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May 12, 2023

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On my vacation in Buga after doing the mandatory tour of the Basilica of the Lord of Miracles, which by the way is very beautiful and walking through the park to see iguanas and squirrels, I walked through the historic center of Buga and I loved seeing the beautiful houses colonial and cobbled streets. I also visited the Gold Museum, which has an impressive collection of pre-Columbian artifacts. But what I enjoyed the most was the food. I tried some typical dishes of the region such as sancocho de gallina and arroz con pollo. It was delicious! I also visited some local markets where I bought fresh fruits and other local products, then I went to my country house that I had rented through Airbn and in my hands fell an article that I am going to tell you about below that I found most interesting for what it was. that this phenomenon implies in our today's technological and changing society. The title was "Don't call it prostitution call it Sugar Dating" It is a practice that has become more popular in recent years and consists of the exchange of companionship and sex in exchange for money or gifts in kind between a middle-aged person with a high income (usually a man) and a young and attractive person. . (generally women between the ages of 18 and 25). Although intercourse does not always take place, it is often the main reason for the encounter and is embedded throughout "SD" culture, as the participants are simply referred to as the central figure in this pattern of bonding, the so-called sugar daddies or " sugar daddies." In recent months, platforms and apps specialized in "sugar date" that connect people with these profiles have proliferated, some of which have seen their users increase by 50% during the pandemic, as has been the case with Sugar.datere. Another app, Glambu, advertises on Instagram with a photo of a 60-year-old man in a limousine offering a glass of champagne to a 20-year-old girl in a miniskirt, captioned "dating app for entrepreneurs." Why would a girl want to be a "sugar baby"? The simple answer is that you need money, and no "traditional" job will give you all the luxuries that a sugar baby can. Some uses of 'Sugar Babies', 'Sugar Daddy' or 'Sugar Momma' terms referring to two people who enter into an agreement to enter into a relationship in which mutual affection, sex or companionship is exchanged for money or other material benefit. A sugar baby who has been in a relationship with three sugar daddies for a year and two months; she agrees to talk about the pros and cons, some relationship issues, and the precautions she takes. She is 24 years old, is the daughter of separated parents and has a sister 4 years older than her; she lives with her mother and her father has a food business in her house. She finished college and we arranged to meet somewhere near her house. When she arrived, she had straightened her short, very silky hair, was wearing makeup, a gold necklace and bracelet, a pink shirt, designer jeans, white sneakers with diamonds, a Guess bag, and an iPhone 12 next to her. she. Her perfume was notorious. He tells me that his "sugar daddy" is Roberto, 30, Emilio, 37, and José, 45, whom he usually sees once or twice a week and with whom he is in daily contact. Their outings are during the week to go out to eat, watch a movie, go to a party, chat or travel with them (although it's not usually very frequent) and finally have sex with them. This was the week before our meeting: Sunday On Sundays she usually goes out with Emilio, an engineer from a factory in an industrial area. On February 27 at 6:00 p.m. m. he picked her up in a Suzuki, took her to El Dorado Plaza to buy clothes and shoes, talked in a restaurant in the mall, and then went to a VIP motel. Tuesday She met Roberto, a 45-year-old man who works for the government, who picked her up at nine o'clock at night near her house. They went to the Dos Mil motel, stayed there for about 4 hours and dropped her off at her house. Wednesday She went out with Emilio again, this time to watch a soccer game, then to the Starbucks near the stadium road for coffee, and finally to the Caprice Motel. Thursday That day is always dedicated to José, owner of an industrial manufacturing company. He took her to a motel, where they also ordered food, and left six hours later. On Friday She and Roberto went to the same motel together. That's her dynamic with her three sugar daddies. She told me that she met her sugar daddy through Facebook Couples and Tinder. - I met Roberto 3 months ago through Tinder; all three had "I'm looking for a sugar baby" or "I'm a sugar daddy" in their descriptions and I liked them and sent me a message. - Did you mention in your profile that you are looking for a sugar daddy? -No, my profile only has photos of me, of my trips, photos that I take in the mirror, in the gym, etc. Because sometimes you usually meet people you know and I think it's very important to be discreet Yes, honestly I don't even want to imagine if my friends and most importantly if my parents found out. How did you meet them? - Well, first I talked to the three of them and then I gave them my phone number, and that's when things started to get more serious for me. We talk about what we want and don't want and come to an agreement that we feel comfortable with, but of course we have to talk in person. I remember the first time I met Emilio it was in