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March 31, 2023

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A few days ago, we decided to take a weekend getaway with friends to a country house that one of them had on the outskirts of the city. The idea was to relax and enjoy nature, but we also had in mind to meet new people and have some fun in the nearby town. When we arrived at the country house, we realized that it was a beautiful place, surrounded by trees and with a lake nearby. We immediately started exploring the surroundings and planning what we would do for the next few days. In the evening, we decided to go to the nearby town in search of somewhere to have fun. Even though we were a big group, we didn't know anyone in the area, so we started asking people if they knew of a place where we could go dancing and have a good time. Finally, a group of girls recommended a bar in the center of town, where there was live music and a good atmosphere. So, we went to the bar and upon arrival, we realized that it was indeed a very fun place. We approached the girls who had recommended the place to us and started talking to them. It turned out that they were also on vacation in the town and were looking for the same thing as us: to have a good time and meet new people. The girls gave us a tour of drinks and excellent food, we met L'Étage Bar is a tapas and wine bar in the historic center of Cajicá with a modern and elegant interior and a wide selection of wines and cocktails. La Cava de Cajicá: is a restaurant-bar located in the main square of Cajicá, which offers a variety of local and international dishes and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. The Wine Temple is a wine bar that offers tastings and pairings. It also has a take away wine shop where I bought a few bottles. Bar Don Nacho Parrilla: This is a restaurant and bar that offers a wide variety of Mexican and Colombian food, as well as a variety of alcoholic beverages, including local and imported beers, as well as some craft beers. In addition to these places, Cajicá has several parks and tourist attractions, such as the Church of San Francisco de Asís, the main park of Cajicá and the ecological park of La Pradera. The next day we invited the girls to our country house, we went for a barbecue, I am the chef of barbecues, nobody can handle my chorizos and smoked pork. After lunch the girls left and we arranged to meet at the bar in the center at about 9 pm. We saw each other, we greeted each other friendly and so, we started to dance together and have a few drinks. The night was very fun, Miguel and Sofía started talking and seemed to get along very well. Over the next few days, they began to spend a lot of time together and seemed very comfortable with each other. For my part, I wasn't interested in any of them, I didn't want the usual thing to happen to me: I scanned the whole place, analyzed the situation and prepared my flirting moves, but the result was the same, nothing, I didn't pick up anything... .. or I just used to drink all night because I didn't receive female attention and I always came home alone, a little depressed, with a certain rejection behind me. The situation was already known to her; she was leaving the bar with a couple of fake phone numbers because the "my phone is dead" stunt continues. And know. "I'll do better next time," you tell yourself optimistically, but you don't. It's not about luck, it's about getting it right, and your strategy is obviously wrong. There are a million ways to ruin a moment when you're flirting with an attractive woman in a bar" and it was usually the same. To solve this problem, I talked to a friend who always picked up what he wanted and went out alone at night, sometimes accompanied not by one but by two or three girls. He advised me the following; As much as you want to get someone's attention, no one likes to feel like they are part of a crowd. Focus on just one at least for a while, but try not to sound like a stalker: "Personal glances and fleeting smiles work best. Wide stares are creepy and awkward," he continued, "it's exciting to talk without words with just your eyes." ", but you have to know how to move with the times, accompany your facial expression with a calm and happy smile, never move away from the woman. I usually don't buy girls drinks, although it's a classic, but it's a cutesy resource, especially given its nasty undertones. You're buying a drink, you're not paying for company, so if you decide to do so, it's important that you don't expect anything in exchange for the drink; many men believe that if they buy a drink, they start talking and even harassing the person. If you accept an invitation, always do it with a disinterested gesture, nothing more than a "thank you." My flirt advisor suggested. Personal glances and fleeting smiles work even better. There are much better options that can save you from that awkward moment when you have to talk to a stranger who seems to only approach you because you're paying; A girl told me the following when I asked her what she thought about a man buying her a drink without knowing him and she answered the following "When a guy asks me if I want a drink, sometimes I tell him why he didn't ask me for one." song". It's free, easy, and a great way to learn about that person, even if it's just the music they like. Keep these situations in mind for when you want to flirt in a bar. I knew what was going to happen, I wasn't in the mood to follow my friend's advice and I also wanted something stronger so I went out into the street, I was in the pink zone of Cajicá, bustling and crowded, we had to give way to the motorcycles where a lot of these guys were seen just as much as during the day and there's almost always a pretty girl sitting in the back. Some of these intrepid riders put their bikes on the rear wheel to show