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November 08, 2022

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It is surprising to see how a city changes, in the past years for work reasons I traveled to the city of Cúcuta, a border city par excellence, after business we went out to a bar, someone offered us "something more entertaining" after a few drinks we decided to go to the place, indeed, it was a "whisk bar" where in the center there was a dance floor and the inevitable pole dance tube, there were women offering their sexual services, we ordered a bottle of brandy we saw the show and ready for the hotel, there was no more entertainment that day because we had to get up early and return to the destination. After some time, already working for another company, I returned to Cúcuta, to my surprise the city had completely changed; sex tourism in Cúcuta was the oasis for Venezuelans at the time of oil economic boom in Venezuela; “Everyone knows that here, in the brothels, Colombian women raffled off the quota to enter and make a fortune from the rich pockets of Venezuelans,” Juan Negrín, a Venezuelan who has come down economically, tells us with a laugh. Now thousands of women cross the border to offer their sexual services, seeking to flee the hunger caused by the Nicolás Maduro regime. In the center of Cúcuta, you will find La Séptima, better known as the El Callejón neighborhood, a very busy street where the supply and demand of different cleaning products, groceries and cosmetics meets the doors of the bars, open throughout the day. to offer sexual entertainment. “Desire never sleeps here,” reads a sign at the entrance to a bar. Popular music is deafening and at the door of each bar, in the best style of food fairs, several young people known as "jaladores" encourage everyone who passes to have a drink and go to the place. "Between, we don't charge to watch and we have the best Venezuelans, however you want them, you know that Venecas are the best at this." "Venecas" is a derogatory term that was born in Colombia to refer to Venezuelans. In the brothels located in the tolerance zone of the city of Cúcuta, there are no longer Colombian prostitutes, and if there are, they are very few and those few complain that the business was damaged by the venecas, all of them have been displaced by Venezuelan prostitutes who have fled Venezuela because of the crisis in the country. Women not only work within establishments. They also go in and out looking for a customer. As the hour goes up, you can see more girls outside than inside the premises. You don't see Colombians in the bars, except for the owners of the business. The Police and Immigration do not handle exact figures of how many Venezuelans practice prostitution in Cúcuta. Although some reporters from the Association of Women Seeking Freedom, an NGO dedicated to defending the human and labor rights of sex workers, explain that more than 6,500 women would have entered Colombia to prostitute themselves. Women who want to earn more income prefer to venture to the big cities, such as Cali, Medellín, Bucaramanga and Bogotá. There, according to a study by the District Secretariat for Women and the Observatory for Women and Gender Equity in Bogotá, one out of every three prostitutes is Venezuelan. I start talking to one of them and I enter into confidence, Carolina says her name is, a stunning 30-year-old blonde, dyed hair, 1.75 meters tall, clear eyes and measurements of a beauty queen, with a marked Venezuelan accent, I ask him how much for his services and he answers "that for a while he charges about 50,000 Colombian pesos equivalent to about 10 dollars or 10 euros, the peso has devalued a lot." He keeps telling me “10,000 goes to pay for the hotel room that is next to the premises, and where he goes with the clients, 20,000 to eat and the rest I save to send my son to Maracay, but sometimes you get a good client and pays you up to 300,000 pesos, and with that I already solve the rent of where I live in one day”. Before emigrating to Colombia, her concern was not only to study and be able to give her one and a half year old son everything she needed, but also to help her family. “It is not easy to change my life, I was a cashier in a chain store, I had to change it for this. I thought about it many times, but it was my turn, it was this or starve,” she recalls. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it many social changes, in recent months, an activity has stood out in the capital of Santander, turning Cúcuta into the capital and main headquarters of the production of adult content 'webcam'. How does it work? Equipped with a camera, a computer and lighting equipment, these "models" offer sexual favors to their users who interact with them through chat. In this business, the line between entertainment and prostitution is very thin. Webcam modeling is a service, it is an accompaniment service that a company, or the girls, gives to consumers. There is never physical contact, this is totally prohibited. Everything is managed through the network.” The webcam is a technological platform that allows models and clients to connect to chat with each other, accompanied by video (similar to a video call). Some of the most popular sites are,, and Investigating the webcams in Cucuta, most of the women hired are Venezuelans, "Valentina" is one of them. This 25-year-old Venezuelan has been a model for three years and earns an average of $1,300 a month. A sum that she could not reach in her country of origin. She assumes what she does and says that she likes her. But she acknowledges that certain requests from her clients can be very strange: “If I don't feel good, I don't do it. I just tell them 'Hey look I don't do this' and they respect you and say 'Ah ok that's fine, I'll find someone else'. So there they are. All up to you". In recent months, several scandals have been highlighted due to the presence of minors in these types of houses. And according to feminist associations, there is trafficking in women to feed these activities. But to make this matter more fun now that I have to travel more frequently, I think that the best service for one is to have fun and be in good company and it is also the issue that concerns us, with the advantage that you can touch and appreciate, laugh and cry, not like on the webcam that is completely intangible and the client has no choice but to masturbate; and there are no unnecessary risks, such as in tolerance zones, where they can be robbed or who knows what else could happen to them, cases have been seen; The best way to have fun and spend an entertaining weekend is to hire an escort service. And in Cúcuta yes there are good ones and yes, many Venezuelan girls and boys too, there is everything and for everything, different types of escorts are offered and also different types of services, that is what these platforms,,, https://www.xnxx .tv/search/sexo%20cucuta,, they are all good, I recommend that you do a good search and compare prices for what you are looking for, not all bargains they are good, remember that cheap is expensive. If you want to have better information about a girl in particular at, there is a page of forums where many girls and boys who offer services are "catados" by the same clients, who give opinions about each one. After analyzing all the offers, I decided on one, because I think it is the best, the girls are professionals in every way and very beautiful, they offer different types of services for different tastes and if you do not have a particular preference you can gloat with everything they offer, it is a very varied offer and the best that can be found in the country, there are heterosexuals, with all the variants; fetishes, sado, threesomes, accompaniment, etc, that is, the sky is the limit. On this platform, after looking, comparing, comparing again, I couldn't finish the search, because every time I looked at one it was better than the previous one and so on until I found it, because it was what I was looking for, not very low no Very tall, with dark hair, white skin, delicious curves and an angelic face, she said that she provided all heterosexual services, that is, the ideal girl. That night she arrived at the hotel and I told her we were going to dance she chose the place, a very entertaining disco, in the disco she behaved like no other, very polite and excellent to chat, after the dance, we ate something and went back to the hotel. The truth is Oriana is a true professional, she left me very satisfied, the night was sublime, I had the best sex one can have in a long time, if they ask me if I'll do it again, I tell them that what I paid is cheap for the pleasure and the satisfaction that this girl gave me, so that being no more, I'll leave you, see you later.

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