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June 08, 2023

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Alexia (fictitious name) is brunette, tall, thin and very attractive, she knows how to express herself, she is eloquent, her good manners are noticeable and her tone of voice is somewhat peculiar. I met her a couple of months ago at university. We didn't see each other in a corridor, we greeted each other with a hello at the same time and continued along the path, then by chance we met again in the cafeteria and that day, having a coffee and a chicken sandwich with ham and cheese and a sad lettuce, I managed to tell me about your life. At first, while I became more confident, I noticed her a little elusive, but I told her anecdotes and between jokes and talk she loosened her tongue, she told me a part of her life, but I noticed that she didn't talk much about her work. He told me about his career, his classes, his friends and his future projects, then he told me that he had been a model or better than he tried and his experience in academies in the city and his experience in some modeling academies in Bogotá. — It is very difficult to be a model in a city like Neiva. The problem is that in this city the modeling movement is very little, nothing happens here. There are no events, the small ones are very competitive and the pay is not good. The girls there fight for everything and work very hard for free - says Alexia with a look of resignation and dejection. ――To be active in this environment, you have to get out of town, make connections and look for them. Few people are there to help, and the rest take advantage of people's dreams to give them a fantasy world that gradually falls apart. — It all seemed like a normal conversation, but she dared to say what caught my attention: she told me, I'm escort. Then she told me how she started in the business and she introduced me to a whole business that is behind a facade. “I went to a modeling school to talk to the director. When I arrived, he looked me up and down, made me walk in front of him and turn around while he looked at me carefully, I was dressed in tight pants, heels and a strapless blouse and my hair was loose. From one moment to another he came closer, looked me in the eye and told me I don't have anything for modeling, but if you want to earn money I can offer you this job and he gave me a portfolio with photos of naked girls, I didn't know what to say, he he said calm down this is professional, we do the study, the web page and we publish it and we get the clients, what do you say? — Far from glamour, modeling keeps unspeakable secrets. There are no exceptions, but small towns like ours are loaded with dark histories of the modeling industry, ultimately dashed dreams and wounded women in the eternal game of sexuality and the city. Alexia's was one of these cases, she was away from home, she didn't have a job and her illusions were rolling on the floor, when she got to her apartment she lay face down against the pillow and started to cry. —Then he recovered and said to himself, if I'm going to be escort, I'm going to do it well. — The next day he gathered strength and called the director of the modeling school and he accepted his proposal. The director gave him an address where they did a photo shoot, and the first thing the guy from the studio says, he looks me up and down and kindly tells me, please undress, there was a bed and a lot of lights and umbrellas, no I was able to take off all my clothes, he told me, if you are going to work on this you have to be more calm, even so, I only showed him my boobs and I had to try several times. —That's how I started in this world, he told me after heaving a sigh. — I think that appearances are deceiving is so real that when I met Alexia I was able to fully corroborate it, because one always has a defined stereotype in his head for women who call him escorts. "Would you like to hear what happened next?" "Of course," I tell him, completely interested. After publishing the web page, which turned out well in the end, because I have a good body, it's not to throw flowers at me, but you can tell. —Oh yes, you can be seen from afar, — I tell her in the form of a compliment, I am a woman, but I appreciate a good woman or a good woman, it is worth clarifying that I am not a lesbian, but I have had my little things, and a good story Like this one, I wasn't going to miss it. —I've been at this for a little over two years now and the experience one gains makes one even know who one talks to on the phone without knowing them. — —Prostitution is such a good business and moves a lot of money, but remember that the one who asks for the service can perfectly be your brother, who doesn't kill a fly, your cousin you adore, your faithful father, your grandfather, your friends from university or anyone who is related to you, all men are looking for whores and if they are not looking for them they have had the desire. - She reflects. —So without further ado I became escort, well more like a whore, because that's it, they pay me for my sexual services, call