off and let the engine roar like a horse. When looking for some drinks, my friend Juan accompanied me, we walked around, we entered a bar that was recommended to us after inquiring with those who hand out papers on the street that say naked girls, we entered a very busy business where there were exotic lights , expensive drinks and half-naked women who enlivened the atmosphere. We ask for brandy to warm up, and well, you start to "talk" with any woman who approaches us, with inconsequential conversations and weak jokes like the classic "do you study or work" or "do you come here a lot?" On stage, the girls, in addition to performing other daring pole dance pirouettes, danced alone next to the table to attract attention. The sex was provocative, a waiter approached and offered us parakeet, we wanted something strong, but no drugs. The atmosphere began to heat up more and the DJ announces a "lesbian show". The stage was without walls, like a circus stage, you can see what is going on from all sides. In the middle there is a platform one meter above the ground. Around it, chairs are arranged as if it were an auditorium, and further on, in another place, long tables with bottles divide the space, around many people conversing happily. I see two different types of people among the customers; On the one hand, the "tourists" were men and women, all curious, on the other hand, foreign customers, attracted by the show, but all thirsty, interested in making that moment the beginning of a long day of adventures. . The "only water" freezes hard enough to stop the swarm's first attack. Asking for water in a bar is suspicious all over the world, without exception. But two or three women, enthusiastic, desperate, or desperate, came up to me, smiled at me, and said something to me that I thought: "Should I go with you?" To which I responded each time, with an impassioned "no thanks." In the middle of the stage was a young woman who danced taking off her scant clothing, almost without sensuality and without a sense of rhythm. An interesting detail is that when she took off her thong she didn't put it on the floor, but instead had the foresight to tie it around one thigh before continuing on with the show. After a few movements of her pelvis, she began to nibble between her legs and remove from them the first piece of rope, which seemed endless to me. It's one of those materials that shines in low light, like the necklaces or bracelets that young people wear when they go crazy in the clubs. The performance lasted about five minutes, the movements were more or less repeated, and the artist opened up so everyone could see her performance from all angles. The laughter of the tour group alternated between excitement and nervousness; the men clapped and demanded "more" while the women said something to each other, prompting more comments and more laughter. The show continues with two of the most praised actions: opening the bottle with the force of pelvic contractions, then injecting the content of the famous soft drink into the uterus and gently expelling it -without spilling it- into another transparent bottle; and the most outstanding of them. The most daring—or reckless—plucked some three dozen razor blades from her legs, which in turn were tied to a rope, which she carefully pulled out as the tourists looked on in astonishment. The other girls were more interested in getting clients than the five or six shows they attend each night. The penultimate act is a table tennis show (which is also the climax of the show), after all the previous rituals, a young woman shoots, retrieves, ejects, and extracts six table tennis balls from her body. But this was only the beginning, she dedicated herself to the game of "putting the ball in the glass" (reintroducing and expelling them from the aforementioned body space) and perfected her aim for a long time until she managed to fill the blessing glass with six white balls. The last performance was "Live Sex" and something noteworthy happened here. After the girl with the ping pong ball finished dancing, two women and one very young man, by the way, took the stage and spent a few minutes performing what was sure to be a lewd, sexy and exciting lesbian dance. After a moment, as if she were putting honey on the lips of the customers, one of them with a murderous look stepped back and gave herself to the only man present on the stage. An impressive display of juggling and muscle control followed. The subject and the woman come together in such a way that, as if they were a single body, they initiate a series of movements with a bit of eroticism and a lot of balance, entering into all imaginable poses, the details of which never separate the respective pelvises. What is unique to me is not the performance of the couple, but the audience. All the women giggled as the man in the Adam suit shone at the center of the excitement and when the show started they went to comment and flip their boyfriends (husbands or boyfriends who knows) quickly left the place. Apparently, young women (and not so many) who see girls getting in and out of their vaginas every weird object they can think of are affected or offended by seeing a naked man and the acrobatic sex he has with his partner. I find a lot of double standards and a bit of cynicism in the ambivalent attitude he entertains in front of women whose sexuality becomes a circus show, but in a kind of insulting chatter he rejects the proud and erect men who walk for them. Five minutes later, new customers enter, some alone, others in pairs, they sit around the stage and the same girls return to repeat the same routine. It is true that this -after the first surprise- became boring, the average brandy at a notorious price, it ran out, we were tired, we went for a hamburger and returned to the country house.

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