a cafe, we talked again and we agreed, so we decided to continue. With Roberto we started talking about our interests, it took us a while to specify something, like 2 months to go out and he invited me to a movie and after three outings we tried it. With José, the situation was different, a little more difficult, because he told me from the beginning that no one could see or notice us, so we had to talk in his car. But as time has passed we have been able to go out more often without problems. - Why do you want to be a sugar daddy? Emilio and Roberto say that because of their work they don't have time for formal relationships, they feel lonely or they don't have anyone to go out with. They all send me messages, but sometimes at 11 or 12 at night they tell me "I just got home from work" but when they have time there is no one to go out with them; José also said that he feels lonely, he was married, but he did not live with his wife for many years, he hopes to return with his wife and spend the rest of their lives together, so he is not looking for a formal partner . but, according to him, he needs someone to talk to, feel loved and have a relationship from time to time. Roberto is a thin, tall, well-educated, generally well-dressed man who “always smells good” and has a pointy beard, although he doesn't find him attractive “let's just say he's normal, but he lived alone”. He even suggested that I move in with him." Emilio is tall and strong, "although he's not ugly, he has a wide nose and he's very serious, but I have a better connection with him, I think we understand each other better." He described José as short, a little fat and dark: "He's not really handsome at all, he's also very talented, he's very talkative and very stupid, I know he lives alone and has a son and a daughter his age. ." When asked about the benefits she received, she said that thanks to them she was able to buy a car, they paid for her gym, manicures, hair care, they bought her clothes, bags, cosmetics and shoes, they took her on a trip. He eats in fancy restaurants and they give him cash: “Many times we go out and I don't feel like buying anything, they support me with cash, even if it suits me, during the week I earn three traditional jobs. It's not much really, because they have money, but they're not millionaires or anything like that. I've met girls who get so much more, let's just say I'm like a middle class sugar baby. When it comes to advice for potential sugar babies, she stresses: "I think it's important, from the beginning when I talk about what sex will be like, I always tell them that I don't want to send photos or let myself be photographed, I don't want to use videos, that I always use a condom to do it, not in threesomes, no orgies or drunkenness As for the rest, as you can see, they can't come to my house, they invite me to their parties, but I don't bring them to mine. What do you think are the disadvantages? Well, first of all, I can't get a boyfriend, I've been careful not to get found out, but that's all; reiterates that he never uploads photos with Emilio, José or Roberto to prevent people from finding out; they also justify their income with overtime at work or savings. Finally, when asked why she decided to become a sugar baby, she responded like this: "At first I did it because when I left university I didn't have a job that paid a lot and I was desperate, I was in debt, that's how I met Emilio and then I started to like him, then the truth becomes easier." From another perspective, a girl we will call Ana, a fictitious name, is a "sugar baby" who is doing a doctorate at the University. She explained that she had another job, but it didn't give her enough money to live on, so she decided to join and apply for the program. The young woman currently has more than one sugar daddy, whom she sees once a week. The "Sugar Babes" believe that "sugar dating" differs from traditional prostitution but it is a lie, it is hypocrisy: "What I hate the most are the lies with which sugar daddies treat us. They pretend that they are interested in They ask you what you're studying, what you like... but it's a false modesty because deep down they're only thinking about how the meeting will end. "They really don't care. They pretend to care about your life, what your hobbies are... But you know it's a lie, a facade. Also, most of these men were married or in other relationships. Don't be fooled, she said, it's prostitution with a twist. Obviously, we would not go out with these men if there was no money involved, "said the young woman. "It was a bad experience, but I console myself with the thought that it is only temporary" Ana commented that most sugar daddies have a similar profile. “They are always entrepreneurs or consultants, and when you talk to them they immediately offer you a sum of money in exchange for doing something with them. These all look good because they give you the opportunity to travel and shop. But you always feel bad and dirty," he declared. Why is this girl still a "sugar baby"? "My second job pays the rent, and the sugar daddy job pays for food and other necessities No It happens on a whim. But sometimes I feel like I'm selling my youth to men who have more wrinkles than anything else. Sometimes I prefer to be with my friends and I got to know these gentlemen. It was a very bad experience in that sense, but I think that it is transitory and that consoles me", he explained.

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