it whatever you want to call it. — —In the first months she made me nervous and worried. not knowing who I would meet when I opened the door, but for a long time that uncertainty has been part of the morbidity inherent in my work. — —In this job you become hard at finding out what people are like on the phone. It depends on how they express themselves and what they tell you at once, —After a few minutes of conversation, you will know that if he is lonely, if he has had little (or no) experience with prostitutes and is visibly nervous when he arrives. — —Many tell me that they saw the ad and find it hard to decide, “you're very beautiful, but I don't usually look for girls” those are good because you can handle the situation as you please—he says. —Many times even with the most dominant client, we can play with him, he feels that he has the power, but in reality we are doing what I want. Of course, this is given by experience, do not think that it is overnight. — —This is an advantage of this business, I have an active and varied sex life at home and on top of that they pay me. — —When I started I thought I would do better with younger men because of their ardor and desire, but it turned out the opposite, I prefer mature men, most of them are delicate and most of the time we are touching our whole body. — — Men over 40 tend to be more relaxed about sex and penetration is part of the game rather than the goal. I like the ease and are more likely to indulge in having fun with me. With these mature clients there is no nonsense when it comes to fucking whores. At times, I have wanted to capture their facial expressions while having an orgasm and compare them to other sexual partners in their life, will they go the same way? I wonder, but that is not necessary at all. — “During the time that remains after the powder, we usually don't speak, we hardly know anything about each other and we don't need it at all. — —When the cell phone alarm sounds, it tells me that time is up and while he gets dressed we talk about unimportant things, they thank me more than once, a goodbye kiss and bye, everyone goes back to their lives. — —A friend from work told me a secret to be able to have better relationships and be more horny in the relationship, the trick is as follows, do you want to know? — "Tell me everything," I was excited listening to such a story. —The trick is very simple but effective, you have to masturbate a few minutes before each date. Orgasm-inducing hormones work wonders, and after I come, my body wants more. — -I have no preference with the physique, of course, if he is well muscled and well cared for then more interesting, but if not, I do not really care if he is tall or skinny, if he is toned or not, if he is bald or the same dick yes she has it either long or thick that's not the point, I think the connection is determined by personality and sex appeal, at least in this context. — —If a man has a good sense of humor, talks tasty, he knows how to laugh at himself, they don't take themselves so seriously, and he already has me, that makes me horny. — —Now I'm in college, I want to get out of this, but for now I'm still working as a whore, Neiva has grown a lot and there is a very good demand for this service. — We said goodbye and arranged to see each other later, I'm still interested in the subject and I've found out the following, I've worked on sexual preferences and according to a survey of more than 1500 men where they asked him why he came to pay for sexual services, the responses were so varied that no single trend can be established. I like to have sex with different people (47%) I became able to use my sexuality (40%) I can try things that I have never tried before (41%) I like not being emotionally attached (38%) Being able to do things I couldn't do with my partner (28%) It's the only way I like to make love (25%) A secret couple inspires me (21%) I feel more confident about my body and myself (21%). Good for self-esteem (19%) I do it out of curiosity (16%) Quick and easy: no time for other sex (16%) This is the only way to get sexual satisfaction (9%) Feeling unprepared for other sexual relationships (8%) None of the above (1%) Of course they were asked what they disliked and they said this: I don't like the feeling of hiding (41%) Worried that friends or family will find out (39%) I am concerned about the welfare of sex workers/prostitutes (36%) Feeling the need to lie about what they are doing (31%) Concerned about health risks (25%) Spending too much money (25%) I miss the emotional connection (21%) I think my money is not being used well (12%) I don't like where it's done (10%) embarrassed (10%) I expected you to do more than just have sex (5%) 27% said that if they could have sex without paying for it, they would be willing to give up on a relationship, as evidenced by the responses they gave. that suggest customers care more about workers than previously thought So my friend, if you want to have and meet the best escorts girls in Neiva, I suggest the following: See you later.

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