and never spoke to me again. Now I understand Madame Rochy. She exposed those who were ungrateful to her, because I swear to you that the one who was grateful to her didn't have to get her into it. But there are some that you give them the support to get along with someone and then you don't exist; but that relationship ends and they add you again and send you a pin saying they want to see you. One realizes that the relationship is over or that the boyfriend has been caught. Look, there are some with innocent faces that are terrible." They are monstrous. I know a young actress, elegant, with an innocent face, but she is a shrew. Once this sophisticated lady sent an actress to Venezuela. She was in a relationship with a drug lord, but she hadn't gone to see him. He found out about her from the actress's passport and questioned who had taken her on that 'trip'. She, to protect her intermediary, had the idea to say that she had been a man that he himself had eliminated three months before and that he was very famous in the media because he owned a well-known beauty contest. This case is more recent, with a very young, pretty, distinguished actress with the face of not having broken a plate, like a little angel; but she is the most evil of all. I introduced her to a friend through whats app, he without knowing her sent her 200 million pesos for her to have an operation and pay debts. This artist had another high-risk sponsor. The first protagonist, in addition to the 200 million, bought him a box to see David Guetta. She invited me to attend the event; I didn't go because I don't like those meetings. When a friend of mine calls me and says: “Did you know that she has another partner and she was with him in the box that I bought for her? Do you have something to do with it? I told my friend 'what's up!'. He told me "I'll also give you 200 million pesos." I was very scared for three days. This guy placed five guards at the door of the apartment, but she was very alive, she didn't let herself be caught and she ran away from her. She sure already had it planned. She went to Argentina to hide. Later she found out that she "pulled" what they call Santeria. And she was so lucky that they caught the man and the actress was saved ”. Wonderful! There are many celebrities who are encouraged by what I propose to them. I am amazed. I remember once when I visited a very formal celebrity and I explained to her what the matter was like and she said yes. "Money makes the dog dance." It is that the values are to not be a thief or murderer, but if they give you a jewel of 100 thousand dollars... How do you recognize a 'suitable' actress? An actress who earns 15 million pesos a month, where does she get to have a Porsche truck or a Range Rover, to wear expensive jewelry and original bags, to dress in luxury clothes...? Some of them love 'wolf', and it's not that they're wolves, but they like to show off. Let's do the numbers: they pay rent of about five million pesos, household expenses, services... they have five or six million left... To drive a 400 million-peso truck? Others are more discreet, smarter and don't care about luxury; they care about money, save it or invest in property. In summary: What is a prepaid? They are not prostitutes, but they do have the same job. They are beautiful women, some famous, who get paid to have sex. Many of the clients and sponsors are drug traffickers. What are high risk investment executives? They are usually drug lords. What are convenient? They are not prepaid, but they do look for drug traffickers to give them things, fall in love with them and make their lives easier. What are intermediaries? They are not pimps, but people who are in charge of introducing beautiful and famous women to their narco friends. What does it mean to wear a tail? It is when the prepaid or the convenient ones endanger the freedom of the drug traffickers by generating suspicions or being the bait that makes the Police catch them. What does entangle mean? It is the job of intermediaries. They make friends with the drug traffickers and get them the women they like.

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